The Prince and the Showgirl

The Prince and the Showgirl

A saucy American showgirl in London is wooed by a roving-eyed Duke, but his estranged son, the young King, interrupts their late supper with politics and angry accusations.

When Grandduke Charles, the prince-regent of Carpathia, a fictitious Balkan country which could start a European war by switching alliances, visits London for the coronation of the new ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul K (us) wrote: Mildly maudlin but largely sincere, this is well-characterised and performed with only occasional slips into implausibility. Cancer is a bastard. I cannot imagine how it must feel to be diagnosed with terminal illness as a teenager. This may give one a clue. Life is in no way fair.

Valeria P (nl) wrote: Ms aburrido que chupar un clavo.

Borhan K (gb) wrote: Very prolonged movie about this guy writing a play about his life and the mid life crisis that he is going through. Its basically like a chick flick but for guys and when i say that i do not mean that guys should watch this there are better alternatives to this movie if you want to learn lessons about mid life crisis. It has a great cast but really it was poorly written and was very slow and nothing that u should bother with in general. The Half a star goes to Mira Sorvino cause shes one of my fav actresses i just felt sorry for her cause the story did not show off her true ability as a actress. The young girl played well and stockard channing was good but really had a small role. The rest was average. If you really want a movie that has a storyline that has a played created about it, watch "Somethings Gotta Give" Alot better than this waffle.

Emanuel S (au) wrote: Leon gave an all-star performance

Noname (ag) wrote: Two goofy actors in this comedy , Will Ferrell and Jon Heder ( Napoleon Dynamite) . This movie was okey with some funny scenes and decent story but i thought it should have been even more funnier than it was. Anyway its a worth seeing comedy.

Kristy P (de) wrote: This was surprisingly entertaining. I went into it thinking "Oh, please!" but it turned out better than I thought. The whole thing of him writing a book about how to break up with someone was hilarious, and also the different ways in which people used his book.

VALERIE L (us) wrote: yes this is a great movie i watch it all the timemy kids love it too

Christopher S (es) wrote: A pretty underrated film that was most likely dismissed mainly because of the similarities to "Training Day" 2 years before. "Dark Blue" does have alot of what we've seen before but it was still interesting enough and enjoyable enough to stand out from the 50 or so films that have been released since the 1980's about LAPD Corruption and The Blue Code of Silence.The Los Angeles that `Dark Blue' presents us with is an urban cauldron filled with street thugs, gangbangers and corrupt cops simmering against the turbulent backdrop of the Rodney King verdict and the riots that erupted as a result of it. In terms of its setup, `Dark Blue' is highly reminiscent of `Training Day,' in that here too we have a crooked LAPD veteran cop mentoring an impressionable newcomer who has been assigned to him as a partner. Kurt Russell, in one of his fullest performances to date, makes Sgt. Eldon Perry Jr. an emotionally conflicted, psychologically complex character. Here is a man who has police work running through his veins (his father and grandfather were cops before him), yet, like his forebears, he is not afraid to look the other way or flout the rules when he feels it justified in order to get the job done. His sidekick, Bobby Keough (played by Scott Speedman), is a pretty-boy neophyte still idealistic enough to believe he can make a difference as a cop without having to break the very laws he has been sworn to uphold. Based on a James Elroy story, the David Ayer screenplay weaves a complex tapestry out of a bevy of interesting secondary characters and a number of investigations being conducted simultaneously. The distinction of the film comes with its historical context as the drama unfolds amidst the racial tensions and anti-police sentiment of the Los Angeles of 1992, a powder keg just waiting for the right spark to set it off. Director Ron Shelton does an effective job recreating that fateful day when the city erupted in flames and the whole community faced its moment of reckoning.Perry makes a more sympathetic figure than the corrupt cop played by Denzel Washington in `Training Day.' That turns out to be both the film's greatest strength, in that it gives Perry a somewhat greater complexity, and its greatest weakness, in that it leads to the film's least convincing moments, the grandstanding speech the suddenly regenerated cop delivers at the end of the film. The film is less daring than `Training Day' in that it chickens out and redeems its protagonist in the final reel. We also sense that, structurally, the writer simply couldn't figure out how to wrap up his tale in a more believable, naturalistic fashion. The closing moments, which feel tacked on to the drama, reek so badly of contrivance and artifice that they end up undercutting much of the quality of the rest of the film.Quick review of the Cast.... The main reason to check it out is Kurt Russell, who gives a remarkable performance. Russell is no slouch of an actor. He was riveting. This can easily be the film that changes the minds of all those critics and audiences who regard him as a bad actor and criticize him from his portrayal of one-dimensional characters. He adds dimension to the character of Eldon Perry, a hugely conflicted man. Brendan Gleeson is one of my favorite actors, outside the U.S., so it was a delight to see his portrayal of Jack Van Meter. Lolita Davidovich, who plays Russell's wife, gives a complex performance herself despite the fact that she's only in a few scenes. Michael Michele shows that she's much more than a pretty face (though she's definitely that as well) in a strong performance. On the other hand, Scott Speedman is mediocre as Russell's naive partner. I usually like Ving Rhames, and though he maintains a powerful screen presence, his performance in this film is one-note as he recites every line of dialogue in a monotone, hardly showing a glimmer of emotion.Be that as it may, `Dark Blue' is a well written, well directed and well acted that has more on its mind than just mindless mayhem, shoot-~em-ups and car chases (though there are certainly plenty of those to be found in the film). In a way, this movie very much reminded me of the TV series "The Shield", in which questionable tactics are employed in order to bring the bad guys down.

Modi M (de) wrote: Thanks to the makers for making this movie and revealing all that they did.This is a MUST-WATCH for all fans of the great boxing legend.

Laura C (gb) wrote: This film was heavy, that's for sure. I thought the nonlinear storyline was effective. Visually this film won me over. The imagery was starkly beautiful, lighting was used to great effect; sometimes to provide warmth at other times to make a room uncomfortably bright. It reminds me of the Constant Gardener, the version that would have unfolded if the man hadn't sought answers to his partner's death. What would've happened if he had tried to simply move on with his life.

David S (us) wrote: Nothing wrong with a good-natured children's movie. Despite always laughing at the idea of a Sinbad movie, there's really nothing wrong with a movie that shows the comic doing his best to present an honorable, well-intentioned performance as he takes on caretaking duties in the oval office. There's a lot of heart to this film, some funny moments, and a respectable story to make The First Kid a positive viewing for younger audiences.

Jonathan C (de) wrote: This film was absolutely rubbish, I got bored with it from the beguinning, and didn't watch the end as I was that bored, but apparently it wasn't a good ending at all!

Astor G (jp) wrote: Obscure but John Rhies Davies is reason enough to see it.

LouisPhilippe D (nl) wrote: Well, if you watch it in a ''so bad it's good'' matter, you may have a good time. It's really shitty! At least, Stallone says the title of the film at the end, that's a huge payoff!