The Outsiders

The Outsiders

When two poor greasers, Johnny, and Ponyboy are assaulted by a vicious gang, the socs, and Johnny kills one of the attackers, tension begins to mount between the two rival gangs, setting off a turbulent chain of events.

The movie details a town split between the wealthy South Zone gang called ';The Socials'; and the poor North Zone gang called ';The Greasers';. Ponyboy, the youngest of three orphaned boys who pal around with the local hoods known as the Greasers. When Ponyboy and his friend get into a deadly confrontation one night, the two go on the run from the cops, and they grow up quickly and soon realize the insignificance of their petty posturing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex S (fr) wrote: Another brilliantly crafted documentary from Werner Herzog who continues to find fascinating subjects to showcase for the audience. In my opinion Cave of Forgotten Dreams is better than Herzog's, perhaps, most well known doc, Grizzly Man because he creates such an engaging arc even with the many limitations that the crew faced. Cave of Forgotten Dreams is our gateway into seeing a historical wonder as authentically as possible and shouldn't be missed.

Amy H (ru) wrote: This movie had potential, but somehow half way it got really dumb and boring and started making loads of stupid mistakes and made the movie really dumb!

Ron S (it) wrote: Better suited for the Oxygen or Lifetime networks but not bad.

Ahmed M (us) wrote: CLICK, is a disappointing movie, with barely any laugh worthy scenes and the idea of the movie itself, isn't that great.

Krystin D (de) wrote: I want another movie like this made ASAP.

Reid V (gb) wrote: While I am still getting used to Hong Kong films, this was a surprisingly good critique of western civilization and the chaos that it breeds. Hark finds clever ways to show how the eastern spirit has been drowned out by the sounds modernity. Also, not being an action fan, I was oddly really enraptured by the Kung fu.

Guillaume H (nl) wrote: Elm Street is at its best when it furthers its own mythology and this one does. It also pull, for the 3rst straight time in a row the feat of inroducing a new roster of kids that do have personalities, which is rare in slashers. The directing style is gothigna dndark and theres a few unforgettable moements but also, it is the first since number 2 that has a few very bland scenes, and has some long stretches, also a bit of awkward dialogues. Its still superior to most number 5's, and by far, but in this excellent series, is far from the top that is 1,3 and 4. I give it 3.5 because i cant adjust it to 3.3.

Will L (au) wrote: Absolutely wonderful. Four brilliant directors all in one place, very intelligent writing, and cameos galore. Each vignette is an example of each type of episode you would see in the show. 'Twilight Zone: the Movie' is a treat for anyone who loves the original series as much as I do.

Brendan R (gb) wrote: I love this for the music and the cartoons. By the time we get to the war scene at the end I have usually lost interest, but until them it is absolutely delightful.

Wes S (au) wrote: Artistically shot, but bloody mindless violence. The story is epic though the pacing hurts it some. There are some good moments, but the movie didn't really work for me.

Samuel R (gb) wrote: Saw this last night on Netflix. Rachel's awesome, and it's fascinating to have some hypothetical and even actual historical information on such a compelling figure as Hypatia of Alexandria. Worth checking out, though the script has some gaping holes (that could've been easily fixed) and uneven performances from supporting actors.

Jamie C (ca) wrote: A fun fresh film that has some funny moments but tends to drag in the middle and lose its momentum, Like all animations these days it's predictable but fun, Nothing more nothing less.

Cody N (au) wrote: The only way this movie will give you nightmares is because of how terrible it is.

Lauren M (jp) wrote: Safe, a 1995 suspense film by Todd Haynes, opens with a dark car ride through the San Fernando valley, made ominous by the surreal, synth infused soundtrack by Ed Tomney. It's 1987 and a young, willowy Julianne Moore as Carol, emerges from the car to enter her gigantic mansion with her husband. As the scene cuts to them having sex, Carol's blank stare sets the tone of discomfort and tension that continues to build. She seems dazed and acquiescent as she moves through her affluent world, going to the salon, picking up dry cleaning and attending aerobics classes. The hollowness of her friends and family are highlighted by her stepson reading a paper he wrote about "the problem of black crime in LA" and her friend quickly turning the subject her brother's recent death to her new fruit diet as they eat lunch. The soundtrack continues to depict a mounting sense of doom, despite the fact that not much happens. This film offers an unsettling look at the synthetic excess of Reagan era America and modern life in general. It succeeds in keeping the viewer in a state of stifled edginess and uncertainty throughout, and does not offer any tidy solutions or places of solace. Haynes does a great job of making Carol's seemingly undemanding lifestyle and spacious, well-decorated environment somehow feel claustrophobic and artificial as her health begins to mysteriously worsen. Carol attaches to this idea of 'chemical sensitivity', but the viewer is kept skeptical, wondering if it is the suffocating nature of Carol's life that is manifesting in her behaviors. Carol sees a commercial for a chemical allergy healing center and decides to travel there. She finds a clinical, cultish community with an enigmatic leader, and seems to drink the koolaid. Safe hints at the horrific emptiness of two opposite versions of Carol's reality, but makes no direct claims. Julianne Moore's dedication to remaining a frustratingly passive character drives the film and leaves you wanting more, wishing she would take agency.

Kaung S (nl) wrote: Sunshine is a thoroughly entertaining film. Despite its over-ambitious characters and what-the-hell final act, the story is solid, packed with great visuals, strange alien-ness, moderately good cast performances, and also, some abnormal scenes.