The Patsy

The Patsy

A hillarious movie from director King Vidor, with Marion Davies AND Marie Dresler! As the perpetually feuding mother and daughter, Dresler and Davies are not only side-splittingly funny, they are actually quite touching.

An awkward teenager hopelessly in love with her elder sister's boyfriend tries to make him notice her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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javier l (us) wrote: for these hard rough times everyone is going through smh

Private U (es) wrote: Great fun - full of great laughs, physical humour and hilarity all wrapped up in the English upper crust!

Jey A (kr) wrote: Is that a boy or a girl? Boy face, boobs...

Jerry F (us) wrote: After watching...I was thinking... 'a long film for nothing' & 'terrible'. Val Kilmer looking good in a wasted story line. Oh, and 10 seconds of Kristen Bell looking sexy.

Stephen F (fr) wrote: absolute bollox - what a waste of 84mins

Tanner A (au) wrote: The acting really steals the show, but the overall style that Woody Allen brings to the table in this flick is truely different and incredibly well done. It was odd finally seeing a character in a Woody Allen film that I could not see him playing. I had some issues with the ending, but many people I was with loved it so hey- that's just me. Overall, definitely worth a look.

Breanna S (ru) wrote: New found love for these actors. Not sure why nobody else liked it

Niklas J (fr) wrote: One of the best political and historical movie I have ever seen. In the same class (and a sequel in the subject) as Malcolm X. A political movie that is both fantastic as political and as a movie in it's own right.

Kris B (au) wrote: Far more earnest and innocent than I would have expected. Not that that's a bad thing.

Bruce B (br) wrote: Have to give this one 4 1/2 stars, its a great survival movie. And they snuck Frankie Avalon in there on me. And with actors with the first name of Rex, Willis, O.Z., How can a movie be that bad. This movie came out right around the time of the Cuban Missile crisis, and I am sure it frighten a few people. Its a good film with lessons learned for today as you never know with the way things are in the world, survival may become our lifestyle soon. I got this on a MGM Double feature for $6.95, worth every penny. And I would add it to any collection.

Byron B (jp) wrote: This movie has a little sword play, but is primarily a drama. A group of rebels try to take over the government. A loyal samurai saves a woman who was sent out as a decoy disguised as the princess. He is awed by her beauty, and when they see each other later after the rebels' attempt was stopped, she thanks him for his valiant efforts. To our eyes, it doesn't look like she was too forward, but just by speaking to this man she does not know she may have said too much. It turns out she is married to a city official. The samurai falls in love and becomes obsessed. Not aware that she is taken he asks for her hand as his reward for fighting loyally. He becomes embarrassed and further obsessed when he finds out she is not available. The samurai pleads with the woman to leave her husband, but when she insists on remaining faithful, he decides he must remove the husband from the picture. This does not work out as planned though when the woman takes responsibility for having started the trouble. Though the culture is of a different place and time, there is nothing particularly foreign about the themes, relationships, or emotions portrayed here.

a a (nl) wrote: Languages - English, German

Sarah N (br) wrote: she really is a queen

Sam W (jp) wrote: It feels like a cross between Toy Story and Home Alone, resulting in a charming and brilliant animation that is delightful to watch. The traditional plot and cute lead add to the charm, although I think if the animals could only convey through action and not voice, it would have been better.