The Poppy Is Also a Flower

The Poppy Is Also a Flower

In an attempt to stem the heroin trade from Iran, a group of narcotics agents working for the UN inject a radioactive compound into a seized shipment of opium, in the hopes that it will lead them to the main heroin distributor in Europe. Along the way, they encounter a mysterious woman doing her own investigating of the smuggling operation. Together, they follow the trail as it leads them through the back alleys and luxury resorts of Europe. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Poppy Is Also a Flower torrent reviews

Jordon J (au) wrote: Straight to dvd pointless remake but i mean for what it is it has some laughs but it's by no means a good film,The kids might enjoy it though,I say RENT IT!!!

Joshua L (it) wrote: A very poignant documentary.

Frank J (it) wrote: Une oeuvre pointilleuse, dlicate, ardue, qui pse bien fort sur les mots qu'elle emploie. Bref, une oeuvre comme je les aime. Le scnario en lui-mme est abstrait, difficile cerner, et c'est ce qui fait toute la beaut de l'oeuvre. En fait, je me suis demand, aprs l'coute du film: ''Qu'est-ce que je pourrais bien dire sur ce film?'' Car il n'y a rien dire. Il faut simplement prendre le temps de savourer son coute, car on sait que celle-ci est unique, et qu'aucun autre film ne s'approchera de celle-ci.Donc, je ne dirai rien. Rien de plus.

Mike S (kr) wrote: Great performance from Julia Roberts. Very humorous performance based on a true story. A little dramatic but we get the point, and the point is definitely a good one. Two thumbs up.

Joetaeb D (jp) wrote: Raunchy but heartfelt and intelligent, Chasing Amy brings a lot of though provoking elements to the table and honestly humor to create Smith's best movie for me.

Shyam W (es) wrote: this is supposed to be a horror movie...but was funny as shit!!

Christopher B (de) wrote: Good concept, but this movie was painfully long. Make sure you go to the bathroom before you watch.

cris t (fr) wrote: I really love this movie... so touching...

Jason S (es) wrote: its an allright teenager cheerleader movie only reason due to kristen dunst and eliza dushku being in movie

Michael M (us) wrote: Really more of a 2 1/2 but the special effects were probably pretty cool in 1984 and you've got Martin Sheen and George C. Scott. I guess even in the 80's the book is always > movie.