The Paragon of Comedy

The Paragon of Comedy


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Troy K (fr) wrote: It looks like a good movie, but almost everything about the story annoyed me. I would skip it unless you are a Rockwell fan.

Eric L (br) wrote: A love letter to the vampire sub-genre of horror with a lot of references to Dracula. Unfortunately it falls short with bad acting and drawn-out scenes. This movie should have been about 20 minutes shorter.

Michelle P (ru) wrote: I would only recommend this to people with patience and the desire to see religious nutters freaking out about masturbation. It can be taken as a dramatic comedy if you are being generous. With demonic hisses of "I h-ate y-ou!" - if you don't take it as comedy you will be very disappointed.

ashley M (au) wrote: This movie was good!

Joshua L (nl) wrote: Babysitter Wanted really isn't a bad little movie at all. It's fresh, enjoyable and at times rather gross. I'd definitely recommend this one to the more serious horror fans.

Ahmed M (us) wrote: Shikhar has a somewhat weak plot, which is supported by okay acting, the entertainment factor stays in the movie for awhile but as that finishes, so does your interest in the movie.

Russiian D (mx) wrote: THE ENDING WAS FUNNY! Iam sure pplz who have seen it would agree

Clemens H (br) wrote: one of the best movies ever made.

Thomas E (es) wrote: Good scenario turned into a classic by a brilliant Sigourney Weaver one-(wo)man-show.

Heather M (mx) wrote: Sentimental and a bit unbelievable in moments, but somehow it all work for a perfectly enjoyable time. This movie lures me back again and again, and always reminds me of something a bit different. Whether to stay inspired against the odds, or let something big sweep you off into life, the humor in our journeys, or simply the awesome joy of playing a game of catch with people I love. Always good entertainment.

Isaac M (es) wrote: This is an amazingly powerful story of the loyalty between three brothers. I personally identify with this film.

N M (it) wrote: Performances elevate the frequently stereotypical script. Still there are definite gems in the script and it conveys the character's predicaments and how one event will be the tipping point in their lives, good and bad. Howard's character of a man out of step with current times is reminiscent of Ashley Wilkes in Gone With the Wind.

Brian K (gb) wrote: A charming romantic comedy that shows its age yet remains spry.

Greg C (it) wrote: Treat Williams and Ronny Cox... this movie had "B" written all over it before the shooting started. Best line of the movie "We brought dinosaurs back to life... for real". Need I go further? Oh, and a helicopter scene with "Thread the needle" and "5 by 5"... with no needle and, well no radio contact. In the end this is an endless stream of cliche action clips and poor animation. Roughly outlined, guy takes his daughter to a boring stem cell research event and dinosaurs start eating folks. Guy runs around losing his daughter and beating up said dinosaurs with a 2"x4". Oh, and apparently Ceratosaurus are bullet proof. Sorry, this review is jumbled, but so was the movie. My 9 YO, (who's a dino mad man) wondered loudly, "How did that Spino get to that building roof?... they must of had dino stairs". Umm... yeah.

David P (kr) wrote: This is one of my all time favorite movies from my childhood. Never gets old. Classic holiday movie.