The Paper Chase

The Paper Chase

A first-year law student struggles with balancing his coursework and his relationship with the daughter of a stern professor.

A first-year law student at Harvard Law School struggles with balancing his coursework and his relationship with the daughter of his sternest professor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gman H (fr) wrote: It's nothing new & somewhat predictable, however it's still a good old-fashioned boxing movie all the same.Teller delivers a strong performance.[7.5/10]

Arpan M (mx) wrote: one of the year's best film. dark and powerful. superb acting by all. its a must watch crime thriller.

Arthur M (ca) wrote: Kind of Jaws experience but with one of the all time greats Roger Corman. That he working after all these years makes me happy. Sometimes the movie industry means never having to retire or that your unwanted. Then of course there are those other stories...Astral Blessings

Gillian W (kr) wrote: Only an hour and 20 mins.... Cool death scenes but overall not very good.

kerry t (ru) wrote: Ok, so what's right with this movie, well really not much apart from the simple home truths, that the majority of terrorists get in via student status, and there are some very radical muslim preachers, and they intend and do, sway many people. Sway, no not sway, manipulate, would be a better word, that's what they do go get people to do their bidding. But did we not all know this to begin with, I think we all do (or should do). Given that, the writers and producers should have realized that's not the main or even a section of an interesting story. The film has really not taken a stand one way or the other, apart from a tv-soap opera standpoint. All very wishy-washy. And that is the greatest loss. The acting is about as good as you get on tv, and this is where this should have stayed - on tv. Trite contrivances, the "racist" copper, married to a lady of colour, is just too much. The loss and gain of the promotion, would be better suited to again episodic tv. Some of the acting is very strange, like the main characters wife, she plays the wife of a muslim, but she obviously isn't, and here 'stand offishness' and uncomfortableness is all too apparent in her performance. Even Brian Cox who appearance was surprising, seems to be well (very well) below par. The dialog is very poor in quality, and it's all to apparent that the screen play was by someone who does not really understand the fundamentals of a) a three act play, b) realistic dialog. c) key elements of the story that are so obvious that even if it was raining cats and dogs you still see it coming. And that's really a cardinal sin in terms of a screen play that no-one seems to have understood in this production, that you never, ever let the audience get in front of the story. Here you can get 30min ahead, which thus makes it boring, stayed and ultimately very uninteresting. A obvious, trite film that really offers the viewing public, nothing new, nothing interest, and nothing praiseworthy. I for one hope and pray that this is not a general indication of the British film industry.

Robert I (it) wrote: As a prequel, I'm a little let down. But the focus is on the crime boss and the police chief and their weird relationship. Somehow it works as its own film.

Rehpotsirk C (ag) wrote: one of my all time favorites.

Sean M (fr) wrote: Not gonna even try to understand what happened in this movie. Gary Oldman and Christopher LLoyd give amazing performances though.

Teone L (es) wrote: Stunning visuals, good story

Tom C (us) wrote: Absolutely charming. Aimee and Trintignant are too of cinema's finest performers and they are perfect here. Aimee is probably also possibly the most attractive woman to ever live.

Rafael S (ag) wrote: very belle&sebstian, very retro, very melancholic...

Carlos M (au) wrote: Written by an actual therapist following his own experiences, this gripping drama offers an extremely realistic view of prison that makes us feel like watching a documentary, and it is brutal and touching when it needs to be, anchored by superb performances (O'Connell is a revelation).