The Principles of Lust

The Principles of Lust

Crippled by his writer's block, Paul enters into a new, exciting relationship with risk-taking Billy and super-sexy Juliette. As it becomes increasingly tangled, however, he must choose one of them over the other.

Crippled by his writer's block, Paul enters into a new, exciting relationship with risk-taking Billy and super-sexy Juliette. As it becomes increasingly tangled, however, he must choose one of them over the other. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Linda B (jp) wrote: Pas trs drle mais a se tient

Nevil M (it) wrote: Con men/magic. It's excellent 4/5

Alex W (es) wrote: Saw VI not only follows the 'saw' formula perfectly, it has a twist ending that will no doubt satisfy. Saw VI is one of the best Saw movies in the franchise, it's also one of the coolest horror sequels ever made.

Deven W (de) wrote: One of the best movies about film ever made

Andrew S (jp) wrote: A good listen, visuals were stupid. Should have been an audio CD or something.

Joel H (fr) wrote: Great flick about life and death and what happens when you die and come back again and again and again. Twisted and recomended.

familiar s (it) wrote: Genre: Crime. Based on real life story. IMDb Rating: Above 7.Well, that was enough to set me going. But the experience was mixed. The script & screenplay isn't up-to-date here; it fails in properly fictionalizing the facts. Some of the sub-plots created to support the story at a later stage are too unconvincing.After having killed an unarmed protesting citizen in a riot, Andre Stander, one of the captains of the riot squad, asks to free himself from that duty. He was already getting sick of the corruption around him & this riot event only worsened the matters for him. In the midst of this crisis, he begins to rob banks, but eventually gets arrested. He manages to escape, though, with a partner, & later manages to get one more of his inmates out. The three start robbing banks, which soon gains media's attention & the trio is thereby referred to as 'The Stander Gang' by the media & hence the public at large. After a while, Stander feels that he should escape with his wife. But his wife disapproves of his actions, saying: ?There?s not a thinking man among us that doesn?t want to blow this place to smithereens from time to time. But we don?t. We find other ways.? Despite of this, he plans an escape, to be followed by a final heist, with his partners. But do things work out the way they?d planned?While the first half was good enough, much of the second half was messy. I'm not saying that the second half was absolute crappy. It had its highs & lows, but the lows were far more than the highs. One of the protagonists says: "We've written a pretty good story so far. Why not a perfect ending?" But the ending wasn't that great either. The creation of the South Africa in the 80s era is done quite well, though.Thomas Jane is exceptional. The way he plays this complicated character is amazing. Deborah Unger is excellent. Dexter Fletcher & David O'Hara are passable.All in all, the movie works in parts & is worth a shot for those parts, IMO. 6.5/10.

Chris M (mx) wrote: It was a pretty good, really fast-paced and entertaining Disney animated sequel. It had really nice animation, terrific voice cast, really fun characters, great adventure, great drama, really good humor, very nice songs, really well done backgrounds and an interesting storyline. This is not as good as the first one, but I still enjoyed it. Anyone who really like the first one will enjoy this one.

Woody W (de) wrote: What kind of movie can you make for eight grand? This is an excellent example of how a young director/writer/actor puts together a very good cast of characters for nothing more than bags of nacho chips. Basically, you have two guys who worked for one of the biggest car lots on the west coast and decided to start their own lot. Big mistake. They are 80+ grand in the hole and a foreclosure on the business is eminent. Then, their wholesaler 'Ray' comes to them with a deal. Park this Pontiac on your lot for two days and you get a quarter million in cash. Oh, don't touch, start, or open the trunk or your either shot or blown to bits. If that is not enough, a string of dead bodies going all the way to central America and the FBI hot on the trail of the car and it's owners are added for spice. The dialog was good, however he almost lost me at the beginning. The yelling and screaming as they tried to close a car deal and at the same time get better cars delivered from their wholesaler was a bit much. The low budget ride gets better and the final scene was OK for a wrap up. No big surprises here, but not bad for a first effort.

