The Outlaw Josey Wales

The Outlaw Josey Wales

After avenging his family's brutal murder, Wales is pursued by a pack of soldiers. He prefers to travel alone, but ragtag outcasts are drawn to him - and Wales can't bring himself to leave them unprotected.

This movie revolves around Josey Wales, who makes his way west after the Civil War, determines to live a useful and helpful life. He takes part in a group of settlers who need the protection that he can provide. Unfortunately, the past has a way of catching up with him,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Outlaw Josey Wales torrent reviews

Liliane S (br) wrote: Cute, funny, perfect!

Valiant B (jp) wrote: Gets pretty lame at the end (sorry if mt english sucks)

nicolas m (it) wrote: Remember Lilo & Stitch? Not a good movie, it wasn't really bad though. It had cool vibes and potential. Well, the director was a guy called Dean DeBlois. The same guy that brought you How To Train Your Dragon, that revolutionary Dreamworks flick, that wasn't, as a lot of people said, better than Shrek 1. Well, between Stitch and Dragon, DeBlois made a masterpiece in 2007. A music documentary about one of the best bands of the past 2000's decade. Sigur Rs show their amazing music to the world in this amazing movie that quickly got to my Top20 in history. It's not just about the amazing music, the flick is also full of beautiful shots that show how peaceful and quite Iceland can be. The doc is strategicly directed and well made. In 2007, the only movie that could beat this powerful film was "There Will Be Blood"; yes, not even "No Country For Old Men was able to fight this one.

Holly B (fr) wrote: Acting and plot were less than stellar, but it is hard to dislike a movie when you know and have danced with some of the people in it!

Marischa B (kr) wrote: Try-hard film noir that is not unwatchable, but doesn't quite fulfil its promises of black humour and quirky unpredictability. There are laughs at times, but they come courtesy of that most simplistic of methods: cross-linking back to previous gags or plot references, so that the viewer and director can share a little in-joke and a double entendre or two, at the expense of the characters. A set of golf clubs, some homemade anal-sex porn and an acrylic paint-dyed dog feature heavily in all this cross-referencing. It's mildly amusing, sure, but hardly brilliant or incisively witty.The film has no positive or endearing male characters: the two boyfriends are violent woman-beaters, the businessman Ronnie is brutal, paranoid and greedy, the detective is bent and sexually-driven. Even a minor male character, a young service-station attendant, is hooked on bondage magazines. No effort is spared to make the two female characters seem redeeming or justified as they lie, murder and extort their way through the film. Oh yes, they were battered, exploited and manipulated by their paramours, long-term sufferers of 'victim syndrome' we can accept that; but that just makes the core plot of the film - their rebellion and violent revenge against male dominance - to be not only implausible but also equally immoral.A film panned by the critics, not completely fairly, Beautiful Creatures - or perhaps its promoters - just fell into the trap of trying to be something that it's not, and promising more than it delivered: it ain't Tarantino or 'Thelma and Louise' or 'Death Wish for Feminists', nor is it great comedic farce. But it doesn't deserve its low rating on IMDb (5.7 at the time of writing) and is worth a look.

Timothy C (ca) wrote: The films of the Dardenne brothers tend to follow a simply formula - a lower working class character is faced with a moral dilemma, and they are followed in their everyday, desperate lives until relief is found in an astonishingly beautiful (and cathartic) moment of redemption. And yet, in spite of the superficial similarities between their films, there is nothing standard or formulaic about the suspense, morality, and sense of emotional involvement that is present in every one of their films. Each one somehow manages to be utterly involving and emotionally devastating. They are among the rare filmmakers that can make viewers so completely invested in the moral development of the characters.This film is no exception to the rule, and is prove once again that the Dardenne brothers are among the greatest, most humanistic and moral filmmakers working today.

Dalila S (ru) wrote: amazingly entertaining, great actor,2 of my fave

lisa s (fr) wrote: this is one of the best charles bronson movies out ther.

Christopher B (jp) wrote: Several great actors in a classic depression-era tale of warped family morals gone amuck. Shot in classic Corman style, the rushed feel of the flick pushes the cast to give honest performances on the first take. Not for the faint of heart.

Heather M (kr) wrote: This is a strangely engaging story, but it is very slow and disturbing. Green and Smith were perfect in these roles.