The Phantom Empire

The Phantom Empire

When the ancient continent of Mu sank beneath the ocean, some of its inhabitant survived in caverns beneath the sea. Cowboy singer Gene Autry stumbles upon the civilization, now buried beneath his own Radio Ranch. The Muranians have developed technology and weaponry such as television and ray guns. Their rich supply of radium draws unscrupulous speculators from the surface. The peaceful civilization of the Muranians is corrupted by the greed from above, and it becomes Autry's task to prevent all-out war, ideally without disrupting his regular radio show.

When the ancient continent of Mu sank beneath the ocean, some of its inhabitant survived in caverns beneath the sea. Cowboy singer Gene Autry stumbles upon the civilization, now buried ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (de) wrote: Terribly biased. I wanted more science and less whining (and maybe addressing the accusations of stealing fossils from government lands)..

Keith T (au) wrote: As the title suggests, this is an anthology of horror stories with a bit of a kinky side. There are 3 stories here, all of them revolving around sex in some way (some in more disturbing ways than others). There are some genuinely shocking moments in there (with more willies and fluid flying around than you'll likely be used to outside of 'specialist' cinema), and each story works quite nicely as a little miniature dose of nastiness. Of the three, 'Bitch' has the best pay-off, although it does dither a little getting there. 'House & Home' is full of tension and unpleasantness until the home stretch, which seems a little generic given how grimy and seedy an atmosphere it's managed to develop. The wonderfully titled 'Mutant Tool' is probably going to be the most talked about portion, but to say why would really spoil the fun. It's...interesting. And that kind of sums the movie up, each story is interesting without really blowing your socks off, but it's such a refreshing format that none of the tales outstay their welcome. It would be nice to see more themed anthologies like this.

Brian P (ca) wrote: nah. It tried to be too much like Guess Who, with the bride and groom being different races and their families adapting. goat scene was hilarious though

Fred (mx) wrote: wow this is really good for a low buget ($4 million) canadian film...action,explosions,chicks with guns,car's great!!

TheLords A (ca) wrote: Well after David Copperfield, I thought I should try to take a look at Daniel Radcliffe's other films besides Harry Potter. So here's my review for December Boys. Plot: Four orphan boys that name themselves Maps, Misty, Spark and Spit live in a Roman Catholic orphanage in Australia who called themselves the December Boys because they are all born in December. For their birthday the pastor that runs the orphanage sends them to a holiday at the beach living with a couple that are friends with the pastor. When Misty learns that the couple's neighbors have considered adopting and reluctantly tells it to the others, he and Spark and Spit instatly try to become closer to the neighbors, but Maps becomes distant he becomes more interested in spending time with a teenage girl named Lucy. Okay this was not that good of a movie. It was nicely acted and the story did roughly get better around the second half of the movie, but unfortunately it's mostly predictable in the sense that you know what mostly these characters are like especially with this mostly being a sort of coming-of-age film, so you can figure out what will happen. Even then, it just had a couple of stuff that was...weird. Mostly with the horse trying to catch fish or just appearing at random times and also the imaginary nuns and stuff that Misty daydreams about. Actors/Characters: Daniel Radcliffe/Maps: I think he did a nice job. He wasn't spectacular, especially since he was very quite and kind of just standing there during the first half of the movie, but I think the did a nice job displaying what Maps was going through in the more teenager/young adult. So this wasn't his best film, but at least he gave us a character to care about at the end of the day. Lee Cormie/Misty: He was...okay. I guess the thing was that in some ways, you can care for this character with him always trying to be good and innocent and really wanting to find a family, but at the same time you may find it a little weird with his daydreams and stuff like that like I did. And that's my review for December Boys. It had okay acting and at least a couple of things you may enjoy if you like the kind of coming-of-age story, but other then that, it's very predictable, and even weird at some point that at best you should watch if you are a fan of Harry Potter fan that wants to see practically anything with Daniel Radcliffe like me.

David L (jp) wrote: beautiful cinematography of Morocco, Tokyo, and Mexico. Highlight was the wedding party & Chieko entering the disco to the backdrop of Phats & Small's remix of EWF's September. Story-wise, the three mini-stories are just ok.

Nicholas S (au) wrote: The cover description is not very clear, but the story of seven fighters coming together to save the innocent from the unjust evil bounty hunters ends up being more interesting than one would think!

Private U (it) wrote: This movie is a gag succession : nothing is builded. But i must confess that i almost like the naked gun series.

Jakob G (au) wrote: This is a movie that surprised me! I like it a lot and all those great actors...just my kind of movie. Almost like a Bret Ellis book or something - total nihilism.

Cheryl L (it) wrote: Sophie Marceau and Stephen Dillane were wonderful to watch.

Lou S (fr) wrote: Congratulations Roberto Rossellini, you made some depressing fucking movies.

Darrin C (gb) wrote: Propaganda piece with little if any personality. The SEAL team in this movie are real and not actors which was okay because their acting still out-did many established actors. The pace was back and forth with action one minute and plotting/planning the next up until the tear-jerk ending.