The Perfect Host

The Perfect Host

A criminal on the run cons his way into the wrong dinner party where the host is anything but ordinary.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:flashback,   mask,   wine,  

A criminal on the run cons his way into the wrong dinner party where the host is anything but ordinary. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex J (gb) wrote: Un film britanic de actiune, care incearca sa utilizeze elemente din pelicule de Tarantino si nu numai. Este destul de brutal ca vizual - mult sange - dar ai tot timpul impresia ca te uiti la un low-budget - B-movie type. De asemenea, si putinele scene de car-chases sunt foarte slabe dpdv al cascadoriilor.. Pe scurt, membrii unui club de box se rafuiesc cu o banda de rusi (romani?) care fac trafic de carne vie si care o rapesc pe fata sefului clubului de box. Se impusca ,se bat , se omoara, se omoara, se omoara.... Skip it. Valoare de revizionare - foarte-rar-niciodata.

Lauren W (es) wrote: Favorite Christmas Special since I was a child. Its witty humor, heartwarming story and colorful, unique animation get me ready for Christmas every year.

John S (de) wrote: Almost like a spiritual sequel to Dazed And Confused, SubUrbia is the story of the American youth looking for purpose. The narrative is so subtle and moves on an almost subconscious level, it tells the story of how a group of misfit losers learn to analyze their lives going from emotions of meaninglessness, to jealousy, to anger, to denial, and back to meaninglessness. It is just amazing how Linklater's ability to traverse through a story is so captivating and powerful in a way that is all the more effective. The performances are amazing from Giovanni Ribisi, working through such a complex character, to Steve Zahn, exploding through such a simple yet essential character to its narrative. Each character feels like a different instrument that provides the viewer with a different perspective on the situation and makes the experience all the more expansive. But what is most interesting is how the film makes you analyze your own life, and make you feel like you standing by that convenience store right next to them.

jen o (ca) wrote: the soundtrack is the best thing about this film

Heidy C (nl) wrote: Any movie that has guys dressed as women is funny. But what is particularly funny about this one is that you don't have just any guys, you have John Leguizamo, Wesley Snipes and the ever fabulous Patrick Swayze, who, by the way, didn't not had to get into character to make the role believable.

Carlos I (kr) wrote: That was actually pretty friggin hilarious. Price's comedy timing was great, it's too bad we didn't get more like this...

Konrad A (jp) wrote: In this movie mall cop I think it is a funny movie. I like how Paul crashes in to a car in the mall. And I like the incident that happened at Victoria's Secret' that was a hilarious part!! And I like how Paul blurt got drunk I thought that was pretty funny!! Another of my favorite lines is You see Jack *** I don't need the phone, because I got all the access codes written on their arm. This movie takes place in the New Jersey mall. I would say this movie is a Comedy, mystery movie that's what I would say! Kevin James is great in this movie! Now I know critics gave this movie 33% well I say No way! I say it got a much bigger percent then what critics had to say.