The Penthouse

The Penthouse

Girl trouble starts when a man and two good buddies becomes roommates.

Three lifelong friends inhabiting a penthouse apartment find themselves at odds when one of them attempts to move in with his girlfriend and another's little sister makes a surprise visit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan P (us) wrote: Film directors really do suffer for their art!Amusing in places

Charlene B (nl) wrote: not bad...I was suprised on Nick Cannon's performance, I didn't expect that much from him given the rest of the cast..but the ending was a little typical. its not the first time I saw this kind of twist in the ending...

Matt W (jp) wrote: Bit late for a sequel isn't it? Any fans of the first one are dead by now.

Jenny C (gb) wrote: One of my all time favourite movies.

Knox M (fr) wrote: This is one of those good - not great - but good blaxploitation movies made politically liberal and violently conservative.

Zach O (it) wrote: Some of Mario Bava's finest work.

M C (ca) wrote: For a 1980s movie night of the demons is very scary film, but it has a lot of annoying tropes. It's one of those movie with a few of those completely helpless characters that are just annoying to watch. This usually isn't that hard to get over in a movie, but here it was just hilariously dumb. Also a few of the actors are just atrocious, and the writing can be pretty bad at times. The worst acting comes from two of the female main characters (you will know who I'm talking about when you watch the movie) and they are bad. Really bad. But not all of the acting is bad. William Gollo and Amilia Kinkade both gave great performances. This has got to be one of the scariest 80s film I've seems. The makeup is great, the backstory is great, and the direction is exceptional. The weird occult atmosphere of the film works very well and creates a menacing felling for most of the film. This one feels way ahead of its time, and if you overlook some of the flaws you can have a great time with it, but there's a bit to much to work on for me to give it a great score. 70/100

Amy H (gb) wrote: Fairly average, not as much laughs as I though and it was fairly stupid as usual with all zombie movies.

Leonard D (mx) wrote: Uggh! Battlefield Earth is looking better and better every time you waste your money on something such as this!