The Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment

Based on an "actual event" that took place in 1943. About a US Navy Destroyer Escort that disappeared from the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, and sent two men 40 years into the future to 1984.

Because of wrong decisions, the ship with two crewman are sent forty nine years to the future. Then, they must face the change in new place and try to find all ways to come back home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JO ANN F (kr) wrote: The picture was grate The movie was grate

Chantal S (de) wrote: What did I just watch. I've been to the Whaley house. This movie is so inaccurate it isn't funny.

Matthew G (jp) wrote: I have just one thing i wamt to say to the critics who used words like "stunning," "sublime," and "original" in cajoling the riff raff to see this film: "what the hell is wrong wothn you? You shpuld be adhamed of yourself." This is not a valid satire or send up of paternalism as you say to dress up your misguided lapse of sense and sensibility. The only paternalism I see here is in the groupthink -facilitated endorsement of a grade C load of wank by an elitist community of critics cow-towing to Cannes, Sundance, Toronto, and whatever other festival rubber stamped the latest torture porn the highest of high art. Films like this are the easiest to make. If you organized a film competition for sixth grade boys, you'd get a whole lot of this. None if the sophisticated human emotions or filmmaking devices are evidenced here. This director is a singer with one shrill note and no lower register. If you want to see a truly discerning satire on paternalism run amok, watch Woody Allen's Sleeper. Dogtooth labors too hard to shock you, and it's an annoying and small minded distraction. I was so bored throughout this tedium masquerading as mindfuck, I could have switched this off 100 tines before minute 30. But those who fancy themselves in the vanguard of the critical elite will perfunctory assign the film the highest rating and pat themselves on the back for their ingenuity. That's the only explanation I can devise when I try to figure out how films like this get 90% tomato ratings and win festival awardsAll I can think of as a social psychologist is that it's groupthink at work.

Anthony T (de) wrote: found it interesting that while this set was from 2007; his jokes still made a lot of sense today. Have not laughed this much in a while.

Ian C (ag) wrote: I was lucky enough to catch this at the cinema when it was released in 2008. Watched it again when it was released on DVD and dug it out recently after finishing the excellent (unrelated) tv show. A modern crime classic.

Dena S (au) wrote: Good watch. Intriguing but maybe not for everyone.

Bryan P (ag) wrote: Reeker sees five friends head off to area 52 for a rave. Along the way they stop as the petrol line has been cut and the local motel is there port of call. Soon they realise no one is anywhere and they are at the motel alone. One by one they soon disappear and they cannot understand where they have gone. The film takes a very strange twist at the end

Murat Y (jp) wrote: No need to say anything else, a film by Fatih Akn ...

Fearchar M (nl) wrote: A must-see if you're interested in drama or film. Strangely prophetic, given the choice of the next President of the USA and the increasing exposure of the US proclivities for enslavement, rape and mass murder, both domestically and abroad. Admittedly, nowadays polluting drinking water takes the place of starving a dog, drones are much more effective than machine-guns and economic slavery is more widespread than chaining people to a deadweight.

Jocey D (ru) wrote: Entertaining and uplifting as I was expecting from this movie. Good moves and good music. Good portrayals. I'd love to work in such a place where the bonds of sisterhood are strong and tight.

Elijah S (ru) wrote: Thank Jah for Men of God and Hemp like Jack Herer. Jah bless all his friends and his family.

JUST S (ca) wrote: 1986????? IS this what comedy was like in 1986? I like it, dumb, yet funny, but you gotta love it... If you have not seen it watch it! A bit of a WTF start but just let it make you smile..

Justin M (it) wrote: Wonderful film, funny, absurd, sweet, and some incredible cameos and behind the scenes footage of 1920's MGM. King Vidor can do no wrong.

James C (ca) wrote: rather tame and generic, however you do feel near the end that its starting to get somewhere then it ends suddenly without any particular closure or denfined path to the life she chooses. pointless

Stephanie H (es) wrote: Denzel played an excellent Detective. Clive played a good role right beside him. A clever bank heist. Fun to watch and very well executed and engaging.