The Perfect Sleep

The Perfect Sleep

In a timeless city, a man with no name returns to the violent, brutal domain of assassins he left ten years before – back when they dubbed him The Mad Monk for his disregard for his own life and his intense devotion to one woman, Porphyria; a beautiful, luminescent woman; the girl he grew up with; the love of his life; the one thing he has ever wanted; the one thing he can never have.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   guilt,   suicide,  

Against the backdrop of a noirish dreamscape, a tortured man returns to the city he swore he would never return to, in order to save the woman he has always loved yet can never have. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Al M (kr) wrote: Voodoo Possession seems promising at its outset, but it ultimately ends up being a piece of overly melodramatic crap without any genuine scares or creepiness.

Evan G (gb) wrote: not that much like the book but still a good movie. kinda wish sweetie looked more like the design in the book and that he was in it ml ore

Alexander P (kr) wrote: A moderate documentary about doomsday stuff. Hooray.

(au) wrote: The closing credits of Spike Lee's 1994 film Crooklyn state that what we saw as an audience was a work of fiction. They also state that Crooklyn had more than one writer and those writers (Lee and his real life brother and sister) drew some of their inspiration from their own lives growing up in a low rent Brooklyn neighborhood. If this is the case and the film is not exactly a true story, then after a recent viewing, I started to wonder why and for what reason, it was made. Now granted, Spike Lee always has good intentions. And most of the time he gets energetic performances from his cast. However, in Crooklyn's case, the material he is saddled with (the story and the monotonous, yet accurate script) is entirely lightweight, and it doesn't have the strength to fill a 2 hour-plus exercise. Whatever conflicts that occur between the characters (characters that fade in and out of the proceedings) are never fully realized and resolved, the one event or tragedy that occurs toward the film's conclusion does not fully beef up any dramatic momentum, and most of the scenes involving the main family depicted (the Carmichael family) feel tedious and in serious need of editing. In essence, Crooklyn would have more effective as a side plot of Lee's family childhood included in a T.V. special/documentary about his life as a director. What came out in 1994 though, is an authentic, yet unnecessary portrayal of a family of 5 kids (four boys, 1 girl) living in Brooklyn, NY in the summer of 1973.Using many unknown child actors and casting himself as a neighborhood glue sniffing junkie, Lee shoots a film that follows the lives of the fictional family, the Carmichaels. They consists of a hard working school teacher (always tough as nails Alfre Woodard), her calming, hard-up musician husband (with this film and Lee's Clockers, Delroy Lindo is now one of my true acting heroes), and their five children (the film slowly begins to put its main focus on the only daughter in group being Troy, played with confidence by Zelda Harris). Although they are the main tenants of the building they are living in, they are struggling to make ends meet (they fail to pay the electric bill for everybody else and the building loses power) and Carolyn Carmichael (Woodard) being the sole provider, puts a strain on the family dynamic. She and Woody Carmichael (Lindo) fight and argue because he is not able to make any money playing his music (he's a piano player and composer). Crooklyn also in the smallest detail takes a look at some of the other people that live on the same block as the Carmichaels. They are side characters that don't get a lot of screen time to establish themselves, let alone add to the workings of the plot (a plot with a very thin skin). As I stated a couple sentences ago, watching this exercise, you begin to realize that the young Troy becomes the focal point of the movie in general. It's not entirely known upfront. But by the last twenty minutes or so, you understand why. By then it's too late because too much running time is passed and not enough has happened. If the whole entire film focused on this little girl, I think it might've worked. I stress the word might've.When it's all said and done, this is a harmless motion picture that seemed close to Lee's heart. I don't think it's a bad film by any means. I just feel that the subject matter wasn't deep enough or potent enough to engage an audience seeking entertainment value or for lack of a better word, excitement. Yes, the period detail is pretty solid with the soundtrack being composed of some 70's classics and a few rap tunes. The opening credit sequence is excellent, depicting a normal routine of childhood antics (double dutch jump rope, tag, street races, etc.) on a hot summer day in NYC. And the closing credits are a delight leading with an intro by Soul Train creator Don Cornelius followed by a dance sequence on said T.V. show. But, in between, the movie glides by without really saying anything or provoking any deep meaning. So my high end analysis is this: instead of watching people's lives on screen, the only way to really embrace this film, is by being in that place and time, and actually inhabiting some form of their existence. If you lived in Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood back in 1973, this flick might be your cup of tea. If you didn't, decide to take in a viewing, and wanted to immerse yourself in the world of Crooklyn, (you know its characters and its story) by hook or "crook", you'll ultimately feel cheated at what you just saw.