Sharon W (ca) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie although I have to admit that I had to watch it twice to really get it. I'm still confused about Ran and the girl with the bazooka and what they're all about, so maybe someone can clue me in. The movie is the story of Ageha and her ragtag "family" struggling to survive in Yen Town and their misguided search for happiness through money. I haven't seen a Shunji Iwai movie that I haven't liked, he's definitely one of my favorite directors. I wish he'd hurry up and do another movie already!

Nathan P (us) wrote: And to think at one time I enjoyed this movie. It's rare for me to go back and see an anime film I only slightly enjoyed, but I found some time and decided to watch this film again so that I could write a review on it. Unfortunately (or fortunately, however you want to look at it) I guess my standards for anime, and film in general, are higher now then they were when I first watched this film. It was fun back then, now its just wasted potential.In the year 2079 Venus is an inhabitable planet and home to thousands of people who scratch off a living off the barren soil of their home world. Although it was supposed to be a paradise, free from the wars and violence which have plagued earth for thousands of years, Venus has taken to looking more like a post apocalyptic earth than the green paradise the people envisioned with they first settled the planet. Plants don't grow, corrupt governments rule the land, and war looms ahead for the entire planet. For amusement the citizens of the city of Io, capital of the nation of Ufrodia, preoccupy themselves with dangerous X game like sports involving mono bikes, which are BTW really, really cool.Sound cool? Well it very well could have been EXTREMELY cool, but ruins all potential it has with an inane script which will make even the most tolerant of anime fans blush with embarrassment. There is simply no describing how awful it is on a consistent basis. Every line, every sentence, every word from either the sub or the dub, is just pathetic. Who wrote this junk? My ten year old little brother has more talent then the writers of this movie. Along with the bad writing, the characters are also pretty badly portrayed, although that could also be attributed to the script. The reluctant hero rebelling against authority, the naive blonde (I don't care how hot she it, she's just too stupid to believe), the feisty red head, the tough/wise mechanic, and all the numerous stupid bikers and overly confident military guys make up the bulk of the clich character types to be found here.However, this movie has one saving grace which brings it out of the bowls of obscurity and makes it something half way decent, or at least watch able; it has action, good action, and lots of it. If you can put aside the bad writing and horrendous characters (something I'm sure many of you will have no problem in doing) Venus Wars is about two hours of stuff blowing up, people getting shot, and really awesome military hardware destroying everything in sight. It's a riot, there's no mistaking it. From the moment Ishtar invades with their superior weapons and overwhelms the defenders, reminiscent of Germany's invasion of Poland in 1939, until the end the action rarely lets up. The obvious WWII parodies are also there for military history buffs who like seeing old wars fought with new weapons. Venus Wars is WWII; WWII with mono bikes. Cool.Unfortunately this movies age really shows in the animation. Although the battle scenes are pretty good overall, backgrounds and motion shots are blurry, which could just be the DVD, either way it hurts the eyes. The music was done by the amazing Joe Hisaishi, composer for such amazing scores as Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. The music has its moments here and there, but there isn't anywhere close to enough to justify the bold printing on the cover which says "Features music by Jo Hisaishi, composer for Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro." The music isn't anywhere near special and is kept as silent as possible for the most part.Is this a film worth watching? Probability, for those who could care less for character development and realism. Is it worth owning though? I don't think so. Rent this one if you can, otherwise let it go.Replay Value; low.

Li M (us) wrote: "But the east needs denists too!"

Private U (fr) wrote: I enjoy watching all the movies about Shirley Temple

Gregoire B (gb) wrote: Entertaining but shallow

Vic M (au) wrote: strangely strange but oddly normal?At least the hero became a Deadhead again.

Issac C (de) wrote: I KNOW THAT IT'S LAME ALRIGHT BUT I'M A SUCKER FOR IT. I thought this movie was very good and fun to watch, and I also thought it had good drama.

Lowell D (au) wrote: This movie makes me want to paint a Viking riding a tiger on the side of my van!!!!