The Postman

The Postman

In 2013 there are no highways, no I-ways, no dreams of a better tomorrow, only scattered survivors across what was once the Unites States. Into this apocalyptic wasteland comes an enigmatic drifter with a mule, a knack for Shakespeare and something yet undiscovered: the power to inspire hope.

Set in a post-apocalyptic and neo-Western version of the United States in the then near-future of the year 2013, a nomadic traveler, the Postman, wanders through towns in the Northwest, delivering old mail while beginning a quest to inspire hope to the survivors. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bob G (it) wrote: I don't know why, but something always keeps me from seeing anything worthwhile in Hal Hartley films. Or maybe I'm right, and they're just not very good.I had a lot of trouble figuring out whether this was a not very good satire of spy thrillers or just a bad spy thriller. The way the dialogue is delivered seems to vacillate between mundane, over the top, and over the top delivered mundanely.Maybe it would help to see Henry Fool, but I kind of doubt it.

Robby B (br) wrote: This is a bit of a weird movie. The animation is weird, anyhow. Not sure if it was that entertaining because i was distracted by the odd animation. It definitely isn't for little kids...

jakie b (us) wrote: this movie is the worst romance movie..totally unworthy of watching! with a story ever so repulsive and two much that makes me sick to my stomach!

Anthony M (ag) wrote: Feel good movie. Simple and deep.

Bill N (us) wrote: not bad! the great cast could have made this a lot better! has a few laughs!

Gabe V (kr) wrote: I watched this movie as a kid (dubbed in French), and still loving it. Although the acting was somewhat poor, it had a great story line, exquisite Canadian content, and stirred a desire for stamp collecting. Also has a plot unlike any other.

Frank J (ag) wrote: Un peu comme Woody Allen, il me semble que Truffaut procde galement lui aussi une certaine technique de recyclage, dans laquelle il prend plaisir inter-relier certains aspects de ses films. Comme c'est toutefois abord d'une manire diffrente chaque fois, on s'en dlecte puisque le cinma de Truffaut emmne une certaine fracheur au cinma international.J'aurais tendance dire que Charles Denner est un Dieu, mais il faut dire que son personnage est atrocement bien servi par le scnario, qui, oh mon Dieu, est tout simplement fantasmagorique. Pas qu'il ose vraiment, non, mais qu'il aborde plutt un sujet assez banal d'une manire qui ne l'est pas du tout.Au fil de l'histoire, le personnage principal devient beaucoup trop fascinant pour que l'on ne puisse pas s'intresser ses pripties.Vraiment, d'une fraicheur tonnante.

Janne M (jp) wrote: Excellent movie about The Manson Family. Jeremy Davies was very impressive as Manson.

Christal F (es) wrote: David Tennant and Patrick Stewart... nuff said

Alec B (au) wrote: Cooper delivers a powerful performance as navy Seal Chris Kyle in this incredible story.

Henry P (au) wrote: Great, Pixar is great. Pixar makes the best animated movies. This one is not one of the greatest, but it is still entertaining. While Cars doesn't crash and burn Pixar's reputation, it does make you hope this is a one-off error. We start with Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) getting himself psyched up for the biggest race of his life: the Piston Cup. We are thrown right into the fast-paced world of car racing, which serves as our introduction to this world where cars have a civilization much like ours (allegedly the end result of the events of the "Pixar theory," which I recommend researching when you finish reading this review). After a thrilling race montage that continues establishing this world, we get to the last lap where Lightning McQueen's tires burst, and he ties with Dinoco's King (Richard Petty) and Hostile Takeover Corporation's Hick Chicks (Michael Keaton in a less heroic role), resulting in a special race that makes Lighting get into his transport truck Mack (John Ratzenberger), and force him to drive non-stop, and after accidentally falling out of Mack, Lightning rushes through the unfamiliar highway, where he stumbles across Route 66 and Radiator Springs. In a sequence that shows how obviously out-of-place he is, Lighting accidentally (and it clearly is unintentional to we the viewers, but they the characters don't see it that way) tears apart the road, and after Doc Hudson (Paul Newman) lets him go, Sally (Bonnie Hunt) the town lawyer prosecutes him into community service: repaving the road, which is where the movie (and the soundtrack compared to the song and Randy Newman's score) begins to slow down. Don't get me wrong, everything Lightning experiences in "Hillbilly Hell" happens (coincidence or otherwise) to teach him humility, carmanity, and other life lessons, as well as showing his bonding with Mater the Tow Truck (Larry the Cable Guy), and getting him to appreciate some of the simpler things in life, which still echoes a whole decade later on account of technology-related obsoletion of life's simpler joys. Cars may not come off as relatable, but Pixar makes transportation relatable, from showing the lines for the men's room and lady's room next to each other, to having cars with headlights use them to do the wave at the opening-act race. Each Radiator Springs resident has their moment, and the contrast between Sarge (Paul Dooley) and Fillmore (George Carlin), a military man and a hippie, proves to be my personal favorite contrast. As always, the animation is gorgeous, from light reflecting off the cars through lens flares that don't detract (you reading this JJ Abrams?), to the scenery that feels believable without seeming like a creepy attempt to simulate live-action. Randy Newman's score mixed with other songs, work like the movie itself: starts fast, slows down when the special race is announced, and gets even slower when Lightning ends up in "HIllbilly Hell," then revs up for the last act. A+ for showcasing that contrast, but F for execution, because it results in Pixar (and animation in general to my knowledge) making their longest movie to date (one hour and 56 minutes). That aside, Cars is one of Pixar's middle/lower-tier movies in my opinion; not an endearing classic like Finding Nemo or Toy Story, but a fun (albeit long) classic like Monsters University or A Bug's Life. But don't choose your Pixar movie to make good time, but choose your Pixar movie to have a good time.

Carly N (jp) wrote: Very good and thrilling, but I am not sure why its rated "R."

Jaime L (ag) wrote: The Bond villain was one of the dumbest I've ever seen but the action scenes help bring this from the trash heap. That scene with Michelle Yeoh and the Chinese equivalent of Q gadgets was quite amusing as well.

Joshua B (ag) wrote: A viking movie made by a Malaysian film company... Not a good movie in any normal way, but it's completely, 100% unpretentious, chaotic fun from start to finish. The acting and effects suck, the story is ridiculous, definitely not historically accurate, but there is a TON of stuff to love about it. This all equals a blast of a movie if you are in the right frame of mind. Check it out!