The Pistol: The Birth of a Legend

The Pistol: The Birth of a Legend

This is a biographical sport film about Pete Maravich, the best player in the 8th grade 1959 season. The film features how hard he practice shooting in the back yard with his coach father, how he communicate and lead his team to play, and ultimately how he compete and defeat his opponents. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Pistol: The Birth of a Legend torrent reviews

Charles T (ru) wrote: Great film about black comedy and the history of it.

Lia M (ca) wrote: I liked this movie I felt it was real to life. Yes people do steal from churches and the members are usually the thieves. I love this movie enjoyed watching it.

Dillinger P (fr) wrote: Remember a time when action stars ruled the screens, stupid, yet iconic one liners, explosions and fun? Well Welcome To The Jungle, manages to modernize this formula, which soley is, a formula and becomes a big massive heap of fun. With plenty of small nods to action stars of the era, while adding the early hipster, teen comedy that was popular at the time. Beck, a hired debt collector and fucker uper of people, with an aspiration to become a chef, decides he wants out of the bad life for good. His mobster boss, offers him one final job, to retrieve his son from the brazilian jungle, in trade for Becks freedom. However when Beck is thrust into the middle of a rebel uprising, a vicious power hungry baron and the fact that Travis, his bosses son, isnt making his life easy. Beck soon finds himself on a treasure hunt and involved in a whole world of shit. Its basic stuff plot wise, but a film like this, isnt made for conviluted and brain testing podiums of entertainment. In fact Welcome To The Jungle offers up a surprising treat. A film full of whit, enough action and fight choreography, although on no same page as Tony Ja, to shake as many whips and sticks at and it has a delightful cast. The Rock, Sean William Scott, Christopher Walkin, Ewan Bremner and not to mention Rosarrio Dawson. The chops are there to boot and its the characters that steal the show here. Yes they are paper thin and over simplified but its the actors ability to charm us with the characters that guides us through this thrill ride and leaves us satisfied by the end. Its by no means perfect, it crosses lines between race, gender, guns and all sorts of hot topics, including, homosexuality. Its forgivable as its never done to excess but its present. Also i cant help but feel there is a slightly different, more fuller experience out there, one maybe another director could approach in the future to remake. None the less, is fun, full of laughs, lots of action and a good slice of entertainment. No ways a masterpiece but for its place in film, a well worth sunday afternoon flick.

Samir S (br) wrote: Absorbs you completely and once it's over leaves you pondering...

Andrew M (es) wrote: A limousine driver, and his passenger, a washed up actress. A police officer, and his prison transport. A prostitute. A pair of newlyweds. A family of three: father, mother, and son. These ten strangers seem to have nothing in common, but it's James Mongold's Identity that brings them together at a desolate Nevada motel, caught in a seemingly infinite downpour. It's a twisting and turning "whodunnit" mystery, with a lot of elements clearly derived from or inspired by Agatha Christie. As tensions rise and the number of strangers begins to dwindle through mysterious circumstances, Mangold amps up the atmosphere: the motel has a spooky, dreamlike quality to it, with its dimly lit rooms and halls and worn out walls, almost reminiscent of the ever famous Bates Motel. The story itself is kind of dreamlike, to mostly good results. Every death is creative and feels new in context of the story, and allows for each character to slowly descend into lunacy and provide some solid performances, namely from John Cusack, Ray Liotta, and Amanda Peet. It all culminates in a twist that, while rather original, lacks the element of surprise and subtlety thanks to a disappointing lead-up around the midpoint of the movie. The ending itself, referring to the very final scene, is absolutely ridiculous, but by that point, you're either on board with the rules of this story or you aren't: thankfully, Mangold crafts enough tension for it to likely be the former.

Thomas C (mx) wrote: What a strange and engrossing film! Incredible story featuring a Japanese businessman and a tough Yakuza gangster travelling deep into China. Their adventure changes dramatically throughout the journey, not ending quite as expected. Exciting, mesmerizing and incredible. Stunning photography.

Nad S (de) wrote: Beautiful story but also extremely sad, great actors and nice music. One of my favorite movies.. Haven't read the book yet...

Matt R (es) wrote: A pathetic excuse for a film. I didn't really like the book all that much, but this could have been so much better.

