The Peacemaker

The Peacemaker

When a train carrying atomic warheads mysteriously crashes in the former Soviet Union, a nuclear specialist discovers the accident is really part of a plot to cover up the theft of the weapons. Assigned to help her recover the missing bombs is a crack Special Forces Colonel.

Two trains collide in rural Russia, one of them housing nuclear weapons that go missing after the wreck, and the U.S. government is alerted. A US Army colonel and a civilian woman supervising him must track down the nuclear weapons before they're used by terrorists. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kace C (ca) wrote: Frequencies [UK, 2014] I've never seen a take on star-crossed romance as original and intelligent as this. 9/10

Johnny L (es) wrote: Lots of mystery and intrigue. Good as a stand-alone. Don't watch the sequel.

Borhan K (gb) wrote: This movie has to biggest waste of money ever spent on a movie. Although I support the Persian guy that has created this movie this was a really bad movie with real life performances fighting clay-mation and it really looked choppy and was no good.Please do not bother with this movie. Its a form of punishment.I would give this a zero but it wont preview the review then so i give it half a star but its really a Zero.

Jon D (ag) wrote: France's darkest moment in history...1940 13,000 Women,men,children,elderly jews rounded up 4 the pleasure of Hitler n detained in a disused sports stadium with no food water or sanitation...then shipped off to the death camps...a really touching true story not quite as good as Schindlers list but on the same lines....I don't use the word often but Hitler really was a cunt !! :(

Michael H (mx) wrote: A solid film with some great directing and intense dialogue. The ending kinda puts the film into a tail spin, though.

Kristen R (ag) wrote: good movie, but i do wish that there were better voice actors.

WS W (ag) wrote: There are catchy scenario spreading here & there throughout the whole film, but not a really good one by adding-up altogether however.

Eva H (br) wrote: This is the most heartbreaking movie I have ever seen. I simply cannot believe what faith can do to people.

John R (nl) wrote: 160401: No offence intended but David Bowie, RIP, you sucked in this film. And just when you thought the music couldn't get any worse, the next song starts. Another Muppet movie that failed to live up to the Muppets. Dark Crystal 2? No, seemed even weaker than that, though I have to admit it grew on me a bit as it progressed. 2 stars.

Brad M (au) wrote: With the "Trump is Hitler" sentiment that is rampant in today's social and political commentary, I thought I would watch a documentary on the real Hitler to see if I could draw any parallels before Hitler rose to power and became a genocidal egomaniac warmonger. This is a very well done documentary, but one of the most surprising things I found out from this was that the story of how Hitler was killed leaves a lot of question marks. Hitler's body was never really able to be identified, Russian soldiers found charred remains and the narrative was that it was Hitler. I googled it, and found out that in 2009 the bone fragments from the body that was claimed to be Hitler's were analyzed, and they turned out to be from a female. So Hitler may not actually have been killed in German at the end of the war like we've all been told.He was born in 1889, so I don't think we have to worry that he's still alive now - but Hitler could have lived for a very long time after the war and we would not have known it.Does this matter? Probably not. Is it interesting? You tell me.

Greg W (es) wrote: castle's version of 'psycho"

Aaron B (us) wrote: loved it, betsy drake is wonderful

Breen P (ca) wrote: Wonderful movie, One must love the ending.

Sui G (br) wrote: Great movie. Kirsten Dunst is funny, and it's just a fun and upbeat movie.

EmilyJane H (de) wrote: i love the movie but its so sad 2 watch it my mum thinks it was 1 of the boys who did something to them what do u think