The Patriots

The Patriots

Outskirts is an internationally renowned masterpiece of early sound cinema. In a remote Russian village during World War I, colorful and nuanced characters experience divided loyalties: ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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MF J (es) wrote: This teenage comedy is quite a riot. At first i had doubts but then i had to watch it to realize how versatile and talented Anna Kendrick really is. Usually more mature, she display with effortlessness this young stoner girl who's not afraid to spice it up with some 'Molly' when necessary. Although the film is a little easy and cliche at times, the energy of the cast, the zanny situations and the restless pace of the jokes make this comedy a notch above the others, in my opinion. It's fun and entertaining.

Kalida W (nl) wrote: Uuummmm..... I wouldn't recommend this movie unless your bored & get it for free. Dance routines are horrible!!

Minna M (kr) wrote: Kwon Sang-woo is so cute in this movie. He plays a bad boy who doesn't do well at school so he needs a private tutor who happens to be a woman who looks like a nerd. It has all the typical Korean drama parts such as fighting with bad guys.

Darren R (de) wrote: It's a bit fascinating just how terrible this movie can be at times. The older character actors are horribly cheesy and gimmicky, but the younger ones tends to be a lot more natural. Worst of all is John Wayne himself, whose range is strictly limited to the foolishly determined cattle driver. Whenever forced to play the father figure or the lover, however, he is dreadful. Like many of the older actors, he spits out his lines (usually sounding like a first take) and walks from marker to marker as if rehearsing. The inter-titles are completely pointless since the dialogue is awkwardly expository anyway. There are a few good shots in the film, but I got really tired of looking at the same ridge. They probably shouldn't have picked so distinct of a ridge to have in the background of so many of their shots. Lastly, the music is your standard migraine-inducing melodramatic droning that was so popular in most films at the time.Oh, right, but I did like the movie, I should mention that. Montgomery Clift steals the movie. The plot is actually pretty interesting, but there just isn't much to say other than Clift is good. So there.

Melissa H (fr) wrote: The Ziegfeld movie with the most substance and plot. Not very enjoyable however. I kept wondering where all the real MGM musical stars were. It's like a musical they slapped together when everyone (except Judy, of course), was on vacation.

Eamonn D (nl) wrote: Rap ain't my scene, nevertheless a brooding M&M, a decaying Detroit & a WTT Kim Basinger were very good.

Ryan G (mx) wrote: Fun ride and great performance by Kurt Russell. Moves a tad slow in some parts, but can totally see playing in a drive thru theater as intended.

Andrew L (ru) wrote: Goofy yet totally effective, "Enemy Mine" takes its serious premise with some well thought out humor, tense action and occasional heart warming scene. Both the main actors are having a ball with their roles and the effects while dated, add to the movies bizarre charm.

Carlos M (de) wrote: The movie's desperate attempt to look amateurish is risible and the actors are mostly terrible, but the good thing is that it manages to create a disturbing atmosphere and even finds a good justification for the characters to carry around their cameras in the most terrifying moments.

Lovro H (au) wrote: I found Malice through a video which listed some of the best movies with plot twists and decided to give it a go once I found the retail copy in a nearby shop. The story follows a married couple, Andy and Tracy, who rent out a place on top of their house to a doctor who Andy knows from high school. There's also a serial killer/rapist on the loose killing girls from the town high school. Shortly, we learn that Tracy has health problems and one night she undergoes a surgery, performed by the doctor who's living in their house, Jed. The surgery leaves her not having an ability to have children so she sues the doctor and things take unexpected turns the closer we get to the end. Now, this movie does offer quite an interesting plot, but some of the things feel a bit too rushed and not very logical. Some of the plot twists were a bit too much unbelievable, but it was all very entertaining and intense. The characters are well developed and unpredictable. I do think the serial killer could've used some backstory, because he really didn't get enough screen time, it felt very rushed. Jed and Tracy are very interesting characters and the last 30-40 minutes are really mostly about them, it was very interesting to find out who they exactly are/aren't. The direction was good, I didn't notice any mistakes. The soundtrack was fitting for this kind of a thriller. The acting was great, especially loved Nicole Kidman and Bill Pullman. Plot twists in this movie are quite surprising and I'm sure you wouldn't be able to guess them, but they're not all very logical. All in all, a great thriller with great performances, interesting, yet illogical plot twists and an intense, albeit rushed plot. I'd recommend this movie if you enjoy plot twists and thriller movies overall.