The Pact Ii

The Pact Ii

The sequel is set just weeks after Annie Barlow's deadly confrontation with the Judas Killer. In this elevated sequel, we meet June, a woman whose carefully constructed life is beginning to unravel due to lucid nightmares so awful they disturb her waking life

June Abbott, a woman whose carefully constructed life in Los Angeles is beginning to unravel due to lucid nightmares because she learns that her dreams have a horrifying connection to the real world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Praveen G (it) wrote: one of the worst movies I've ever seen !

Daniel A (nl) wrote: Ever wondered why the war in Iraq went so wrong? This documentary shows many of the foolish mistakes made by the Bush administration's handling of the war and post-war reconstruction of the country, which lead to a bloody sectarian war between Iraqis that some experts estimate to have a cost near the million civilian lives.

Jared B (mx) wrote: I don't like to say this about my girl Eliza, but this is the worse moive she has ever. it is so bad in my opinion that not even going to give a star. I'm not even going to give it half of star. Eliza did do good job acting, but to me that wasn't even enough to save the moive and to Make matters worse she had to do she pretty bad stuff just get people to watch the moive. so if you want waste 80 minutes of your life, this moive is for you. if not there are a lot of other good movies out there to watch.

Kim B (fr) wrote: Great (anti-) war movie from Israel, this one focuses on a group of soldiers "guarding the mountain" fort in Southern Lebanon. On par with American Lions for Lambs, very strong message about worth of life, wars and politics... Favorite scene: father's TV interview, seemingly background but in reality contains the movie's message.

ZJ H (br) wrote: The cast was incredible, the acting was superb. Though I have never really been interested in the lives of these people or even heard of some of these people, I felt like this movie made me understand them and compelled me to read more about them and that time and era.For those that like biographical drama's, this is a strong movie.

Luca Maria M (ru) wrote: I had mixed feeling about it. It's not so bad in itself,a kind of action version of the Exorcist, and some scenes were really cool. But i didn't have the same feeling i had reading Vertigo's comics, apart from some moment every now and then, that showed the anarchic side of the character. But the ending scene really bothered me and i didn't understand how a blond guy with an ocre trench managed to become a black haired guy with a black dress.

Thomas B (ru) wrote: "I'm the expediter of your dreams, pal"

Josh L (it) wrote: I just saw this for my Introduction to History of Christianity class and it was really, really moving. The story of the Archbishop's transformation to becoming a liberation theologian is so sad, thus making the movie pretty depressing by the end, but very poignant.

Hunter H (jp) wrote: I like it was corny and I totally knew that wasnt her dancing.

ScubaSteve Walter M (es) wrote: I never get tired of watching this movie. Tis' a breakthrough performance for Billy Bob, never seen him play a geek before. And the heist plots are perfectly clever and the lines are funny as ever.