The Petrified Forest

The Petrified Forest

Gabby lives and works at her dads small diner out in the desert. She can't stand it and wants to go and live with her mother in France. Along comes Alan, a broke man with no will to live, who is traveling to see the pacific, and maybe to drown in it. Meanwhile Duke Mantee a notorious killer and his gang is heading towards the diner where Mantee plan on meeting up with his girl.

A waitress, a hobo and a bank robber get mixed up at a lonely diner in the desert. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kaarina P (gb) wrote: Amazing performance from Meryl Streep. The plot was a bit too laden for me to give it 5 stars. Without the whole sister/brother thing that took it over the top I probably would have given it 5 for Streep's acting alone.

Clayton W (mx) wrote: Puccini For Beginners starts with an abundance of wit and self-awareness and gradually becomes another typical romantic comedy, but even then, it's still quite good. The cast is great all around, and while some of the drama is diffused by the early reveal of the film's climax, and the opera structure is completely arbitrary, the film still feels mildly refreshing. It doesn't match the heights of the obvious Woody Allen films that influenced it, or the later greatness of (500) Days of Summer, but Puccini For Beginners is a recent romcom that breaks away from the neo-traditional funk of the modern day cinema hearkens back to (multiple) happier times.

Ilja S (de) wrote: The story is better than in any Punisher movie before (which really isn't saying much), but it is just too damn boring, and feels like a 90's movie, even thoug it was released in 2008(!).

Sara C (us) wrote: um k this kinda sounds weird but ill watch it

kyo 9 (br) wrote: Although I'm a proud Muslim, I find this movie really interesting to the fact that people treats religion especially Islam in present and before this hasn't change=In this movie, it shows that Pakistan army supplies arms to the bad guys in India but in reality, we know that it happens on both sides as well.. One thing for sure is that there will always be good and bad people regardless of their religion.. It's sick to know that people kills other people claiming they do it for the sake of their religion but we all know that there is no single religion that pardons killing innocent people.. I hope that the society today realize about this matter and together we must join forces to get rid of the bad guys who disguised on the religion's mask.

David H (fr) wrote: A Amusing and Funny Hommage to the Old Gangster Movies with lot of Machine Gun Fire, Whippings and funny Patters

David F (gb) wrote: This is a very generic slasher film with minimal thrills and a modicum of nostalgia for the 1980s. The setting, an empty college dorm during a school break, wasn't really taken full advantage of, the acting was average, the story not really that interesting. This is like one of the films the kids in Scream made fun of, but not one of the classics but one of the derivative, amateurish, and cheap ones made to exploit the commercial possibilities of the genre. Recommended only for those who feel they must see every horror film ever made.

Arnita W (br) wrote: This is ONE of my favorite movies!!!!