The Prodigy

The Prodigy

"The Prodigy" tells the story of small-time enforcer Truman Fisher's vicious conflict with a sadistic assassin who has chosen the unwilling Truman to be his successor. The assassin, who goes by the alias Rains and whose exploits have become the source of legend among Truman's underworld colleagues, drives Truman, through the pressure of constant violence and grief, to understand his own capacity for both bloodshed and compassion. Ultimately this reveals to Truman that he as with all of us, must find our place in this world or as Rains would say "our place in this grand design." This action begins quickly as Truman meets with a turncoat from a rival gang. This tense showdown erupts quickly into mayhem, when Rains makes his unexpected entrance. In the wake of the ensuing bloodbath, Truman is forced to reevaluate his own role in the small, violent world he inhabits, suddenly aware that there are larger powers at work which he does not understand...

"The Prodigy" tells the story of small-time enforcer Truman Fisher's vicious conflict with a sadistic assassin who has chosen the unwilling Truman to be his successor. The assassin, who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fernando C (nl) wrote: the first hour of the movie is very well constructed, the characters are well crafted, and the pieces are set on the board in a great way, but the last half of it, it looks like it is a different movie, a very silly horror film that prefets cheap scares than building an creepy atmosphere as it first hour, everything the director did great in the beginning, he messes up trying to satisfy audiences giving them a jump every minute, but at the end nobody will remember the scary parst, at least me, Ill remember it s first hour and ill dream about how great this movie wouldve been if just would have been able to mantain the creepy storytelling of its 2 first acts

Tit M (br) wrote: film se voulant psychologique mais terriblement ennuyeuxmeme avec dujardin et croze ca prend pas c est long et sans saveur

Tom B (jp) wrote: Beautifully photographed, the film makes you love London. But the plot is unrealistically karmic: the manipulators end up in hell; for the naive it works out. Wonderful performances. A special nod to Pauline Collins as the psychic (or not) Cristal. Great jazz soundtrack.

Alexandria H (it) wrote: Boo...grow up and get a real job Tia And Tamera

Qussay A (fr) wrote: The Attack of the Giant Black Beetles

Richard S (mx) wrote: This won't give you any definite answers to what happened in the prison but it is a very well acted film that will keep you gripped until the shocking ending.

roger h (au) wrote: if you like good movies, be very wary of this one

Jane B (fr) wrote: Beautiful love story

y i (kr) wrote: It's a good movie. Shows the life of young teenagers in France in a very sensitive way, and touching at times.

Anatoly S (us) wrote: Paul Verhoeven's Turkish Delight is a great film about two young passionate lovers. BUT it's also an amazing snippet of the early 70s. So much emotion in the film. Rutger Hauer is FANTASTIC in it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Chrisanne S (ca) wrote: The only quibble I have with this film is that it sometimes almost slows to a halt to accommodate Laughton's character. Not that it isn't nice to have a break- but the break is too long. Other than that it's all fun and games in this Comedy. Cummings and Laughton are really good with the faces. I especially like the ending.

Senor C (us) wrote: Welcome once again to the mad gory world of Herschell Gordon Lewis where bad is good & all the lines of credible film making are puked on. Although not as gloriously horrible as his original blood trilogy it does deliver what you expect from the director. Cheap gory trills, horrid pacing & atrocious acting. If you're a fan of his schlock then there's a lot here to like. It's like watching a 3 car pile up & waiting for the coroner to arrive. Gruesome fun for undiscriminating taste. You can't hold too much against it because it knows what kind of mindless exploitation it is. It's business is blood & business is booming

Lisa D (nl) wrote: Claustrophobic and uncomfortable to watch in places. I cant fault the acting in this, but these people have to be the most stupid to have ever befallen such a fate. Think funny games and slow it down a bit and thats pretty much this movie.