The President's Man: A Line in the Sand

The President's Man: A Line in the Sand

A counterterrorism specialist is assigned by the President to track down a terrorist who is suspected of planning to set off a nuclear device in the U.S.

A counterterrorism specialist is assigned by the President to track down a terrorist who is suspected of planning to set off a nuclear device in the U.S. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric N (nl) wrote: I give it a begrudging 5/5 -- I think a low 4.75 is more appropriate. This series insinuates that it's a little more biopic than it actually is, but it's a great action picture - the kind that seemed to be retired with the timeless epic Fearless which was Jet Li's chosen final martial arts picture. With Jet Li retired, even though Donnie Yen has been making movies nearly as long as Jet and they battled each other as far back as 1992, Donnie assures his rightful place as this generation's kung fu hero in Jet's absence.

Preston L (gb) wrote: Slumdog Millionaire was the best picture winner in 2009. It tells the story of Jamal Malik (Dev Patel) a contestant on the Indian version of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?. He is one question away from the grand prize when he is arrested for cheating. He then explains to the police how his hard and complicated life gave him the answers and how it is all leading him to finding his destiny.Things I Liked:Dev Patel. Patel is a fantastic actor and his performance in this is proof of that. He carries himself with all this loss and pain and weight of someone who has grown up in hardship and has constantly been forced to fight for everything in his life. He holds his own, especially for being 18 when the movie was made.The Structure. The way they set up the story and move from moment to moment is very interesting and unique.The movie has a trivia question happen, and then shows how Jamal knows the answer through a flashback. It really makes the movie much more interesting and helps focus on specific moments in Jamal's life.Things I Didn't Like:The Plot. The movie's plot is structured in such a way that it doesn't really get to fruition for a majority of the movie and it really ends with some very generic and uninteresting moments. And it feels forgettable even during the process of watching the movie. It's a fine and simple story but nothing special.Overall:Overall the movie is fine and interesting but it falls short of fantastic. It has a unique way of story telling and strong lead performance but it falls short of leaping off the screen and making a lasting impression. I found the movie good but not great and it is not one I am clamoring to go back and see again in the near future.

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Dann M (us) wrote: Nick of Time is a political thriller that takes some interesting turns, but has trouble maintaining suspense. The story follows a man who's given less than two hours to assassinate California's governor at a campaign rally, or else his daughter will be killed. Johnny Depp and Christopher Walken give strong performances, but the rest of the cast is rather bland. The story is fairly simple and focused, but the plot's a bit weak in some areas and doesn't develop the characters enough to get invested in the story. Still, there's some intense, riveting action and a clever plot. Overall, Nick of Time makes for an entertaining film (even with its flaws).

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Eric C (de) wrote: Pretty decent attempt to "first" end the series. Here's an attempt by Sylvester Stallone and John G Advildsen to return to the basics. It's not the best of the series, but it gives Rocky another great fight...a street fight. We all know Rocky was a Collector, we all know that Rocky has always been a fighter. This is also more of a story for Rocky Jr.(Sage Stallone). Since Rocky Jr. has been raised as a rich boy, it was time for him to expierence the hard ships his parents went through. A recommended film after the other 4 movies. Remember without this film we wouldn't have the greatness of Rocky Balboa(2006)