The Point Men

The Point Men

Some time after their botched operation to capture a known Palestinian terrorist, a team of Israeli agents starts to get killed off one by one. Their leader must get to the bottom of things before the killer(s) plan is complete.

Some time after their botched operation to capture a known Palestinian terrorist, a team of Israeli agents starts to get killed off one by one. Their leader must get to the bottom of things before the killer(s) plan is complete. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristina K (mx) wrote: The most absurd movie I've ever watched. Many people many opinions. I can hardly believe that for women the size is the most important thing. The sad truth is that hollow boy who made the documentary is trying to reject the only reason his ex girlfriend broke up with him - insecurity !

Siddhant S (jp) wrote: Jism 2 - Wow!! Can bollywood stoop so low as to churn out a flick which has the worst of everything - Screenplay, drama, thrill content, cinematography and performances. Leone showcases both her eyes and bust in equal measure but alike Hooda her acting is souless. Her gestures, body language, erotic scenes and sex appeal are, unquestionably, far more seasoned than most divas, who restrain a sort of hesitation when it comes to steamy scenes. But sensual enough? Well Murder and Jism were classics this is more sort of a teaser which deserves a U/A at most. You won't mind missing this one. (2/5)P.S. - Don't waste your bucks on a ticket instead get a subscription on you know where ;)

Alicia H (ag) wrote: Fucking awesome, even WITH the corny lines. The incredible plot erases all it's many, many flaws. Also, there's like 3 different kinds of animation...which I didn't like, but might be a pro to some.

Kalil H (nl) wrote: Hasn't gotten the best reviews, but I guess we'll see...

April W (gb) wrote: Good Christmas Story

Ola G (us) wrote: In 16th Century France, political power walks hand in hand with religion as the Royal Family are devout Catholics and Huguenots (early Protestants) are treated as second-class citizens. Henry (Julien Boisselier) is a Huguenot military leader who has become a hero in Navarre, a territory in Southwest France, and as Nostradamus (Fritz Marquardt) predicts a remarkable future for him, he is introduced to Catherine de' Medici (Hannelore Hoger), the Catholic queen of France. Catherine clearly holds power over feeble-minded King Charles IX (Ulrich Noethen), and she is keen on holding on to her position by seeing her sons go on to rule the nation. But as the Huguenots become restless and Henry looks to be the potential leader of a revolt, Catherine arranges a marriage between Henry and her daughter Margot (Armelle Deutsch), certain the alliance will stop the budding conflict. But the nuptials only leads to the infamous St. Bartholomew's Day massacre as Catholics attack Huguenots, leading to the death of thirty thousand people. Henry is captured by the Queen's army but escapes to lead the Huguenots in a war against the throne; while Henry is forced to resort to violent means, his goal is to end the fighting by establishing religious freedom and ending faith-based rule in France... This french big budget costume drama was alluring at sight, but unfortunately it sinks under its own weight due to several reasons. The biggest problem being the fact that the film was shot with each actor saying his dialogue in his or her native tongue, which would then be dubbed over in the other language in post-production depending on the market, and this is painfully obvious with a constant involuntarily comic agenda as a result that never lose its grip of the movie. This has spread both to the acting, the direction (bombastic and over the top) and the general dramatisation of the story. Its way too long as well and theres not much you feel compelled to like as non of the characters are interesting nor intriguing. Well, I will say that Armelle Deutsch made an impression on me as Margot, but the rest is forgettable. Nah, this is not working in my book.

Jaime R (au) wrote: Beautiful beautiful anime. Amazing soundtrack, intricate storyline yet simple plot.A pure treat, even for non anime fans. The first part may seem confusing but it falls into place quite nicely.

Lydia J (gb) wrote: For the most part, the dialogue felt truly natural. And, for not having seen her in many other roles to compare, Neve Campbell's performance was very good and interesting to watch. The film wasn't amazing, but the complexity of Vera and her story were refreshing.

E L (mx) wrote: Slow and contemplative, the love story drives this war film.

Alex S (au) wrote: A really good movie! Thank you frank oz.

Ryan H (us) wrote: All I can say is it's ok. This was decent for Michael Polish's first film, but I'm not rushing out to see his others. The first half of the movie was great and had some potential, but it falls in the end. The music was cheezy and some parts felt forced. I would say check it out if on tv, but nothing more than that.

Tyler S (fr) wrote: I really liked Ed Tv...where the Truman show had a lot more depth to it in the realm of emotion and scope, this movie is just downright fun as it takes a look into tv consumers and how we love reality tv and love to see what happens in other peoples lives. McConaughey plays Ed who is picked to have his life followed 24/7 by TV cameras. What started out as just a little idea turned into a huge sensation. I enjoyed the idea and seeing what kind of things the character got involved in. A good comedy with some very good moments.

Fallon H (kr) wrote: Wow I used to love this movie!

Kevin M W (nl) wrote: The story of of lady sports protege and her shady manager is a sheer cover for this light farce about gender roles, typecasted with Tracy and Hepburn. Despite having moments of mirth the overall feeling I got was that the writers, Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin, cranked this out over a weekend. Still the star pairing is magnetic. Look for Charles Bronson, Chuck Conners, and Alfalfa (of the Little Rascals) in bit parts.

Luis C (es) wrote: A movie that is so good that has transcended in time for sixty years (the same to say for the the sequel made in the same year). it is a fest of fun and sadness at the same time, the only thing that may discourage you during the movie is that if you don't know anything about the music of Pedro Infante, you will be indifferent to the songs, well just forward to the plot of the movie, and be sure this movie will stay in your mind for long,long time!

Lando Q (us) wrote: Takes you places way beyond the sci-fi trip some were expecting. If you are willing to overlook the camera work's flaws it is a profound movie that's slow burning but rewarding.

Zeb E (it) wrote: STEVE SEAGAL SUCKS... it feels great every time I say it... real good.

Jackie Q (ru) wrote: Visceral and well balanced.

Ellen F (es) wrote: Sexy! Take a trip to Paris with Paul Newman, Sydney Poitier and their ladies - the music, the streets, the liberal attitudes!