The Palomino

The Palomino

A young man helps a pretty girl search for her stolen horse. (A society boy tries to help a beautiful woman save her horse-breeding farm.)

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:73 minutes
  • Release:1950
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:horse,  

A young man helps a pretty girl search for her stolen horse. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Palomino torrent reviews

Ethan H (ca) wrote: Don't waste your time and demand a refund. Production values are shot, script is appalling and direction is a mess. Nothing remotely worth watching here.

jen m (br) wrote: sounds adorrrrable!!!broken social scene music film.

Dr F P (ru) wrote: This sums up everything i hate about computer animated movies. Just urgh! Very uninspired plot, almost insulting the intelligence of its target audience. These movies have made Garfield annoying of all things, really i am a crazy cat lady and yet Garfield just plain does nothing for me. Awful, awful, awful, bleeeehhhh!

M C (it) wrote: Jason X is not very good but it's quite entertaining. This is a pretty fun movie, but it has a lot of issues. Even with the colorful setting, it all feels a bit more generic. I know lots of the Friday the 13th movies follow a pretty basic slasher formula, but the good ones always have something inventive to keep it interesting. In this the characters are a bit bland, and the plot is uninspired feeling copy-pasted from any of a slew of scifi movies like this one, but overall it's still an enjoyable film. It's cheesy and gory and that's all it really tries to be. 44/100

Roger W (ca) wrote: Ok to watch

Oj H (br) wrote: a great 1st film from Nicholas winding refn... it was a solid piece of filmmaking; solid story, good acting, alright cinematography(the did is awfully dark... so hard to judge). a good film and worth a watch(probably not worth a second though)

DJ D (jp) wrote: alot of language but it was alright not tom berengers best

Bruno L (es) wrote: Surprisingly good. It might be a little slow in the first half of it, but it is important for the construction of character in the story. Direction was amazing.

Paul C (ru) wrote: Fun mid-80's horror flick that clearly does not take itself too seriously.

Stella K (ag) wrote: such a great movie about slaves...

Rick R (ru) wrote: Cry Danger (1951)Wow! I finally saw this movie on TCM and fell in love with it. This RKO film noir is fantastic with great acting and a smart, fast-moving dialog.A small time wheelman, Rocky Mulloy (Dick Powell) gets off a train in LA, pardoned from a five year stint of a life sentence in prison. He's met at the station by detective Lieutenant Gus Cobb (Regis Toomey) and returning Veteran Delong (Richard Erdman).Lieutenant Cobb warns Rocky that he's going to keep an eye on him until he finds him with the missing bankroll that he's still suspected of stealing. Or, to follow him to the people who did the stealing of it. That is, unless he gets himself shot in the process.Delong, who got Rocky released as a missing witness to Rocky's alibi, is also going to hang around, if the bankroll shows up. He really didn't meet Rocky on that fateful day, but wants in on the money anyway. Delong becomes Rocky's drunken, one-legged sidekick. The problem is, that Rocky didn't have anything to do with the robbery or murder and is determined to get the guys who did and framed him.He also wanted to clear his good friend who is still in prison. He moves into the trailer park that his friend's Wife, Nancy Morgan (Rhonda Fleming) is staying. Delong hooks up with a hot pick-pocketing blonde, Darlene LaVonne (Jean Porter), while Rocky goes after the gangster Louie Castro (William Conrad) who planned the whole bank job to begin with.The movie is filled with wise-cracking dialog and deceptive femme fatales, and double-crosses, that you would come to expect from a Dick Powell film noir from the 50s. If you liked him in "Murder My Sweet", you'll love him in this one. The Los Angeles backdrop looks incredibly seedy and I love the boat of a car that these guys drive around LA in.

Yein Y (ru) wrote: In my view, after watching Berlesque, mind in dream would be completely change.First, I strongly believe that Berlesque is the best story.Singing, dancing, acting and romance are in this story. Heroin's name is Ali who has terrific voice and dreams performer. Ali experiences many things by rival and love. If you want be performer, you can identify with Ali. You can also learn that difficulties to be performer , surrounding of singer or artist. You can watch Ali's growth in this movie. Sometime you can move, sometime your heart be heat.Second, wonderful casts.Heroin is Christina Aguilera who is powerful singer of the USA. She dot many prizes with her voice that can take out 4 octaves. One more heroin is Cher who is singer and actress of the USA. She got Academy award and Grammy award that are top prize in the movies and in the music.Finally, it has a lot of fans!Some fans said "It's absolutely dazzling! This has to be one of the best musical of the past decade. The musical number are phenomenal, the costumes are fabulous, and Christina is just marvelous. Her acting was good, her dancing was on point and what can I say about her voice?" and "Berlesque is awesome! It's pure entertainment. Singing, dancing, acting, romance - oh my! The cast is wonderful!"But one of a fan said "Poor quality and constant buffering made it difficult to enjoy the movie."However, it just few people. More than people acclaim it.If you watch this movie, you can make an effort for your dream.

Diego E (kr) wrote: OK Sci-fi/apocalyptic film