The Perfect Holiday

The Perfect Holiday

A young girl turns to a department store Santa in the hopes that he will help find a new husband for her divorced mother.

A young girl turns to a department store Santa in the hopes that he will help find a new husband for her divorced mother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda M (au) wrote: absolute garbage. I found this movie to be incredibly unrealistic and cliche. From the petty relationship drama, to the overly animated and unbelievable characters; this movie is a waste of time and attention. The plot involving societal collapse is really a side note in this movie. I felt like the writers were attempting to meld two entirely different stories together, and their experiment is a complete and utter failure. Not to mention, there is a very liberal bias undertone in the entire film. Political bias has no place in a picture with little to no political theme. Please don't waste your time!

Thomas W (es) wrote: Michelle Monaghan (Gone Baby Gone) unconvincingly stars as a blind New York woman named Sara who resides in a private and seemingly well-secured penthouse with her boyfriend. As she runs a few last-minute errands in the neighborhood, her jewel-thief of a boyfriend (Sara didn't see that one coming!) is killed (nor this one!) as those he owed sent one (Barry Sloane - 'Revenge') to collect. When Sara gets home and the sadistic killer realizes he can terrorize a blind woman, he has some fun until she turns the tables on him by escaping and getting some help on the street. A kindly, off-duty officer (Michael Keaton - Jackie Brown) comes to her aid ... but what can be done when she is unable to point out her attacker? Penthouse North is clich-laden gimmick after clich-laden gimmick. It wants to be tense and taut and psychologically thrilling but it is none of these things. "There is nothing to see here!" ... and I didn't just say that because Monaghan's character is blind. Well, okay ... I did but: There's nothing to see here ... or at least nothing worth seeing anyway.

Eric G (ru) wrote: En av hjdpunkterna p GIFF 2012 fr min del. Det vackra fotot, de stillsamma scenerna och den ljuvliga musiken vvs ihop till en historia med karaktrer som verkligen tilltalar mig p djupet. Enda nackdelen r slutet, men vid det laget r jag redan frlskad i filmen. Mer film frn Turkiet tack!

Rob M (ag) wrote: not as good as Dead Space Downfall but ties into the game nicely...3.5 outta 5 stars

Marie S (de) wrote: Great story, great movie. I HIGHLY recommend watching it :-)

Isadore H (es) wrote: From Paris With Love has it moments, and is most highlighted by a great performance from Travolta. However, despite its good intentions to give the audience some fun, which it does, this film ultimately falls short in a few too many areas, it has plot holes and aside from Travolta, the rest of the acting is okay at best.

Gabriel C (kr) wrote: From Dusk Till Dawn is creepy and campy to a fault, but it's good old cheesy fun.

Terri H (kr) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Private U (jp) wrote: Why I couldn't remember this one. This is probably my all time favorite film. Arthur Penn's masterpiece.

Nicki M (au) wrote: 2nd time watching this, still can't claim to understand the ending, but wow, such a good movie. Really enjoyed the relationship between these two women. The third in the end is too seldom in the movie to have any real impact. I also lean towards the theory that Millie and Pinkie are the same person, but hard to say.

Thomas K (us) wrote: Whenever they start dancing I think this is one of the greatest things EVER. Unfortunately there is all that other stuff and it makes it hard for me to actually get to the dancing.

Tyrone H (es) wrote: A highly stylised (probably too stylised) remake of the Kurosawa classic Rashomon. The western genre seems to almost perfectly swap the Japan of the Kurosawa films. This remake almost works but certainly doesn't reach the highs of the Japanese classic. There is a strong cast working with excellent material, the perception of 'Truth' and the two side of human nature, good and evil, and the space in which most of us exist, if we are honest, somewhere in between. The standout performances are the three characters who narrate the story and provide the good V.s Bad, inbetween, perspectives. Edward G Robinson is excellent as the key characters who prods and pokes the other two also waiting for the train into revealing the story of a horrendous rape and robbery. The story is told from 4 different perspective, weather they are lies or just induividuals perception of what happens. The protaganests motives are revealed and finally a true telling emerges which seems to do no service to all involved. Bill 'The Shat' Shatner is at his intense overacting best here as the preacher whose faith is shatered by the actions of men and women but also rebuilt by the action of those same beasts. Worth the watch but make sure that you watch Rashamon and also explore the rest of Kurosawa's films as he really is a true genius director.

Faisal F (mx) wrote: You can blame the night, blame the wine, blame the moon in her eyes, but when all else fails . . . you'd better . . . Blame it on Rio!, itulah secuil kalimat yang terucap dari Mathew ia menyalahkan sesuatu yang menimpanya terhadap ibukota brazil tersebut. Btw apa yang terjadi???diawali dengan narasi yang membuat penasaran tersebut orang-orang seakan diajak untuk menonton film komedi ini. Victor Lyons(Joseph Bologna) dan Mathew Hollis(Michael Caine) adalah sepasang sahabat lama yang berencana berlibur di Rio de Janeiro, Brazil dan membawa masing-masing putri mereka. Walau agak kurang setuju Mathew pun tak dapat menolak ajakan Victor tsb. Jennifer Lyons(Michelle Johnson) putri dari Victor diam-diam menyukai paman Mathew. Sebenarnya Mathew menolak bahkan memberikan nasehat bahwa hubungan mereka tidak dapat berjalan karena range umur mereka. Namun apadaya Mathew akhirnya tergoda juga bahkan berhubungan badan dengan putri sahabat baiknya tsb. Hal ini diketahui oleh putri Mathew, Nicole Hollis(Demi Moore). Bahkan Victor sangat marah dan ingin mencari siapa orang yang telah mengencani putrinya, dari sini adengan dan dialogpun semakin lucu karena Mathew terus berbohong dan mengelak dengan penyesalan dan ketakutan atas hubungannya dengan Jennifer....

Stuart K (nl) wrote: Directed by Ken Loach, who after a slump in the 1980's, had returned with a vengeance with Hidden Agenda (1990) and Riff-Raff (1991). He returned with this dark comedy-drama written by Jim Allen, who had worked with Loach on Hidden Agenda and Land and Freedom (1995), it's a film which despite things going wrong for it's protagonist, still has a sense of hope about it. Bob Williams (Bruce Jones) is on the breadline, and struggling to find work, his schemes with friend Tommy (Ricky Tomlinson) to make money have varying success, and then his van is nicked. All he wants to do is to raise enough money so that his daughter Colleen (Gemma Phoenix) can have a brand new dress for her First Communion. He tries to keep the news that he literally has no money from his wife Anne (Julie Brown). He tries to get advice from local priest Father Barry (Tom Hickey), who tries to convince Bob to get a second hand dress, which he staunchly refuses to do, he's determined to raise the money to get a brand new dress for his daughter. It has some brilliant naturalistic performances in it, Jones, who got the role of Les Battersby in Coronation Street because of this film, is brilliant. He's stuck in a quandry, and is determined to get out of it. The film won the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes in 1993, and it rightfully deserved it too.