The Parole Officer

The Parole Officer

A hapless parole officer is framed for murder by a crooked police chief. To prove his innocence he must entice his former clients away from the law abiding lives they are now living to recover the evidence that will save him.

A failed parole officer framed for murder must enlist the help of his former clients to clear his name. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim B (us) wrote: Thrilling, not clever enough.

David M (fr) wrote: "My name is Robert Neville. I am a survivor living in New York City. I am broadcasting on all AM frequencies. I will be at the South Street Seaport everyday at mid-day, when the sun is highest in the sky. If you are out there... if anyone is out there... I can provide food, I can provide shelter, I can provide security. If there's anybody out there... anybody... please. You are not alone." 2007 film adaptation of Richard Matheson's apocalyptic 1954 novel of the same name (now past it set-in date on 2012), which takes some major liberties with the plot of that novel.Here, Robert Neville's (Will Smith) whole background is changed, as are the reasoning vampires of the book (who evolve their own society) into more-or-less mindless genetic mutations (when did playing with Mother Nature ever turn out well?) who also can't go out in the sun. And don't even mention the final act, which bears next-to-no resemblance at all ...All in all, held together by some impressive acting by Will Smith who is largely on his own for most of the film, but largely forgettable.

Rhady N (it) wrote: Got deep to my nerves, this one...

Gareth W (mx) wrote: Very funny, quintessential Allen. Great performances all round, fabulous script and a great classic story. Very enjoyable.

Okey O (it) wrote: The physics would have been unforgivable had the story and cinematography not been astounding. Love this movie, and recommend to any and everyone.

Chip B (ru) wrote: I know the critics didn't love this album, but it's great to have a capture of The Joshua Tree tour, even if there's a bit of posing going on.

Alberto A (fr) wrote: What can I say? Woody Allen is great as always. Mia Farrow does an amazing job as Tina. The only thing I didn't like was the ending; it was more or less an audience pleaser.

Alex K (ag) wrote: The first was good, the second was fantastic. This was just bad.

Erick F (br) wrote: I liked this way more than I thought. There were some real good moments. The dialogue at times was kind of hokey, but there was a lot of good to this film. Some real strong suspenseful build up to the third act. A lot of good human moments, and the cinematography was solid. The ending got a little weird but acceptable. I enjoyed myself. Nice little diamond in the rough on Netflix. Solid Concept, Solid Execution. Watch it if you are into subtle Zombie Films.

Dave S (kr) wrote: Not the greatest movie but, boy, if you're not shedding a happy tear or two by the end you're not human.

Brian N (gb) wrote: It was a decent documentary, but it didn't offer a lot of new information. They showed a few things I had never seen before and talked about some other interesting facts, but like every rockumentary as of late, its more hype then substance. Don't get me wrong, its worth a watch, they show some great shows, interview a lot of interesting people, but if you are looking for something mind blowing, its not this.