The Pig Keeper's Daughter

The Pig Keeper's Daughter

Since Moonbeam Swiner is The Pigkeeper's Daughter, it's no surprise that her best friend in the whole wide world is a little piggy named Lord Hamilton. And that has her Ma worried. After all, Moonbeam has reached the ripe old age of 19 and she still ain't hitched yet. So when a traveling salesman from the big city arrives on the scene, Ma quickly out-cons the con-artist and Pa arranges a shotgun wedding.

Harry Novak, brings us a obscure but entertaining tale of the coming of age of a farmer's daughter, Moonbean (Terry Gibson), a red-head, busty country bumpkin who is the town's whore. She is constantly spied on by her younger sister Pretty Patty (Peggy Church) who masturbates after seeing her sister's sexual encounters. The ladies in this movie are all on the voloptuos side, it is a soft core but in any decade it would have gotten an X-rating, the sex scenes are that explicit. The lucky guy is Jasper who gets to do all the ladies in the movie, including a hard to believe overdeveloped 15 year old hitchhiker, (who would make any guys quickie hall of fame). The movie has erotic moments, and is funny. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leena L (kr) wrote: "The cream slowed him down. The milk killed him." So inappropriate and stupid, yet so entertaining, at times even hiliarious and LOL-funny.

MoVee F (nl) wrote: Not outstanding. It was a nice simple love story for the time being, but there's really not too much going on under the surface. You're not missing much here.

Joe H (gb) wrote: A visually compelling (although occasionally flawed) expressionistic portrait of a woman who, after retiring from a successful acting career and leaving a relationship, must decide who she is.

Lea B (ag) wrote: Worth Watching!I really enjoyed the dancing and the music in the movie as well as the storyline. There are too many movies nowadays with those who make it out of their past, forgetting it completely. It was great to see someone stick to their character while not forgetting where she came from and not being afraid to remain herself when faced with tempting situations.

Asher S (ag) wrote: My cousin, who I like, made this, and even I think it sucks. Probably one of the worst movies of all time, Gershon was totally unbelievable as a hermit biologist, Modine was just annoying, poor cousin Claud' couldn't even figure out how to light anything right, the script was beyond laughable -- really awful film.

Alex D (nl) wrote: An absolutely gorgeous movie. I have deliberately refrained from using word 'anime' because of its capacity to take its emotions and hit your like a live-feature. Undeniably it's a dark tale but it is a human tale. It shall take you through the whole scale of emotions that human possess and you shall be left gasping for more. The story is great, the movie score in isolation is great but within the story it is perfect. The only grouse I can pick is inability to explore the side characters bit more. It would have added greater depth to an already layered and deep feature.

Jairo A (de) wrote: This is not at all like Jaws but it still works! Betty White was mean and added some dark humor to the film. The big creature doesn't look too fake, the acting is decent, and the movie is entertaining until the very end. I liked it!

Colton D (nl) wrote: Incredibly raw and intense. Perfectly concluded with such understatement, yet crystal clarity. I'd work for these guys...

Brett D (us) wrote: Loved the Woody bits, ff'd the jazz...

Private U (it) wrote: I think it may help if you have played with an orchestra to enjoy this film. Hilarious.

Zoe S (kr) wrote: Was not as good as i thought it would be... it had a really good built up but the ending was disappointing... could have been so much better... thought Marc Warren played the part of Dracula well....

Ryan C (es) wrote: 'Jingle All the Way' may be fun for kids, but that's it as it is almost unwatchable for anybody above 10 years old. To be honest, it may kill the Christmas spirit.

Danny W (au) wrote: Cinema Glory! KUNG-FU, CANNIBALISM, HITLER, FEMALE SLAVERY, ZOMBIES, MONKS, PIRANHAS, GAY HENCHMEN, NUDITY, the acting is amazing as well.

Brian G (it) wrote: It's Scooby Doo, what's not to like.