The Plans of Man

The Plans of Man

Adam has his whole life laid out ahead of him - but when his fiancé leaves him, he can't follow her to New York without a Green Card. Vivacious American Evie needs a visa to stay in London,...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English,French
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  • Keywords:love,   independent film,  

Adam has his whole life laid out ahead of him - but when his fiancé leaves him, he can't follow her to New York without a Green Card. Vivacious American Evie needs a visa to stay in London,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bradley H (es) wrote: There is some honest comedy here, but it becomes too predictable and is not nearly as clever or endearing as "The Puffy Chair".

Mito S (it) wrote: It's very interesting story, but actually irony, i think...

Randy E (ag) wrote: Malcolm McDowell stars in this interesting story of a psycopathic barber in a Alaskan town. The Alaskan weather which consists of winters full of darkness could have been used more as a backdrop for the murders but it still is used effectively. Better than I thought it would be.

Jonathan L (br) wrote: Moofassa ooh! Say it again. Good story, great voices, darth Vader does a great voice in this one.

Ben L (ru) wrote: The concept of a murder mystery that carries over into the next life is unique and kind of fun. The mystery was written well enough that it had me guessing almost to the end of the film. I liked that they used black-and-white to differentiate the past from the present, it made those transitions fluid. The two lead performances were entertaining, particularly because we got to see both British accent and American accent versions of Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson. Robin Williams was a bit underused, but I guess I should be grateful we got as much of him as we did, since his character was totally pointless to the story.The big flaw with Dead Again is that there is almost no logic to this whole reincarnation thing. I thought they were setting it up that the anklet was what brought the magic to keep the lovers together, but I never felt like they made that true because everyone talked as if this happened all the time. In fact the point of the anklet itself was completely lost on me, even though they treated it like some vital token. And why would they be reincarnated in bodies that are identical but *spoilers* identical to the other person?! I'm not sure whether I'm being too picky, or these were actual problems, but for some reason I wasn't buying into it.There were some elements in Dead Again where I questioned the tone. It seemed as though they were taking everything dead seriously, but then there were moments where things seemed so off-the-wall that I had to chuckle. The biggest was when they walked into the art studio with all the ridiculous scissor art. The entire film so aggressively clung to its themes in this way, that it was kind of comical. I didn't hate the movie, in fact I kind of liked aspects of it. I'm usually pretty forgiving of mystery films anyways. That being said, I still didn't think the plot of Dead Again worked all that well, and I doubt I'll be seeking it out for a rewatch in the future.

Tom R (nl) wrote: Project A is so much fun. As long as it doesn't get to you how Jackie Chan crafted the movie (he came up with the heart-stopping action and slapstick humor BEFORE the story), then you will enjoy it immensely. Even though a lot of stories in Hong Kong movies play second to the action scenes, I didn't mind the dislocated plot of this movie. A lot of fans think this is Jackie's best movie and it's easy to see why with its amazing clock tower action scene, in which he fell from the top of the tower and finished the scene by delivering his line. It's absolutely incredible because it's so rarely seen even today. Keeping in mind that I place way more emphasis on the action and humor in a Jackie Chan movie, Project A is an essential Chan film.

Saurabh K (fr) wrote: 9/1014 escape attempts- 23 captured and 6 shot and killed but only one escape attempt got successful from one of the World's most "maximum high-security Prison".Based on true story, mesmerizing performance by Clint Eastwood.One of the best Escape Prison movie. Best part was movie is made very accurately considering the actual event happened at that time.Escaped in year 1962 the prisoners never recaptured and still the case is open an active in files of FBI and investigation is on. Discovery, National geographic and many other have made their documentaries to understand the events.After this incident the facility was closed next year and turned Museum since then.9/10

Joshua R (es) wrote: I used to roller skate to this soundtrack incessantly. Robbie Benson was HOT. And Lynn-Holly Johnson so reminds me of my friend Crystal! I think it was a pretty bad film, but I was rewatching it through a 10-year old's eyes, so wasn't sure. Actually, that's not true, I could tell it was pretty bad in spots. The characterizations were totally weak--Tom Skerritt is this half-mad trapper; Colleen Dewhurst is the town's not-so-secret lesbian; Robbie Benson doesn't look like he knows which end of a cow moos let alone live on a farm. His underwear scene was brilliant though. No, he's not a bad actor, it just felt like the script was cut and pasted too many times. Great cinematography though. Good timing watching this movie, Nick and I have been watching Bond movies and we have For Your Eyes Only coming up, with this little skater/actress in the only other role I've ever seen her in. Wow, there is a vision theme going on here--she loses her sight in Ice Castles, then does a movie with the word Eyes in it... AND, another little link here.. FYEO features Topol, Fiddler's Tevye, who was at my hotel recently because he did Fiddler at the Orpheum a couple weeks ago.

Joey Q (us) wrote: Kevin Smith directing a serious film... whaaaa! The Devils rejects meets the Westborough Baptist Church meets any run of the mill teens lost and get into trouble film. This is not what I'd expect from him. There was only about 1 moment I felt even a tingle of excitement and that was from the sound during the trumpet scene. Yet again, don't waste your time.

Kevin R (us) wrote: The more he likes you, the meaner he acts.A group of men led by Sean Mercer live in Africa and catch wildlife for zoos and the circus. A beautiful wildlife reporter named Anna arrives and starts talking to the men about their ways. Will she leave an everlasting footprint on their operations or will business continue as usual?"I had a bath with a cheetah and three men."Howard Hawks, director of His Girl Friday, The Big Sleep, Rio Bravo, Bringing Up Baby, I was a Male War Bride, Monkey Business, and The Road to Glory, delivers Hatari. The storyline for this picture is just okay but contains an interesting love story. I did enjoy the characters and animals and the acting was better than average. The cast includes John Wayne, Elsa Martinelli, Hardy Kruger, Red Buttons, Bruce Cabot, and Eduard Franz."How do you like to kiss?"I grabbed this off Netflix because I thought it would be interesting to see Wayne in this setting. This was a very average picture that could have been better but was fun for what it was, Overall, this isn't a classic and I would only watch it if you're a fan of Wayne."I think you like slow better."Grade: C