The Present

The Present

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ocean,   surfing,  

A wide and varied journey into the here and now of surfing, on this strange and beautiful watery planet. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (gb) wrote: Es ms compleja que sus partes anteriores lo cual no la hace tan fcil de entender para el pblico comn. Sin embargo, deja una moraleja muy interesante y un buen abrebocas para la primera pelcula.

roxane d (ru) wrote: vraiment triste, dire que yen na qui son encore comme sa:S

Lawrence M (de) wrote: Nothing too special about the film. You'll enjoy it if you're an Outkast fan. I am. :-)

Skyler C (jp) wrote: Michael Hanake has made some great films, Funny Games for example, He won the Palm d'Or at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival for The White Ribbon, and while he may be a very good director, he has made some truely bad films, The Castle, for example. the film takes place in a small german village were a castle stands, and a land survayer thinks he was hired by a guy who nobody can come in contanct with, and then the guy who might be a land survayer, decides not to do what he might of been hired to do, but to persue a woman instead, and then the movie abruptly ends in the middle of a sentacne. this terrible, but slightly surreal vision of Franz Kafka was never finnished, therefore the film ends right before an important part. i hated it, nothing happend, it was terrible.

Joey T (de) wrote: Surprisingly good and underrated low budget horror comedy. Can't believe it only has a 17% rating. I got this for $4 and it was money well spent!

Keegan D (jp) wrote: Before I start this review, I just wanna say I haven't read the book of what this film is based off of. Now let's dive into the review. Animal Farm is considered to be one of the first British animated films ever released. And from what I think of this film, it's actually pretty good. Not one of the greatest trust me, there are some flaws I'm gonna talk about, but I kinda enjoyed watching it for the first time in English class. The story is about a group of farm animals which is supposed to be similar to events that happened in Russia. That's something I have never heard of before and that's a unique plot in the film. I like how the animals try to run the farm on their own without a farmer doing all the work. The animation is drawn very well. The animals moment is cool to look at, since this is the first British animated film. I'm surprise to see that this film is a bit dark at times to make it more mature. I think it's very clever for the director to do that, since this came out in the 1950s. If I could find one major flaw in this flick, it's gotta be the sound editing. It works sometimes, but it's hard to hear throughout the course of this film. It was hard for me to hear the animals talking to each other that I had to hear very clear for what they were saying. Animal Farm is not a classic, but it's worth a watch for all animators. Just gotta crank up the volume and listen clearly of what the narrator and animals are saying.

Daniel B (ca) wrote: Nja, inget vidare faktiskt

Jos (de) wrote: Serb, Croates, journalists and nationalists travel a road of redemption starting from the Balkans.

Christopher S (br) wrote: Fun 90's teenage horror film. Good premise but it cant be taken too seriously. Good for what they were aiming for i suppose. One of the best of the not good horror films to come after Scream. Barely 3 stars but 3 stars none the less.

Adam R (kr) wrote: (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)

Michael D (ca) wrote: Classic Alicia Silverstone. A guilty pleasure

Pam W (gb) wrote: check this out on dvd. a good one about being a single mom and ppl judging youl

Victor M (jp) wrote: First Cronenberg's film gives us an idea of what his future films would be. A story full of mystery about the experiments of a named Dr. Luther Stringfellow who is never seen in the film. Shot in b&w without dialogues just narration, telling us about the telepaths experiences.

Shawn W (au) wrote: Artist loses his girlfriend due to his inability to cope with the unknown meaning of his vivid dreams. This guy is simply miserable to hang around, I was surprised she didn't leave sooner. Not much of substance happens here for the longest time other than the man talking to a psychic and alienating those close to him. Turns out the person in his dreams might be his twin brother who died at birth. Somehow the possible twin dies in a car crash in the real world and the man can move on. As bad as it sounds.

Christopher S (us) wrote: A good story but it could have been much better. A young Nicolas Cages does OK as the down on his luck drifter Michael but it could have had more depth to the character. Dennis Hopper is crazy so he was great as the crazy hitman Lyle from Dallas. However, J.T. Walsh is underrated and this film was no exception as his role of the scheming husband Wayne stole every scene. Lara Flynn Boyle is lucky she is good looking because she was less than stellar as Suzanne. Still, a solid film with good pacing, a modern Western noir feel to it.

Merry W (jp) wrote: Terrible. My five year old couldn't get over the part where the cruel cats trap the dog under a door on a burning boat that explodes. Was looking for a cute animal movie and instead had to leave the theatre with a crying child and answer questions about pain and suffering and death. Obviously we've seen kids movies that touch on death, but this was probably the worst so far. Malicious and tragic, not something I wanted to intentionally expose my daughter to. And now she hates cats. Boo.