The Postman Always Rings Twice

The Postman Always Rings Twice

This remake of the 1946 movie of the same name accounts an affair between a seedy drifter and a seductive wife of a roadside cafe owner. This begins a chain of events that culminates in murder. Based on a novel by James M. Cain.

Frank has a new job because of the help of Nick Papadakis. Suddenly, Frank falls for Nick's wife Cora and their romance blossoms. They have a conspiracy to kill Nick and earn a lot of money from the insurance. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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brianna k (jp) wrote: I LOVE IT CUZ ONE DOG LOOKS LIKE MINE

Favio V (de) wrote: John H. Lee (A Moment to Remember) se inspira en esta ocasin en hechos reales para traernos una pelcula blica en donde un grupo mnimo de soldados surcoreanos y de estudiantes se enfrentaron al ejrcito norcoreano al final de la guerra de las dos coreas durante 12 horas. Llegar a cines surcoreanos en junio en conmemoracion del 60 aniversario del inicio de la guerra de Corea.

Bahareh K (br) wrote: I realize the shortcomings, but then again it can be argued that we feel that way for the very reason this story seems to suggest.

Mark M (gb) wrote: Considering I wasn't expecting too much, I was quite surprised by this movie. Enjoyable enough and definitely worth watching for Tuesday - an insanely hot lass!

Lee V (gb) wrote: A touching coming of age tale about a boy and his blade boots.

John A (it) wrote: Not exactly my favourite film but undeniably brilliant. An absolute classic. Watched it again prior to T2 and it still seems fresh.

Kajal S (br) wrote: Excellent music by A R Rehman

Anders M (fr) wrote: One of the best batman movies ever made, if not the best!

Rick R (nl) wrote: Hehe animated classic with a very 80's feel. The animation was a bit slow at times though. Best bit - "Whizzpop"... ;)

Jeremy S (kr) wrote: What I talk about when I talk about love.

Cody C (gb) wrote: It was okay. Didn't like it anywhere near as much as Le Doulos, Bob le Flambeur, Le Samourai, etc. I made it through it but it didn't really hold my interest. There are some really cool parts but there's so many useless scenes and plot points. It's like a Michael Mann movie in that regard. Some people might love this one, but for me I like stuff of this genre to be more 'to the point'.

Birdy K (es) wrote: It's got Tim Conway and Don Knotts in it...I mean its got to be awesome!

Bjorn S (ca) wrote: This movie is dated of course, but to me Errol Flynn will never lose his charm.

James H (us) wrote: 66/100. There aren't many movies pre 1970 that I haven't seen, so it's always a treat to find one. I am sure Frisco Jenny was made to capitalize on the popular and very successful Madame X in 1929. Ruth Chatterton is in this one as well and she does a good job. Melodrama has always been her forte. It's rather typical of the tearjerkers of that time, it does entertain and the performances are fine.

Martin T (it) wrote: Dovzhenko's grim telling of a Bolshevik uprising against against a bourgeois Ukranian nationalist movement, resulting in a bloody munitions factory strike. The camerawork and editing are phenomenal, and the film packs a lot of punch. However, much of it is confusing and I needed the audio commentary to clear up a lot of the context (the commentator also notes that Dovzhenko often preferred cryptic narrative styles). I liked it quite a bit more than Earth, though.

Letia G (us) wrote: I never cared for Garden State, but this movie, I get.

Richard B (mx) wrote: I thought this film looked really funny and thought the concept was terrific. The film has such an original idea and I love both new and old slasher films that I really wanted to see this film, but unfortunately the execution was not nearly as good as the film's plot. It just frustrastes me when I watch a film like this, as I feel that it could be so much better (if only they asked me before they released it, just kidding). One thing a film like Scream (one of my favorites ever) did is balance the comedy and the horror, where this film struggles with that and the comedy sometimes even falls flat. Overall, my review was kind of hard on this film, because it had so much potential, but it's still an entertaining film.

Malachi R (au) wrote: Van Damme just being Van Damme, action just being action..its just being a fun action movie, so i enjoyed from start to finish..