The Paleface

The Paleface

Bob Hope stars in this laugh-packed wild west spoof co-starring Jane Russell as a sexy Calamity Jane, Hope is a meek frontier dentist, "Painless" Peter Potter, who finds himself gunslinging alongside the fearless Calamity as she fights off outlaws and Indians.

Calamity Jane is despatched to find out who's smuggling rifles to the Indians, and winds up married to a hapless correspondence school dentist as part of her cover. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Walter M (ru) wrote: "To Rome with Love" starts with American tourist Hayley(Alison Pill) meeting cute Michelangelo(Flavio Parenti) in Rome. Following which they fall in love. Soon after, her parents(Judy Davis and Woody Allen) come to visit. Meanwhile, Leopoldo(Roberto Benigni) becomes famous. Jack(Jesse Eisenberg) recognizes John(Alec Baldwin) as a notable architect on the streets of Rome. Jack lives with Sally(Greta Gerwig) whose friend Monica(Ellen Page), an underemployed actor, is set to visit them. Antonio(Alessandro Tiberi) and Milly(Alessandra Mastronardi), a couple of newlyweds come to Rome. While looking for a hairdresser, Milly gets hopelessly lost while Antonio gets an unexpected visit from Anna(Penelope Cruz), a prostitute. Like a lot of Woody Allen's recent movies, "To Rome with Love" is a near miss, almost frustratingly so. On the plus side, the movie is a valuable reminder as to how much a valuable treasure Judy Davis is and if any actors were born to be in a Woody Allen film, it would be Jesse Eisenberg and Greta Gerwig.(To be honest, that segment would have been better if Gerwig and Page had swapped roles.) Plus, this movie is actually kind of deep at times, not to mention wistful, as it has more than a few things to say on the subject of fame which Woody Allen might know a thing or two about. But apparently he has forgotten how to do farce as well as he used to, much less as well as "Orphan Black." That's not to mention the unwieldy structure, as the uneven segments should have run back to back instead of crosscutting between them, due to the different time frames involved in each. Even worse, no segment is as fully developed as it should have been. And then there is the one with the shower which should have sounded even too ludicrous on paper which is where it should have been left.

SteL P (us) wrote: A little weak on the script part, but still remains a good movie to watch.

Valerie P (de) wrote: I tend to avoid the tearjerkers. I'm sentimental enough without being sold a sad story. This film, however, seemed a little bit different than those other "I've got a disease"-type-dramas. This was the real-life story of Mary-Claire King, the geneticist who discovered the breast cancer mutation gene; proving that there was a hereditary link between breast cancer victims. I always feel that scientists are the world's true heroes, and so I tuned in. In truth, the movie focused more upon the life of Annie Parker, the three times cancer survivor who contributed to King's research. I've been fascinated by Samantha Morton, the actress who plays Annie Parker, ever since I saw Minority Report; and so I was drawn to Morton's performance. In a friendly, engaging narrative, the character of Annie Parker tells her story. It felt very tangible, and indeed if cancer has ever affected your life in any way it makes certain scenes that much harder to watch. This story doesn't get bogged down in pithiness, however. Overall it is about a triumph of knowledge. It is about the connections we make in this life. Most importantly, there is a pervading message of hope throughout. Annie Parker is one extraordinary woman.

Markus K (fr) wrote: Original Pumpkinhead movie, directed by special effects guru Stan Winston and starred by always great Lance Henriksen, is awesome movie. And it doesn't deserve this. Bad, scifi-channel sequels.Here's to sum it: Effects are mostly bad (especially cgi), acting is from bad to terrible, director Jake West doesn't know what he is doing, this is mostly "point and shoot" stuff (I didn't like his breakthrough movie, Evil Aliens, either. Score is bad... List goes on. Best things in this THING, are Lance Henriksen who is in the movie for about two minutes (he's gotta pay those bills like everybody else) and Ioana Ginghina's cleavage. And Pumpkinhead looks ok, when not cgi.Avoid this, and see the original instead.

Carlie S (jp) wrote: Rubbish but love dakota fanning

Maren H (ca) wrote: I have nothing to say my friend had me watch and i loved ever since.

bill s (br) wrote: This really,really never needed to be made.Pure money grab.

Tim R (ca) wrote: Disjointed, flawed, badly what. The film and Pacino's turn from good cop to utter ugly damaged gods are unforgetable.

Jeffrey D (es) wrote: One of the greatest monster movies ever made, and original for its time as far as its story goes - matched by its authentic special effects (here the reptilian and humanoid features are blended seamlessly), solid acting, fast-paced direction and thundering score. After he sparked the Atomic Age era of creature features with THE BEAST FROM 20000 FATHOMS (which also launched the careers of writer Ray Bradbury, stop-motion animator Ray Harryhausen and thousands of superb follow-ups like GODZILLA and THEM!), director Eugene Lourie decided to make a film where the monster lived in the end (in response to his daughter weeping to the dinosaur's death in BEAST). A 65-foot dinosaur, freed from volcanic eruptions off the coast of Ireland, attacks nearby sea villages until salvage vessel divers capture and deliver it to London for public exhibition in the circus. However, it's discovered too late that this creature is in fact an infant, and its 200' parent comes to rescue it, reducing London to fire and chaos in doing so (a theme Steven Spielberg ripped off in THE LOST WORLD: JURASSIC PARK - and he apparently ripped off Gorgo's roaring sound effect for the T-Rex roar in JURASSIC PARK, as well as a music piece to Gorgo destroying Big Ben that became the "shark machine" theme heard in JAWS). A classic, not to be missed, even by creature-feature non-devotees.

Ral J (it) wrote: Finally a film with Deborah Kerr that deserves more than half a star....hmm....maybe because she dies.....

Dustin N (de) wrote: I can't stand when movies feel the need to remind the audience of the stereotypes of characters, and this movie frequently needs to remind you that these characters are southern as hell, except they can't get the accents.