The Poseidon Explosion

The Poseidon Explosion

A group of firefighters discover explosives on an abandoned ship which threatens the local city

When a big ocean liner's cargo of fertilizer catches fire, it causes an explosion and pretty soon, the whole ship is ablaze. A helpful newlywed passing by in a canoe and a stowaway help try to fight the fire. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Poseidon Explosion torrent reviews

Cesar Q (us) wrote: I guess it was a cliche smart premise to begin with... But the movie falls flat mid through and the acting gets worse and worse. There are scenes where it feels like the lines were being recited instead of acted... Emily Deschanel was the worst!

Steve W (ca) wrote: Its not the grand finale we could have hoped for, but its what we get. After the complete misfire that was [REC]3, we get [REC]4, a semi decent entry and conclusion to the series. Opting for no handicam this time around like the third one, [REC]4 has some claustrophobia with the boat hallways, but not as much as previous installments. The movie could have had way better camerawork, but Balaguero sticks to frenetic shaking, and sped up zombies. This over-stylizes things, and that's only the beginning of the problems. Hammy acting plagues the movie, from scientists, to soldiers, to the only survivor from [REC]3. The movie is predictable and has a few decent scenes and gore, but nothing we haven't seen before in other films. Its only worth a viewing for the hardcore fans of the series, everyone else will most likely not enjoy it as much.

Jeff R (br) wrote: This is not half as good as I read. My wife and I both struggled to stay awake.

Jennifer R (mx) wrote: This movie rocks. It is also about strong hardcore women. Angelina is amazing in this. Love it!

Luke B (ca) wrote: Martin Scorsese said it best: it's the "Citizen Kane" of alcoholic clown movies.

jay n (nl) wrote: Glue footed travesty that makes a mockery of the very films it sets out to honor. Bogdanovich has seemingly no understanding of the genre and even if the cast were better the film would still be deeply flawed. A very few performers acquit themselves without shame, unsurprisingly they are old pros Mildred Natwick, John Hillerman and too a lesser extent Eileen Brennan. Madeleine Kahn tries her best and isn't terrible but the songs aren't suited to her unique brand of talent and the direction does her no favors. Duilio Del Prete is a nonenitity who makes no impression. That leaves the leads who are awful both separately and together. Reynolds at least seems to be giving it the old college try the problem being that he can neither sing nor dance and shares zero chemistry with Cybill Shepherd. Early in her career here she is hopelessly out of her depth, in time she was able to perform a song with at least a little finesse, not here. She also dances with no grace whatsoever and is stiff in her scenes, the movie stops dead whenever she is on screen. A mess!

Spencer S (au) wrote: A great movie that is less about the sport and is more about the main character and his personality. Great cinematography and intense ski scenes alone make this film worth watching.

Harry W (de) wrote: Considered to be Sam Peckinpah's first great film, Ride the High Country sounded like a great western.Ride the High Country really has the feel of a classical western film, but at the same time it proves to be a progressive feature which takes steps forward for the genre. As westerns have a tendency to be slow, it is easy for the genre to be plagued by films with blank atmospheres during the more character oriented scenes. But Ride the High Country transcends this expectation by making use of a script which is rich with characters as well as an effective musical score. The conventional elements of the film such as its slow pace do tend to wear down the film at times, but there is enough originality in Ride the High Country to carry it along. The only times that I found the film got rather boring tended to be when the film lost sight of its western setting and got a little too focused on its characters as opposed to the scenes which moderated them a little more evenly. Sam Peckinpah films have a tendency to be a complicated examination of masculinity and the changing world, but Ride the High Country takes a different angle on that which is largely bereft of the intense violence that characterized a lot of his other works. Many of Sam Peckinpah's films tend to be hard hitting and gritty films, but Ride the High Country has a tendency to be more lighthearted in nature at times. While it is not without its gritty moments, there is generally a sense of energetic spirit which comes with the film that is not as grim and nihilistic as Sam Peckinpah films tend to be synonymous with. However, there are still many scenes in Ride the High Country whx`ere this proves absent. The main story arc in Ride the High Country where things become less than interesting is the way that it examines Billy Hammond's marriage because the focus pulls away from the main characters for a while as well as the western scenery, rather confining itself to a singular setting and slowing down the journey of the characters. The way that the film attempts to bring new issues to the western genre in this scene is certainly innovative, but it is not as entertaining as it desires to be. Frankly, the fact is that Ride the High Country is an example of a western which combines both conventional genre elements with revisionist aspects which is certainly admirable as well as effective most of the time. But there is no denying that the film goes through periods of being dull which feel all the more extensive by the naturally slow pace of the story.But that being said, Sam Peckinpah's ambitions are very admirable. They may not have the same effect today due to the western genre's transition and decline limiting its popularity, but viewers who can appreciate the nostalgic value of this classical western film and its ambition to be more than the films around it. It isn't perfect, but it surely works as a sign that Sam Peckinpah is a man who is willing to push the limits on filmmaking which he would later achieve many times. The film is a step in the right direction for him and a clear cut sign of his potential as a filmmaker, both in terms of narrative and visual style. Though Ride the High Country does not feature all that many of Sam Peckinpah's iconic visual techniques, the scenery, production design and costumes of the film all combine to ensure that the setting comes off as being believable as well as being a genuinely appealing treat on the eyes. The colour scheme and many wide angle shots all give a sense of life to the visual experience, and the aforementioned musical score does a beautiful job of adding a gentle atmospheric drama to the feature. All the technical aspects of Ride the High Country work to its appeal, and with the script being so original and character driven there is a lot of room for the actors to breathe.In his final cinematic appearance, Randolph Scott does a perfect job paying tribute to his legacy for playing the hero in western films. With many years of experience under his belt, Randolph Scott brings his western virtues along to Ride the High Country as a means of portraying a vulnerable but determined old gunslinger forced to confront the changing word. He does his part to hold the screen and interact with the universe around him so naturally that he really works to bring the material to life, delivering his lines with a strong dramatic edge but never going overboard about it. Randolph Scott leads the screen in Ride the High Country very nicely.But the screen is largely stolen by Joel McCrea. Making a powerful duo with Randolph Scott, Joel McCrea captures the equal strength of a cowboy hero but is able to do it with an edge of charm and wit which adds a touch of lighthearted nature to the feature and captures the interests of viewers. He really manages to grasp both his role and the appeal of viewers with a tenacious dedication to the part, engaged consistently in his role on both physical and emotional levels. Joel McCrea really brings a strong sense of both status and character to his role in Ride the High Country, leading the film to victory very nicely.Mariette Hartley also brings her own charms to the role, effectively transferring enough entertaining drama into her character to transcend the thin nature of her relevance to the story as a female character.So Ride the High Country is a rather slow film in parts due to its genre and its age, but with Sam Peckinpah helming it as director there is a distinctive balance between conventional western styles and revisionist concepts captured with a strong sense of visual gusto and skilful leading performances from Randolph Scott and Joel McCrea

Pablo E (jp) wrote: Para los fanticos de Nick Cave como yo, 20000 Days on Earth puede ser el documental ms esperado del ao. Mezclando ficcin con realidad, acompaamos a Nick y su banda (Bad Seeds) durante el da 20000 que pasa en la tierra, y en lo que es la preparacin de su nuevo disco. Excelente msica, excelente relator, excelente guin, realmente muy recomendable.

Donovan D (gb) wrote: Man, this movie was pretty good man

Antti Q (gb) wrote: Laser spears? Time stopping rays? Ice planet where the temperature plummets thousands of degrees after dusk? David Hasselhoff? This Italian sci-fi adventure has them all!