The Princess Blade

The Princess Blade

In the near future, Japan is ruled once more by a monarchy. But, rebels opposed to this rule seek to overthrow the government. The House of Takemikazuchi, a band of assassins is hired by ...

In the near future, Japan is ruled once more by a monarchy. But, rebels opposed to this rule seek to overthrow the government. The House of Takemikazuchi, a band of assassins is hired by ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James L (ca) wrote: Hilarious police comedy, which was far more entertaining than I expected. There may have been a few too many F Bombs but overall this film is a great comedy ! 3 Stars

Eslam A (it) wrote: Can't Imagine That but when U will see , actually U will believe it's possible ..

Harry W (us) wrote: Although it was the winner of many Golden Raspberry Awards, as I was mostly entertained by Waterworld, I thought The Postman couldn't be too bad.The Postman has Kevin Costner taking on two genres he has previously tackled for the sake of a single big budget film: he combines post-apocalyptic concepts with a western genre to project his vision for The Postman. And visually, it pays off. The dry post-apocalyptic atmosphere of the film in The Postman integrates a feeling of western civilization is a nice contrast to the universe of Waterworld, and although it isn't as innovative, it still maintains an interesting western feel which shows a future which has been so damaged that it has gone as far as going back to the past. One of the scenes where Kevin Costner rides up on a horse and prevails as the hero is a even a little reminiscent of the opening sequence from Dances with Wolves. This could either have fans of Kevin Costner happy to see him returning to his arguably most critically acclaimed material or unhappy that he isn't breaking ground. A lot of viewers may be uncertain as to if The Postman is a step forward or a step back for Kevin Costner, though the majority of critics seem to agree it is his vanity project and the breaking point of his career. I will say that I can understand how people would call it his vanity project because as he directed, produced and starred in the film, it is all about him carrying himself. He tries to make a film that inspires people and a character that emphasises the heroic nature of him as a western hero once again, but he becomes blinded by self-absorbed ambition and simply ends up throwing a large quantity of money away on a film that became a massive box office bomb. But still, I feel as if critics have been too harsh on The Postman.The general feel of The Postman is good because his intention is to create a film where the characters all believe again, where how a myth is able to restore hope in people, almost as if a religious allegory. But underneath that is a more important aspect about how connecting people restores hope and spirit, as in the genuine understanding that there is someone else out there facing the same situation as you. But despite the spirit of the film, the premise is flawed. Though there are a lot of interesting concepts and ideas in The Postman, the story ends up scattering them across the 170 minute running time and has the story jumping between focusing on the big picture of story's universe and the small picture as it focuses on the titular Postman as he changes lives. So in terms of storytelling, The Postman does not really leave an impression and the script of the film is not all that intelligent since the dialogue is hit and miss. And the musical score in The Postman is decent in reinforcing the atmosphere of the film, but the actual quality of the music is not that appealing. There is no consistency with the tunes and they are essentially a series of random big scale music effects that just boom in from all directions and create a forgettable and derivative musical score.The more favourable aspects of The Postman apply to its visual universe.Although the film moves very slowly and runs for an extended period of time, The Postman creates the atmosphere of a genuine post-apocalyptic society with a lot of dry western scenery which is captured with nice cinematography that has a grip over the big scale of things. The entire production design of the film and the costumes projects a neo-western feeling which makes The Postman an innovatively styled post-apocalyptic film and should appeal to fans of the genre. The action scenes in the film are also very entertaining even though the film doesn't have that much of them and the nature of the film is more spirited than Waterworld which was a gritty film.And the cast evoke a mixed response in The Postman.The thing about Kevin Costner's performance is that you can tell he is trying, but he just isn't nailing the part like he wants to. While his physicality is great and he fits the profile of a Postman well and you can see the emotions of his acting in the way that he moves around, his line delivery constantly remains on a single unemotional tone from start to finish in The Postman. It is clear that Kevin Costner means well, but the genuine quality of his performance is only half-decent. That's not to say that it is a particularly bad performance, but it isn't enough to carry an $80 million post-apocalyptic film from start to finish. His performance isn't exactly poor enough to constitute winning a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actor, and it's a better effort than his performance in Waterworld because he actually tries this time, but it still is not some of his superior work.Will Patton plays a fairly effective antagonist in The Postman. Although his character is a fairly thinly sketched one, Will Patton's naturally antagonising charisma makes him a good casting decision in Waterworld. He delivers his lines with a fierce lust for power which is key to the character and he puts up a fairly dominant fight as well.Olivia Williams has a certain kind of charm which she plays out to a benefit in The Postman and uses it to create a caring chemistry with Kevin Costner and makes the film a little bit more compelling.Tom Petty's small cameo is a nice touch as well.So all in all, The Postman is a massively flawed film which has quite a bit of vanity on behalf of Kevin Costner, but the post-apocalyptic westernised layout is terrific and the spirited intentions of the story manage to give it a good feeling.

