The Postman Always Rings Twice

The Postman Always Rings Twice

Illicit lovers plot to kill the woman's older husband.

A married woman and a drifter fall in love, then plot to murder her husband... but even once the deed is done, they must live with the consequences of their actions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josiah C (jp) wrote: This is a really fun mini film from Lego with good animation and hilarious antics. I'm excited to see what they do with their full-length Lego film next year.

Nico V (nl) wrote: Zelden een film gezien die verhalend zo klopt en de kille en uitzichtloze werkelijkheid van zijn onderwerp oversteigt. Grote filmkunst. Hou een aflevering van je favoriete comedyreeks echter klaar voor achteraf, want die zal je nodig hebben.

Flor S (kr) wrote: Everyone should see this if just for the good lessons it teaches the youth and the good acting (given what the actors where up against which was bad directing), however I can see why it tanked at the box office. Its a bummer since this is one of my favorite books. The number one problem the film has is that it gives away the reason for Ember in the first seconds of the movie. The mystery and awe the reader of the book has as to what this city is all about is immediately lost. Next, its too choppy and things are glossed over in an attempt to add a lot in a short period of time. This movie would benefit from being longer to better explain things. I'd prefer a 2 hour slowed down version. Lastly but very important, what the heck is up with the giant insects. That is a totally unnecessary deviation from the book and kind of dumb.

Dann M (br) wrote: The indie comedy Fifty Pills is mildly entertaining and manages to deliver a few good laughs. When Darren Giles loses his scholarship and is unable to pay his college tuition his roommate gives him 50 pills of ecstasy to sell in order to come up with the funds. Featuring Kristen Bell, Michael Pena, Eddie Kaye Thomas, and Nora Zehetner, the cast is pretty decent. However, the script isn't that demanding and the performances aren't that impressive. The comedy is also rather bland, as the satire isn't that sharp or edgy. Playing it a bit too safe, Fifty Pills comes off as formulaic tripe.

Brad C (kr) wrote: Great Flim! Kinda like "Officer and a Gentleman" Thumbs UP!

Mr D (gb) wrote: Korean drama about an single father cop with alcohol and anger issues, raising his daughter, thinking the mother is dead. Marketed as a Steven Seagal movie, which explains the bad ratings. It starts with Americans rigging a tai kwon do match and taking the title unfairly. That's Korean alright. At the end the hero has to fight Steven Seagal. In between drama, corruption and a black guy.

DeMarkus H (nl) wrote: Ok but predictable - great cast

Rafael B (ca) wrote: The trailer is incredibly misleading, looking all fast and interesting, then the movie happens and it's fucking slow and makes no goddamn sense. Not even the underage nudity made it worth my time

Jim B (es) wrote: Deeply impactful film but damon wayan's character was too silly for a film that says so much.

Mike A (jp) wrote: I've met Ron Atkins and talked to him about this film. He made it because he could. This was WAY before Jackass and all the dipshit reality stuff on MTV. This guy took a HI8 camera, no money, and John Giancaspro. And made history. People read too much into this. They were simply having fun. And it rules.

Boob R (au) wrote: [font=Arial]I think Martin Sheen got a little too excited about Apocalypse Now nostalgia and decided that a complex story about a troubled military man could be told in black fade-outs between scenes that said very little. As you'd expect, he was wrong. What's told in "blackness" while Brando did his thing was a lot more powerful and suggestive than what Sheen was trying in Cadence. And, young Charlie Sheen wasn't able to prop up dad's work, either. He's almost in the Nicolas Cage category (Ghost Actors: Anonymous). This film was rated pretty fresh by the critics, but I found it to be a dinosaur skeleton in a museum, rather than smelling T-Rex's breath on your face. "Larry" Fishburne completes the Apocalypse Now harkback with an interesting performance; in fact, the most enjoyable part of the film is his "chain gang", but these scenes still seemed heavily contrived and rather shallow.[/font]

Scot C (it) wrote: This film is full of very well known and respected actors. And the one that stood out for me was Maggie Smith, and after watching it i found out she won an Oscar for her role. What is ironic is that she's playing an actress that loses at the Academy Awards, but then wins one for this role. And this is probably the weakest film i've seen to have an Oscar success. It follows 4 couples staying in this hotel, but i feel somehow they should have interacted somewhere, and it seemed a bit unbalanced having four different stories on their own. This film is a comedy, but not with many laughs, and the slapstick just seemed out of place with the flow of this film. The best scenes were with Michael Caine and Maggie Smith, the dialogue was great, and they played off each other really well. Both of them were very appealing to watch as well as engaging, and their scenes made the others look very weak. So for an all star cast, this was a bit of a dissapointment. But not a terrible film, it is watchable.

jay n (ca) wrote: Very dated anti establishment sort of drama. More of an antique than something made in the 30's. The lead actor has the magnetism of a lemming and it hurts an already weak film.