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Revolves around a British military contractor Lex Walker who is told his daughter has died. When he arrives in Los Angeles and discovers the body is not hers, he begins an investigation.

The story revolves around a British military contractors, Lex Walker, who was told that his daughter was dead. But when he arrived in Los Angeles and discovered the body was not his daughter, he began to investigate and discover many mysterious facts. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael P (jp) wrote: Worst movie eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mimi S (ru) wrote: I'll probably get a lot of thumbs down but I'm a SATC fan! I think this is only something that Sex and the City fans will enjoy and understand. Guys steer clear and if you don't like SATC don't watch. It's just good seeing the girls reunite on screen again. The film is about the Sex and the City girls, well duh; Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), Samantha (Kim Cattrall) and Charlotte (Kristin Davies) coming together again and discussing their relationship and family problems. To get away from all their troubles they go on a girlie holiday to Abu Dhabi where Samantha struggles to stick to the strict no sex laws, Carrie bumps into an ex, Miranda enjoys learning about the culture and Charlotte gets some well needed away time from the demands of motherhood. It's really like a longer and more adventurous SATC episode; as a fan I was satisfied. SATC always deal with problems that are real and like a lot of Hollywood films doesn't portray the perfect relationships and marriages and that they need working at. SATC is a lof of fun and something to watch with your mum and your girl pals. I found the film entertaining and sincere and it's nice to catch up with the SATC girls and see where they are after the series finished. I hope they make a third film. This film isn't for everyone, but its something SATC fans will appreciate only. Grade: A-

Darrin C (jp) wrote: Very few slow scenes and realistic at times (and other times, not so much). A pretty good action film with a few jumps!

Stefano C (kr) wrote: Prendi elementi dall'horror e dal cyberpunk, combinandoli in un prodotto molto ben riuscito. Da vedere!

Paula K (ag) wrote: A look at both popular and cult comic book creators and their work, and its social significance - although this film is around 25 years old it has held up quite well.

Jon W (us) wrote: A low budget, made by a group of friends great guilty pleasure from the 80s. Basically a send up of all the bad 80s slasher flicks (and the good ones too) that IS intentionally funny. Two singles, both psychotic killers, meet randomly and make a go of it. They try to give it up, but end up getting pulled out of 'retirement' due to a visit from a cannibalistic plumber. Features many classic movie homages, a strange interlude and an obvious love for The Marx Brothers. While making fun of the genre, it also makes use of plenty of gratuitous nudity to make sure fans of the spoofed movies will be entertained. Plenty of gore effects, but done with a sense of humor and obviously fakey. Features multiple shower scenes (ala Psycho) in part to be able to say it features multiple shower scenes. Finally received a real DVD release last year (2009) with great commentary and clips from a theater company that has turned it into a stage musical. Truly a must see if you get these types of movies. Hatred of grapes optional.

Randy T (fr) wrote: Director Nikos Koundouros' self-proclaimed tale of "ideological nothingness" is beautifully presented. Based on Daphnis & Chloe, it flows with an economy of dialog, relying instead on a rich visual presentation. Nikos is not at all shy with his symbolic use of animals; a domesticated fox, a young man butting heads with a ram, a huge dead pelican tied to a wooden cross...Koundouros spoke in interviews of Mikres Afrodites being a story of desperation. For me it is more about desire. Maybe the two, desperation and desire, are inseparable?