The Pink Panther Strikes Again

The Pink Panther Strikes Again

Now seriously mentally ill after working with Clouseau for such a long time, Inspector Dreyfus escapes from the mental asylum he was being held in and vows to destroy Clouseau forever. He kidnaps an eminent scientist and forces him to build a machine capable of destroying the world, with the intention of doing so unless Clouseau is delivered to him.

When University Folklorist Albert Wilmarth receives many disturbing letters from Vermont farmer, he uncovers a secret. He decides to move to Vermont and exposes the truth which can destroy everything. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Pink Panther Strikes Again torrent reviews

Davide L (jp) wrote: Divertente e , a suo modo , originale e che rimanda all'horror carnale anni 80 (del genere di basket case per intenderci), una horror comedy riuscita!

Bala M (gb) wrote: Very Nice Picture...

Cousin E (mx) wrote: This movie was really fun!! Kids will love it.

Nicky B (jp) wrote: one of the best true story i ever seein ... great movie

Chetan (jp) wrote: A simple and well-directed film

Elle M (fr) wrote: Really funny and quasi-romantic.

Carlos K (kr) wrote: Las clases sociales marcadas y diluidas por dos formmas de gobierno opuestas. Pero los lazos que logras construir con alguien rebasa cualquier barrera por mas evidente que esta sea.

Alexander C (ca) wrote: Could be worth a viewing, would like to see it sometime in the future.

Antonio D (br) wrote: It could appear a little slow and pretentious at first. However the end is really a masterpiece, plus a fabulous soundtrack. What if could you watch your own dreams?

Johannes J (jp) wrote: Geoffrey Firmin: "Hell is my natural habitat."

Shawn S (au) wrote: This installment in the franchise is so ridiculously silly that not even Superman himself could save it.

Scott R (jp) wrote: A screwball that is just too flimsy

Orlok W (nl) wrote: A bored Baroness discovers love & excitement when she gets seduced by a gallant jewel thief. This is one of the raciest films of the 1930's... And you thought old movies were stuffy--Stylish, zesty, sassy, and fun...pure high entertainment... A Viennese Bonbon!!

Juli N (jp) wrote: Journey led us to a dead end!

Agustn S (mx) wrote: Johnny Depp and the rest of the cast easily manage to give its characters some personality and the film itself has a unique and polished visual style that few animated films have achieved. Its dark tone and humor may not be the most appropiate for children and its pace may seem slow at times, even so, Rango is a smart, entertaining and very well-animated effort from Nickelodeon Movies.