The Phenix City Story

The Phenix City Story

Phil Karlson's docudrama based on the notorious Phenix City -- a city known for its gambling, crime and prostitution rackets.

A crime-busting lawyer and his initially reluctant attorney father take on the forces that run gambling and prostitution in their small Southern town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tibor B (nl) wrote: Perhaps not everyone's cup of tea, this, but those with some patience and an open mind may well find some pleasures in this little "slow cinema" gem. Artist Ben Rivers returns to the subject of an early short film, Scot Jake Williams, a man who appears to live a solitary, self-sufficient life somewhere in the Scottish highlands who amuses himself by, basically, pottering about, tinkering with the many objects scattered around his rundown homestead. From the absurd, elevating a caravan into a tree as a surreal treehouse, the practical, fixing a roof or welding a battered 4x4 to the sublime, a solo jam session on a mandolin proving him to be a talented musician. The aesthetic of the film matches the mood perfectly, the home developed 16mm matching both the tattiness of Jake's surroundings but also the make-do ingenuity of Jake's tinkering. Rivers also proves a real talent with visuals, from a hilarious piece of film frame interaction when Jake's fishing raft threatens to float offscreen to the enigmatic slow fireside fade on Jake's face to finish the film. The behind the scenes story shows there was a large element of performance, and far less isolation than we may expect, which to me further enhances both Jake and the director's playful, unique characters.

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Corine C (jp) wrote: I rented this on Netflix tonight. Super stale, super cheesy. Not worth renting.YAWN.

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Avinash S (gb) wrote: Nothing extraordinary...was a decent one..

Jason F (es) wrote: A cult classic if there ever was one. With big laughs, cool relatable characters (except Melvin), and great thrills. Even with the cheesiness it's still very enjoyable. Give it a watch.

Lilian W (ag) wrote: Much better. He experiments with the narration this time. He is more thoughtful, albeit in a playful manner. Anna Karina is pure joy.

monsieur r (fr) wrote: A black and white movie about transition: Corporate America changing from concern about quality and craftsmanship to one more about the bottom line. An insatiable appetite to get more return for the stockholders. Notably, the movie has no music soundtrack. Executive Suite is a 1954 MGM drama film depicting the transfer of power in a corporation in trouble. As the movie begins, even before the title, we are greeted with a few words about how life at the top of a business is not as different from the middle and bottom of a business (just that the boys at the top have more money to play with). Director Robert Wise has made a substantial film revolving around the lives of 8 or so characters after a controlling corporate president suddenly dies. Almost having a Twilight Zone, Rod Serling quality, everyone's lives are turned upside down when the character, whom we never meet or see, dies suddenly on the street and for several days has no identity. The controller, an appropriately titled officer of Treadway Enterprises (of all things, a furniture manufacturer) immediately takes charge (played by Frederick March), issuing orders left and right to the dismay of all other directors in the company. Angling to become the new president, he bribes for votes at the soon to be held meeting of the directors. The good guy in the film, William Holden, represents everything fine and decent in a person at the top of the corporate pyramid. June Alyson is the adoring, supportive wife. Relectantly, Holden decides he is the only man with a concious that can take on the presidency and put the controller, played as Shaw by Frederick March, back in the bean counting role he belongs. As one review commented: "From the very moment I started watching Executive Suite until the very end, I was amazed at how accurate the producer and director and the stars of this film portrayed big business as it has always been and unfortunately as it always will be! Big business films are never dated! The same backstabbing political games were there then and are still there now!" A first class production in every way. Suspense, drama, fine acting by all. The dvd disc comes with narration by director Oliver Stone, who gives a fascinating account of the entire film and more often his memories of other films and views. (he does stray from the movie quite a bit). Juicy NOTES about the film: 1 The film received four Academy Award nominations: Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Nina Foch) Best Art Direction (Cedric Gibbons, Edward Carfagno, Edwin B. Willis, Emile Kuri) Best Cinematography Best Costume Design 2 The entire story takes place during the 24 hour period from Friday afternoon, June 19 1953 to Saturday afternoon, June 20 1953. 3 Producer John Houseman wanted Henry Fonda for the role of McDonald Walling, the lead actor. Fonda turned him down to star in a Broadway musical that never reached the stage. Cast William Holden as McDonald "Don" Walling Barbara Stanwyck as Julia O. Tredway Fredric March as Loren Phineas Shaw Walter Pidgeon as Frederick Y. Alderson Paul Douglas as J. Walter Dudley Louis Calhern as George Nyle Caswell Dean Jagger as Jesse Q. Grimm June Allyson as Mary Blemond Walling Nina Foch as Erica Martin Shelley Winters as Eva Bardeman Directed by Robert Wise Produced by John Houseman Written by Ernest Lehman Based on Executive Suite by Cameron Hawley Distributed by MGM Release date(s) May 6, 1954 (1954-05-06) Running time 104 minutes

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