The Path of Hope

The Path of Hope

Women wait anxiously at a minehead in Capodarso, Sicily. Their men are underground. The mine is closing and the miners refuse to come up unless the owner relents. After three days, they ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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LouisPhilippe D (br) wrote: A pretty bad & boring film. Kind of shitty when a ''comedy'' doesn't make you laugh once.

RetroGamerGuys (mx) wrote: Sure, some of the comedy is dull and the acting is a bit corny at times, but it just brings so many memories of making. Lives with your friends that it is worth a watch if it's on TV.

Dawson M (ru) wrote: Well! Ah, this is one of those movies a guy feels akward but priviledged to watch..

Adam R (nl) wrote: A weak thriller that is just as likely to put you to sleep as it is to keep your attention. It's already been forgotten. (First and only viewing - 7/17/2015)

max h (de) wrote: What worked for Evil Dead II, works double here as Gremlins II becomes a biting satire of the first installment, nailing corporate sellout sequels to the wall and making fun of its own silly nature.

Kristy P (au) wrote: Interesting movie, but I didn't really feel like anything was resolved in the end. I dunno. I mean, you want some kind of good won over evil feeling after a movie, and I wasn't getting that here. One character is run out of town due to prejudice, then we see Sally Field in a church thinking she's seeing that character and her dead husband with her. I know it was symbolic of "they have a place in our heart" but it just wasn't enough for me.

Ben R (fr) wrote: This is very cheesy yet somehow very entertaining. This does have alot of great cameos by standard 70's comedy stars,along with musicians such as Keith Moon and Alice Cooper. Timothy Dalton also looks like such a babyface in this considering it came out in 1978. Mae West also makes one of her final film appearances along with Keith Moon who both Died shortly after this film. So this is good to just watch before bed that way you don't really miss much and can throw it on as background noise.

Niklas S (fr) wrote: Kinda funny, kinda boring, kinda, kinda. Had nothing else too watch, that's a lie. I have no excuse.

Allan C (jp) wrote: I'm a huge Joe Dante fan ("The Howling", "Innerspace", "Gremlins", "Matinee", etc) and think he is something of an unsung genius for creating entertaining films for people who love film. Though not one of his best, "Small Soldiers" is an enjoyable film that contains all sorts of movie buff in-jokes, from casting the members of Spinal Tap to voice the Gorgonites, who fight the The Commando Elite, who are voiced in part by all the living case members of "The Dirty Dozen" to referenced to "Patton" and to many of Dante's films as well. There are some really good supporting cast that includes Phil Hartman, David Cross, Ann Magnuson, Denis Leary, Rance Howard, Tommy Lee Jones, Bruce Dern, Frank Langella, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Christina Ricce and Dante regulars Dick Miller, Wendy Schaal and Robert Picardo. It's a pretty silly movie, but it's quite entertaining.