The Prince

The Prince

A family man who turns out to be a retired mob enforcer must travel across the country to find his daughter who has gone missing.

The film tells Paul Brennan served who has been a crime boss in New Orleans. 20 years after leaving the dark past, Paul has a peaceful life and he is a boss of a repairing car garage in Mississippi suburb. But one day, his little girl suddenly disappears. Paul is forced to return the city, look for his daughter and face the old enemy Omar - the most powerful one in the underworld but always enmity Paul because Paul killed his family. To be forced to return dangerous mafia to save his daughter and face his past always made him torment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Oskar L (es) wrote: eCupid is one of the worst movies i have ever watched. Poor acting, bad storyline, the list goes on and on. Do NOT recommend this to anyone!

John S (mx) wrote: Murray is funny in this and there are some nice comic moments, but it lacks in a lot of ways. Watch it if you don't have a better Bill Murray movie on hand.

Parker M (au) wrote: 3.5 Stars out of 5 Real Time was a real surpriser. Coming out of Hamilton, Ontario and slipping through theatre's grasp so quickly, there was not a very high expectation for this film. But this film impressed me, more than most of the film dramas nowadays that are so self-conscious that they get caught up in their own intelligence. Directed by Randall Cole, this a fairly modest film with two very good performances by lead actors Jay Baruchel and Randy Quaid. It takes place probably during the late 1990's and is about an unyielding, punk gambler over his head in a crime world that we appropriately learn little about here. He is forced into the car of a hitman named Ruben, whose character says he should get a degree in psychiatry than in the bounty hunting business. He tells the miscreant, Andy, that he has one hour to live before he gets a bullet in his skull. Considering Andy owes the mob 68000 dollars and only grandmas piggy bank money is in sight, he doesn't have enough time to land a job at McDonalds to pay off this debt. We now endure a fairly short film presented in real time and the anxiety we feel waiting for that one hour to end is excruciating and in a good way. Cole uses the classic Tarantino aspect of having a local radio station demonstrate the passing of time. Its music is fittingly Canadian based and the characters constantly react to each song and so do we. It sets a tone. Andy, neurotic that he is, can barely come to understand that he has only a twenty-fourth of a day to live. He feels no need to redeem himself in this hour, only solicit hookers and roast out his "abusing" boss at a chicken eatery.Some may find it odd that a hitman happens to be so compassionate but this is important because due to Andy's unlikeable presence we need something to counterbalance this. Ruben may be Andy's grim reaper, but this reaper has wings, angelic ones. He reveals every flaw in this character and how execution is no a result of others but from his own stubbornness. We are sadly in favour of the hitman; he, in fact, has a point. Real Time really questions how you think. It takes a hired killer and characterizes him as good. A philosopher with a baretta. Andy is an ignoramus with an empty wallet. Andy has always blamed bad luck for his problems, while Ruben asserts that there can never be just bad luck for someone, there needs to good luck, a COUNTERBALANCE. But Real Time is not just a dead pan drama. It has comedy, emotion, and intensity. Some may find this as an identity crisis or struggle for a definite tone. This could be true to a certain extent, but I succumbed to Real Time's dark humour and knack for a visceral edge. Andy and Ruben's counterbalance form a rather intimate relationship and we thus care about both characters. Some may find the conclusion contrived, maybe a little forced, but I found it to be special. It tells us that good luck may exist when you least expect to find it. Most of all, Real Time is effective because it never plods and you really wonder: will Ruben, with the heart he has, ever pull that trigger? The result is crushing but redeeming and shockingly not anticipating. Real Time is a wild card pulled out of rotten hand: it delivers when you least suspect it?what luck.

Marina N (fr) wrote: Friends with money - a movie centered around four women. I guess that description could easily mislead you into thinking it's 'Sex and the city', only starring Jennifer Aniston this time. However, this movie is everything but. Like the title suggest, it is about friends - some of them rich, some less affluent - and the role money plays in their friendship. Some problems might be hard to understand to unless you're a millionaire, but the characters are so well-developed that you can actually relate to the characters' troubles. Also, you see that money doesn't keep you happy at all times and solve all your worries. The dialogue is interesting and eachf friend has a complelling story to tell. Jennifer Aniston is not the greatest actress in the world but this movie shows that she could do more than sell off her body in Hollywood romcoms.

Scott C (kr) wrote: Great film about how f*cked up the youth of modern Britain is.

Arum Padma O (fr) wrote: I don't quite like the idea of director who starred in their own movies, and in here we can see his personal references everywhere.. but still a funny and enjoyable movie

Charles S (fr) wrote: watched this movie so freakin much as a kid, I know the lines in my sleep.

Randy T (es) wrote: Paul Newman is very Eastwood-esque in this classic '60's western that features Fredric March, Martin Balsam and Richard Boone.