The Opposite Sex

The Opposite Sex

The story concerns Kay Hilliard (played by June Allyson), a former nightclub singer who discovers her husband Steven (played by Leslie Nielsen) is having an affair with showgirl Crystal Allen (played by Joan Collins). Kay is the last to find out among her circle of gossiping girlfriends. Kay travels to Reno to divorce from Steve who then marries Crystal, but when Kay finds out that Crystal isn't true to Steve she starts fighting to win her ex-husband back. From Wikipedia, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Shortly after their tenth wedding anniversary, New York theater producer Steven Hilliard and his wife, former popular radio singer Kay Hilliard née Ashley, are getting a Kay-initiated Reno ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kim W (us) wrote: I watched this movie because I've seen the stars Martin Donovan and the super awesome Mary-Louise Parker together in "Saved" and "Weeds" previously. I found it so so.

Alvaro O (ru) wrote: Gentle, quiet, moving. Really like it.

Jessi F (us) wrote: Very good disney movie

Vanessa R (nl) wrote: One of my favorite films, Evan did a fantastic job.

Aimee C (gb) wrote: Hackneyed war picture.

Tim S (au) wrote: Keeps a nice light, stupid, pointless charm throughout

Dave J (ca) wrote: Wednesday, May 22, 2013 (1991) Sleeping With The Enemy THRILLER/ SOCIAL COMMENTARY A time when Julia Roberts was a hot commodity, she choses her next film to be about abuse which is routine and strictly by the book centering on the Julia Roberts character living with a control freak of a husband who has clear tendencies to physically hit her because of his uncontrollable rage. Forcing her to go on a boating trip so that she can fake her own death so that she can start a new life. Based on a novel written by Nancy Price, this film doesn't really offer anything new you can't get from other films about this very same thing for it does take some liberties but not enough for me to recommend it. 2 out of 4 stars

Brian C (ag) wrote: Very bad ripoff of The Evil Dead.

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