Alec B (gb) wrote: Olivier's Nazi/dentist is a terrifying villain and the narrative constantly delivers on it's cynicism. A very good low key thriller.

Miguel A (nl) wrote: Em primeira instncia, o que sobressai em "Picnic at Hanging Rock" a riqueza das suas alegorias e o rigor com que gere o seu mistrio (to grande como o prprio rochedo do ttulo). Esta histria de inocncia perdida decorre num ambiente talvez demasiado delicado para ser violado por pistas bvias e momentos sensacionalistas, mas toda essa serenidade aparente no mais do que uma camuflagem para um acontecimento de contornos horrorosos. Na configurao do puzzle que apresenta, o realizador Peter Weir estava ainda longe daquela postura muito caprichosa dos realizadores que hoje fazem filmes profundamente estranhos, embora muitas vezes sem soluo plausvel. No esse o caso, mesmo que "Picnic at Hanging Rock" seja muito mais generoso na vertente visual e na invocao de algumas frases-chave, do que no fornecimento de pistas destinadas a um encaixe bsico e inevitvel. A prpria natureza do argumento demasiado ambgua para que, sem demais questes, tenhamos certezas absolutas sobre se este um romance de poca ou um filme de terror em que praticamente todo o terror surge serenado pelas pan pipes da banda-sonora. "Picnic at Hanging Rock" possui a capacidade ilusria do verdadeiro cinema e suficientemente amplo para nos fazer repensar objectos pop (pstumos) to diversos como a srie Twin Peaks, o vdeo "Everybody Hurts", dos R.E.M., ou at mesmo a cano "Jardins Proibidos" (que dei por mim a cantar poucos depois de ter visto o filme).

Jaffra A (us) wrote: I own this DVD with its haunting imagery I'll never forget, and was taken by my brother to its original opening in Hollywood when it came out. My uncle, Walter Murch, was the editor of the film. I believe we are currently being insidiously herded toward the dystopian world presented in this film, and that one of the truest portal of assistance in fully realizing the truth of the behind-the-scenes movement toward this goal is to tune in to the much maligned, but steadfast in its presentation of and commitment to its research, Alex Jones Channel on YouTube.

Trent r (br) wrote: It was a great suspenseful movie

Charlie G (us) wrote: Perhaps a good idea but I found it rather biring and predictable.

Al P (br) wrote: U havent seen Under fire??

Mandela W (de) wrote: Melanie Griffith's daughter Dakota is currently rising with fame. She is about to be in a movie in less than a few days. As I discovered last year that Dakota Johnson is the daughter of Griffith and Don Johnson I couldn't help but wonder what their individual movie careers were like. Not to long ago I finally saw a classic in the filmography of Melanie Griffith, Working Girl. Working Girl is all America story of an individual working at the bottom essentionally but dreams of making it big and trying to seize it when she gets her chance. Great acting and directing make this one enjoyable comedy pic. Tess McGill (Griffith) is a secretary out on wall street. She is a woman with many ideas and drive to make it to the top of the business. Tess gets placed one day placed with a new financial executive Katherine Parker (Sigourney Weaver). Parker has her do bitch work mostly but then after a skiing incident, she leaves tess in charge of handling her affairs. Tess comes across an idea for an investment in radio. Tess decides to run away with this idea and makes a deal with some top executives including Jack Trainor (Harrison Ford) whom she later falls in love with. The film begins with an amazing main theme that I just really loved. "let the river run" is an amazing song really well produced. Melanie Griffith sort of plays the 80's version of Peggy Olson from Mad Men. Only difference is that is her goal from the start is to move up the ladder while Peggy came to that decision much later in her years there. Also she is trying to do this at a stockbrocker agency. She is terrific here in this role! Griffith has a really sexy voice and is quite beautiful. Now I see where her daughter Dakota gets it fromSigourney weaver plays a role unlike any I've seen from her. she does this so well and shows her range greatly as an actress. She could have very well been the kind of type cast action heroine we've come to see but she ventured out in a great way. As far As Harrison Ford I Didn't think Ford was such a smooth criminal, he is real slick here. He adds a little Indiana jones swagger here to his character. Joan cusuack was pretty funny here as a good portion of the comedy in the film comes from her. mike Nichols does a fine job directing this story of a woman pursuing her dreams. He brings out performances from his cast that I'm sure many didn't think they had. Excellent film here. Decently funny, sexy and supplies itself with smart screenplay.