The People Next Door

The People Next Door

Seventies attempt at exposing the drug problems of suburban youth. Typical middle-class parents Wallach and Harris are horrified to discover that daughter Winters is strung out on LSD. They fight to expose the neighborhood pusher while struggling to understand their now-alien daughter. Based on J.P. Miller's television play.

Comfortable New York suburbanites Arthur and Gerrie Mason discover one night that their seemingly perfect 16-year old daughter, Maxie has been tripping on LSD. Arthur, a smug, bullying ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marc V (mx) wrote: Great movie, very sensitive.

Daniel J (nl) wrote: What a good movie. It kept me entertained, it was funny, and it has Karla Souza.

Sandeep G (it) wrote: shallow script, picks up in the second half!

Eric H (it) wrote: Must get drunk to fight a monster. Sounds like fun right? Grabbers is a comedy/sci-fi film with its smart goofy concept with silly humors at its finest and creatures that are really well designed. However, the film could have been much more better if there's more into the story as it doesn't seem to extend its goofy concept to reach its full potential quite yet and the plot just falls short. There are some GORES but don't expect any memorable or over the top bloody kills which is also quite disappointing as the film could have been much more fun if it's bloodier than this. Some jumpy SCARE scenes but beside that, the creatures look quite terrifying, sometimes quite cute with amazing visual effects that you might not expect it to be this good at first. Overall, this is a nice little FUN sci-fi/comedy film that's consistently funny with its goofy concept and impressive creature effects, but still leaves much more room for improvement

Diana S (us) wrote: This film brings back the 40's style film noire and gives it a modern feel and dialogue. The story has been told before although, never in a way that the younger generation could relate to. Well cast and innovately shot, "Green Guys" will have no problem holding their won in theatres.

marco d (mx) wrote: Where to start really. This film has everything. Terrible acting, terrible effects and what can only be drunken direction, camera work and editing. There are seemingly random scenes which make no sense whatsoever. Merlin's Welsh accent (Yes welsh-why lord only knows) is not only funny "isn't it, you see" but hard to work out. The retrieval of Excalibur from the stone is one of the worst scenes I have ever seen especially the petit blond trying to make it look important but fails miserably. It would appear they ran out of money or got bored themselves on trying to do effects so they just cut to the next random scene making you think what just happened then!! - But you get to a point where you have to watch the end just to see how much more ridiculous the story would become. To sum up a bit like watching a budget porn movie without the good bits. But no, cannot end it there there needs another special mention to the wobbly camera work which leaves you thinking a camcorder would have done a better job with a octogenarian holding it. Hopefully enough said.

Valria V (es) wrote: Simply turn the spell against the wizard.

rita r (es) wrote: good just like the book

Larry S (de) wrote: "Cuz ain't no such thing as HALF WAY CROOKS!"

Nico B (ag) wrote: Like its predecessor, Pokemon The Movie 2000 is strictly a kid's film and adults will find very little entertainment from the film, unless you grew up with the franchise as a child, it does have some exciting moments, great musical score, and sometimes beautiful animation (for a Pokemon movie!), and like the first movie I have nostalgic memories of this film, even though it isn't technically a "Good" movie!

Mohanraj N (ag) wrote: Twenty Bucks is a 1993 film that follows the travels of a $20 bill from a crisp new note from the ATM in downtown Minneapolis through various transactions and incidents from person to person through the city.

Johnny B (mx) wrote: Watch this movie. Seriously. If you're cool, you'll love it. Chow Yun Fat is too badass. Heroic Bloodshed at it's finest. This is what action movies were meant to be like.

Michael T (es) wrote: You're either going to love this or hate it.

Markus K (gb) wrote: that made no sense! Was it a horror movie, or "american city culture" movie?! What?! There were spirits but... Oh, well I'm glad that McTiernan made better, much better movies afterwards.

Katherine J (it) wrote: Harry Dean Stanton. Wim Wenders. So so good.

Michael D (it) wrote: A sweet tale of a luckless talent agent and his stable of idiosyncratic performers. A very light Woody Allen film but resolutely enjoyable all the same.

Nick W (fr) wrote: Funniest DVD menu ever, shame the movie is only so so.

Erling K (ag) wrote: western komedie p sitt beste :)

Richard S (de) wrote: The problem with John Le Carre adaptations are they can be quite slow and a little dry. Tinker Tailor Solider Spy got by on sheer style, this one relies on the strong central performance from Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Whenever Hoffman is on the screen the film managed to keep my attention, otherwise I felt myself begin to drift off when he wasn't. The story is decent enough, it's just a shame that Hoffman wasn't given a decent adversary to go up against. Daniel Bruhl was also criminally underused and was given very little to do for the length of the film.

Michael R (it) wrote: Decent Caper Movie....