The Presence

The Presence

In this darkly romantic ghost story, a woman travels to an isolated cabin where she is stalked by an apparition who inhabits her space as his own. With the unexpected arrival of the woman’s boyfriend, the dark spirit’s haunting grows obsessive. Soon the woman begins to exhibit weirdly irrational behavior as the thin line between sanity and possession begins to unravel. Is she battling her inner demons, or is a much darker presence threatening them all?

Looking to escape the pressures of everyday life, a writer comes to an isolated cabin in an island that belonged to her father to spend some time writing a book. She';s not alone, though, because an apparition inhabits the cabin and begins to stalk her. With the unexpected arrival of the woman';s boyfriend, the dark spirit';s haunting grows more obsessive. She soon starts to exhibit weird and irrational behavior and her boyfriend fears she';s been possessed by the ghost in love with her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phil W (ca) wrote: So dull ...with no narrative.

Mackayla b (de) wrote: Funny as but more nudity then i was expecting especially dince i watched it with my family

Kathryn K (ca) wrote: Love the line up of the actresses/actors. This could end up being hilarious. Can't wait to see Tracey Ullman as Mother Nature!! lol...

Dann M (es) wrote: The indie film Whale Rider is an engrossing character drama with an inspirational message. The story follows a 12-year-old Maori girl named Paikea Apirana who struggles to earn her grandfather's love and respect, but is neglected and belittled as he seeks to find a new chief to lead the Maori tribe. The relationship between Paikea and her grandfather is exceptionally well-written and feels remarkably real. But a lot of the credit has to go to newcomer Keisha Castle-Hughes, who gives an amazingly heartbreaking performance that's incredibly compelling. Touching and powerful, Whale Rider is extraordinarily well-crafted film.

Brent W (mx) wrote: Fantastic in every way.

Kate M (ru) wrote: An entertaining sci-fi flick with straight-forward invasion plot. The scenes involving Frank the Pug were hilarious.

Jeremy D (ag) wrote: Pretty good, I'm not such a fan of the faux-documentary style at parts, but it still works.

Matty S (it) wrote: It should be an awesome movie, but it feels like Streep and Nicholson are plowing with every gesture as if to say, "look how great I am at playing down and out." --- It just didn't work for me. Stick with the exceptional novel by William Kennedy.

Harry W (ru) wrote: While Lady in Cement serves as a sequel to Tony Rome, I never saw the latter and only saw Lady in Cement because it featured Frank Sinatra in the lead role.Unlike many other detective films of the day such as Frank Sinatra's other feature from the same year entitled The Detective, Lady in Cement makes an effort to keep things interesting through its energy.The spirit in Lady in Cement is vibrant because it fuses the colourful visual elements of the film captured by fine cinematography with a strongly spirited musical score. The energy in the atmosphere of Lady in Cement is so strong that it feels sort of like a summer party, and that helps to keep it energetic over the course of its running time. I like that element because it separates Lady in Cement from the more formulaic of detective movies without making it into an comedic feature. Last in Cement fines a fine line between them thanks to the directional work of Gordon Douglas. Visually, Lady in Cement is great. The scenery is lush and colourful and the actors are all attractive, and there is some decent action moments in there which maintain the same kinetic energy that the better scenes in the film maintain. And combined with the strength of its musical score, it proves to succeed as an atmospheric venture from a visual and auditory perspective.It is more than certainly a fact that the greatest quality in Lady in Cement is Frank Sinatra's lead performance. As usual, Frank Sinatra packs a lot of strength into his lead performance. And since Lady in Cement combines drama with a large touch of light energy it is required for him to give a passionately dedicated performance with non- stop energy which he never fails to deliver on. Frank Sinatra reminds us why he is such a great actor in Lady in Cement, and his sharp line delivery and quick wit is what makes him perfect for the role of Tony Rome. He lights up the already colourful screen in Lady in Cement.And while Raquel Welch's performance isn't her finest, it is arguably one of her better efforts because she combines her strong sex appeal with a friendly chemistry with Frank Sinatra which proves to go a sizeably long way in Lady in Cement. They make a great on screen duo.But underneath the visual elements of Lady in Cement there isn't too much though. The story isn't the most original concept and it doesn't really touch upon all that much that hasn't been explored in many different detective films. Essentially, it feels like Lady in Cement is a generically written detective story which attempts to hide that underneath its memorable visual style, but when audiences find themselves at the end of the film without having really taken much in aside from an exhilarating visual quality. When I think back on Lady in Cement I barely remember the story but simply the imagery, so some elements of the film are memorable while some that are still important are easy to just forget. Lady in Cement is an example of how Gordon Douglas knows how to tell a story, but unfortunately he doesn't have a story worth telling. I can admit he does a good job making the most of what he has, but a director like him really deserves more. I surely enjoyed watching Lady in Cement thanks to him and Frank Sinatra making strong efforts to make the sequel to Tony Rome all it could be, but if writers Marvin H. Albert and Jack Guss put in the same kind of effort than perhaps Lady in Cement could have been largely superior to how it turned out.I can happily say that I enjoyed Lady in Cement due to its memorable visual qualities and thanks to Frank Sinatra's dedicated lead performance, but its story could be a lot better than in turned out and needs more originality.

Jacob F (au) wrote: The year should read 1968. Really 3 different films that concern themselves with revolutionary periods in Cuba's history and a woman named Lucia. The first part is amazing, a transfixing new wave-ish melodrama. The second part is more neo-realistic, but still quite good, though not nearly as vital as the first. The third is an odd historical artifact that is completely different than the first two, and both intentionally and unintentionally disturbing.

Kevin B (us) wrote: Unfunny, kid-friendly Sandler 'comedy'. Oh, and the consensus says preteens will chuckle at it.... I'm 11.