Lee B (nl) wrote: There are many ways to take a movie like this, but I can only leave it as brilliant. This is one of those social commentary movies that will be had to fathom for US audiences, but I can still feel good about giving this 5 stars despite the one flawed scene in this movie. It?s really about the generation gap and how you can nurture something or care for something and think you are doing right and still not get what you want. And on the reverse, you can feel that pressure from someone who just wants you to follow and you may never realize why they are doing it if that is not something you want at all. There is the fable of the frog and scorpion, this movie plays out just like that, but in beautiful visuals and great subtle tones. The situations seem real (except the one flaw), and they make you think. Nothing is overplayed and this makes me that much more excited to see and pissed that I missed Tokyo Sonata in theaters. Kurosawa is one of the absolute elite in my book.This is both the simple and deep kind of movie that could be those film study university class.

Clintus M (jp) wrote: The glory days of the chain-smoking LA cops' "hat squad" are brought back in this stylish neo-noir conspiracy thriller. They represent a tough, no-nonsense approach to criminals, with just the right amount of smart-aleck humor thrown in (not annoyingly constant like The Expendables). Director Lee Tamahori captures all the atmospherics and details of the "atomic age." The cast is fantastic, led by emotional performances by Nolte and Griffith. Jennifer Connelly is a mesmerizing, enchanting beauty. She plays a world-wise girl who still manages to stay fresh-faced. The spot-on recreation of LA's bygone glamour era, the conspiracy-laden plot, and the excellent cast highlight this film. I'm a sucker for neo-noir, and although this isn't quite Chinatown, it is a valiant effort. Tamahori and writers Dexter and Mutrux even chose to end the film on a down note. The squad's broken up, and Griffith leaves Nolte, exclaiming "You broke my heart, Max." Noirs shouldn't have happy endings.

Carlos I (nl) wrote: A little too sickly sweet, and the end wraps up a little too neatly, but it's filled with some great performances and realistic portrayals of relationships, and the trials and tribulations that come with them. Fun watch.

Jamie F (de) wrote: A very engaging move about a teenaged boy who is permitted to vent his frustrations thanks to the power that his police id gives him. Although the main character isn't very likeable at times, it's hard not to understand how he feels as he becomes someone important for the first time in his life. But as his "friends" die off one by one and the American forces get closer, I found myself getting very frustrated that he didn't leave for Spain sooner.

Jose M (it) wrote: This was one joke gone flat after a 25 minutes of the movie. There was a lot of humor which kept me entertained. The fight looked awfully bad and cheap. I can't recommend this film even though it was close being a 'so bad, it's good' film. Better than China O'Brien 2

Scott M (fr) wrote: 4 American chowderheads go to Nazi-land to kick the stuffing out of Hitler and in the end, everyone dies! More laffs than Adam Sandler & Will Ferrell combined. A must own!

Greg W (au) wrote: The film earlier has one of the very best Tracy-Hepburn love scenes, full of the sense of private shelter that they uniquely purvey. one of my fave tracy-hepburn pairings.

Odeyemi M (au) wrote: I love flixstes all day...