The Parallel Street

The Parallel Street

Feature-documentary "pointing up a thousand facets of this world and probing to determine what may lie beneath the surface".

Die Parallelstraße is one of the most mysterious pioneer films of the New German Cinema. It was produced by GBF, a production company for innovative industrial and promotional films and received awards in international film festivals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Parallel Street torrent reviews

Kate A (br) wrote: Brilliant, absolutely loved it.


M M (nl) wrote: go, bhutanese cinema, go **

Chloe F (it) wrote: why people hate this movie so much, is beyond me, i actually rather enjoyed this box office bomb.

Pedro M (fr) wrote: + simple but interesting plot; good acting from Michael Keaton; good suspense overall- it drags a bit and becomes a bit ludicrous at times; some incoherent scenes; the kid performance could be better

John D (ru) wrote: Cool approach, but a little too 1983 to be scary.

Dustin R (br) wrote: One of the best giallos ever. It's amazingggggg. Plus, lot's of bond girls!

Bob W (de) wrote: The car chase alone makes it worth it, but there is so much more. From beginning to end a brilliant gritty story. One of McQueen's greatest legendary roles. My fantasy car is a mustang fastback like his.

Rita L (mx) wrote: I was pleasantly surprised by this lighthearted Film I thought the characters all had chemistry! I disagree Kate and Jack Black were great together. A woman appreciate great humor in a man! And Eli Wallace's last movie he was so touching. I like the reminiscent of what it was like in old Hollywood!

Jose Miguel G (gb) wrote: With strong inspiration in Shakespeare's Hamlet, The Lion King benefits from a strong voice casting, beautiful animation and strong emotional moments, crowning it as one of Disney's best, and an instant classic.

Jayakrishnan R (ca) wrote: 41%Saw this on 19/6/14Timeline is an adaptation from the famous novel of the same name from Michael Crichton. It is directed by the director of Lethal Weapon series and Superman movies. How could this movie be so bad then? not to mention the A-list cast. The only good thing about this movie is the special effects that it has in the second half, mostly towards the last 40 minutes and a good ending, which obviously had to be credited to the author of the books. Timeline is an above average watch which can be forgotten after viewing it once. It's execution is at times, especially in the first half clumsy and cheesy and the entire first half has the look of a cheap B movie. The acting from some part of the cast is good or at least watchable, but there are others like Billy Connolly and Frances O'Connor who simply does awful work. Every time Fances O'Connor utters a word I feel like slapping her to death, her acting was such awful and more awful were her overblown makeups. Gerard Butler is good as Merek and Anna Friel is also satisfactory. Paul Walker has nothing much to do in the film other than showing a smiling face which is largely due to the fact that his character is not the main one in the novel which leaves some emptiness there. The film lacks the emotional resonance of the book, but since the story is adapted from the book, it has some good twists. A better treatment would have ensured a more watchable film. The massive failure of the film seemed to have halted the career of Richard Donner as a director.