Dan H (br) wrote: What happens when you mix together Vertigo, Rear Window, and add a healthy dose of noir and sleaze to the mix? You get Body Double. The acting from Craig Wasson and Greg Henry is great (Guy Boyd is also great as a detective who looks and acts like he's stepped right out of the 60's), and the story is a nice maze of twists turns, mystery, and intrigue. In Body Double, Jake Scully is an actor suffering from severe claustrophobia. When he catches his wife cheating he is invited to shack up at a fancy apartment that overlooks Hollywood by friendly stranger Sam Bouchard. It's not long before sexy neighbor Gloria catches Jake's eye with her nightly undressing routine. When Jake starts to suspect that Gloria may be the target of a mysterious stranger with nefarious intentions he investigates, hoping to prevent the worst. That's the basic plot, and I'm not going to give much else away. Brian De Palma pays homage to two of Hitchcock's greatest, without completely re-making either film. Body Doubles exists in a strange universe where the worlds of vertigo and Rear Window combine with a pulpy detective novel. It's a fun, original, and naughty film that I highly enjoyed watching and would gladly recommend to any fan of Hitchcock, pulpy novels, or film in general. Body Doubles is a great surprise treat.

Grant H (kr) wrote: Good movie. Fairly suspenseful, good performances from Potter, Freeman and Wincott, but the plot isn't as strong or as compelling as the first.

Thomas D (ca) wrote: There's no doubting the imagination of Alex Proyas. Though most of Dark City is difficult to follow and is more style than substance, once the kick of the film finally happens, you realize how inventive and inspirational this film is to the science fiction genre. When push comes to shove, Dark City ranks among the weirdest and most unique sci-fi features to date.Knowing close to nothing going in was a wise choice, but I did find myself saying "what in the world is going on?" several times. The story follows a man named John Murdoch who finds himself alone in a bathtub with no memory of who he is or where he's been. Murdoch is being hunted by both law enforcement and a mysterious group of people, known as 'The Strangers' with unknown powers and abilities. In some ways, Dark City makes for a good compilation of films like The Matrix, Minority Report, Blade Runner, and even Metropolis. For much of the film Murdoch is the audience. We have no idea where we are, who's good, who's bad, and where this all ends up. But once Murdoch starts to understand 'The Strangers' agendas, the film starts to take off.The supporting cast includes William Hurt, Jennifer Connelly, and Kiefer Sutherland. Similar to how I feel about the movie overall, I didn't really care for any of the characters in particular until you understand the context of how the film is being played out. Sutherland has the most to do, but his performance is diluted to a quick breathing nerdy doctor. I think as a whole Dark City will play better on repeated viewings. Especially because it will become more and more apparent just how many films have taken from Dark City. Proyas has made a few interesting directing choices since this one, but none quite capture the scope or uniqueness of Dark City. In the long-running genre of science fiction, Proyas' breakout film is definitely among the better ones.+Noir elements+Mystery plays out nicely+Gets better as it goes along-Could have opened up with more context8.7/10

John M (mx) wrote: Spike Jonze puts his needle-sharp observation skills to work in this witty, heartwarming comic drama. A well judged and sweet-natured swipe at modern relationships.Phoenix is at his understated best and Scarlett Johansson lends her warm, charming vocals, achieving quite a feat, making the audience care about a disembodied voice. It's feel-good, but also bittersweet, it's funny but also beautifully poetic. One of my favorites.

Nicholas H (ru) wrote: I always had a morbid curiosity in seeing this critically panned movie. The premise isn't bad on the very surface of it: a slumlord is made to live in his tenement and bring it up to code or go to jail. Somewhere between the premise being imagined and the script being written, everything falls apart. Insensitivity isn't a problem, but overt racism is. With a few rewrites, this could have been a halfway decent vehicle; instead, it shows white people as money grubbers and the ghetto as a place where only minorities live. Having grown up in New York City, I don't deny the demographics on display do exist, but white people are poor and live in crappy neighborhoods too. And naturally, what starts out with people at odds with one another ends in a paint-by-numbers hug-and-learn finale. Of course, there's always winning lines like "I wanna take you to lunch. Forget the lunch, let's just hump!" to remember this classic by. Ugh.