The Pack

The Pack

The residents of vacation spot Seal Island find themselves terrorized by a pack of dogs -- the remnants of discarded pets by visiting vacationers.

The residents of vacation spot Seal Island find themselves terrorized by a pack of dogs -- the remnants of discarded pets by visiting vacationers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew S (mx) wrote: Robert Altman takes a scalpel to Hollywood ethics in the 1990s (or the lack thereof) in his acidic satire The Player, adapted from Michael Tolkin's novel. (Tolkin also wrote the screenplay.) The film concerns a sleek and smooth Hollywood studio executive who starts receiving death threats from a disgruntled writer because he has committed the ultimate Hollywood sin -- he promised the writer he would call him back and he never did. This is particularly ironic because the studio executive, Griffin Mill (Tim Robbins), is considered "writer-friendly," spending his days listening to pitches from such noted screenwriters as Buck Henry, who is pushing "The Graduate, Part II" and Alan Rudolph, who is hawking a Bruce Willis action film described as "Ghost meets The Manchurian Candidate." But The Player finds Griffin's comfortable life style in danger of collapse. He is trying to find a way to unload his girlfriend (Cynthia Stevenson) whose independence and intelligence make her a poor candidate for a trophy wife. More importantly, it seems that Larry Levy (Peter Gallagher), a slippery executive from Twentieth Century Fox, is angling for his job. And then there are those nasty postcards and faxes from a screenwriter threatening to kill him.

Rifat R (it) wrote: I like this movie! It is so funny, I was laughing and clapping with the jokes the characters were saying, ha ha ha ! :D so much fun , YOU MUST watch it if you are a LIGHT-JOKES lover.

Jason D (us) wrote: The small town of Necroville is your ordinary town full of working class stiffs, randy kids, and general slackers. Unfortunately, the town is also overrun with zombies, lycans, and vampires which serve as every day citizens of Necroville who are always out to lower the towns population. When slacker buddies Jack (Billy Garberina, who also co-directed) and Alex (Adam Jarmon Brown) are fired from their job at the video store, the two get a job as exterminators of monsters at the local Zom-B-Gone building, which they aren't sure about at first, but wind up taking a liking to the job, much to the disdain of Alex's lazy, cheating, bitch girlfriend (Brandy Bluejacket). Necroville plays up the campy levels and manages to deliver a quirky, somewhat original comedy horror that actually manages to entertain at many levels. Surprisingly enough, the film manages to pull off a lot of well-executed moments of hilarity (the Zom-B-Gone commercial had me laughing my head off and rewinding it several times...honestly), though there are also plenty moments of the comedy falling flat and becoming painfully repetitive, though thankfully, that's somewhat overshadowed by the fun moments of this film. Sure, Necroville is chock full of low budget filmmaking, acting, and effects, but it's pulled off with a lot of heart and zest (mostly comprised of small screen up and comers with nary a single seasoned person in sight), making it a great low-budget hidden gem that more people should take a look at. Good film.

Chris C (jp) wrote: a mumblecore horror movies without any bodies. strange, scary and an allegory for hipster New York.

James C (br) wrote: This is a better horror flick that I first thought. The plot is silly. The part on the meeting of the two Elvis impersonators is befuddling. The pace is at times slow. Yet, toward the middle, this movie brings out a healthy dose of humanity. It is better to die fighting for a good cause in the midst of sickness, depression and seeming hopelessness. Good horror movies are difficult to make. This one is worth seeing when you feel you are in a zombie frame of mind.

Gareth K (br) wrote: Shite of Echoes or Stir of Shite. Can't decide...

Red L (br) wrote: I thought the movie was OK. A whodunit. Madeline Stowe plays Emma who hears something strange, but cannot identify the murderer as she has limited vision. Aidan Quinn plays the cop/love interest and it requires both of them to solve the murder. Usually in this type of show, I can guess who the bad guy is, but I guessed wrong in this one.

Jeremy M (nl) wrote: Favorite movie of all time

Hayden L (ca) wrote: Now this is what Friday the 13th could have been. This has well drawn out characters, haunting atmosphere, and plenty of scares and suspense to boot. Though at times it's difficult to see what is going on, the story and suspense trumps these minor flaws. The killer which is only seen a silhouette is quite intimidating and his origins are quite disturbing even though most of it is revealed through dialogue. It is sad that they did not make a sequel to this since it has enough charm and energy needed for an entire series, a job well done.

Terri H (it) wrote: No thanks - Not interested

Bob C (de) wrote: To awesome to be real

Daniel F (ca) wrote: Lethal gave me a nostalgia trip, despite never having seen it. This was a movie that would be strictly off-limits to me as a child, but the style and feel of the film is reminiscent of the action movies my friends and I loved before our tenth birthdays. Glover and Gibson both submit wonderful performances, especially Gibson, who plays a complete maniac with a convincingness that was probably more revealing than people realized at the time. His mythical heroism here is fun because it's convincing - the insanity aspect covers for some more farfetched parts of his character. Having to see Gary Busey was the only real negative of this film, together with the idiotic final fight scene.

jesse k (us) wrote: This movie is embarrassing to watch. Some of them are worse than others. Some of these plastic tough guys, like Stallone. These guys are latent.

Nick P (br) wrote: Nuanced storytelling, though conventional at some times, with a subtle performance from Halle Berry and an earth shattering Benicio Del Toro, THINGS WE LOST IN THE FIRE is finely crafted with repaired heart.

Ryan D (br) wrote: Quite fun for what it is: a time travel cop capper with JCVD. Yep, you read that right. I had more fun with the plot than I expected (perhaps I could suspend disbelief better than others).