The Professional: Golgo 13

The Professional: Golgo 13

An infamous hit-man becomes the target of a powerful oil tycoon after the former kills the latter's son.

An infamous hit-man becomes the target of a powerful oil tycoon after the former kills the latter's son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Professional: Golgo 13 torrent reviews

Juli N (br) wrote: The talking heads are being brutally harsh to a film that doesn't warrant the savagery! It's actually not a bad little film!

Davi M (us) wrote: If you want something screwed up to watch

Art L (es) wrote: A top notch example of the Hong Kong action flick. It's fun in the extreme and interesting watching Jackie Chan's son work his acting chops. If you like action movies, you'll enjoy Invisible Target. By the way, the language is not as rough if you watch it with English dubbing. With English subtitles, there is more bad language.

MarieBella C (kr) wrote: A scary and disorienting hospital film

Mixael X (it) wrote: Lightweight and entertaining. Amazing settings and costumes. Overall very good acting with Anna Tsuchiya in the lead. And a very refreshing use of 20:th century popular music in Edo setting.

Juan M (jp) wrote: haha wow...nothing at all as how the trailer made it out to befunny though..i was just expecting a bit more

Leonardo Malacay S (de) wrote: visualmente hermosa, sera que el amor si es infinito?

Jacob Z (kr) wrote: One of my favorite films that is filed under 'films i love that everyone else hates' Huppert can do no wrong in my mind, but even here she proves once again that she is a fearless actress, and also the best french actress working today. Louis Garrel also delivers a raw and naked performance (sometimes literally.) Another fearless actor, who is as sexy as he is talented. Other than the great performances, the film is also incredibly filmed and edited. The opening credits are stark and silent and brilliant. And I've never heard the Beach Boys song so happy together put to better use. Companion piece: Ken Park

Private U (de) wrote: This Movie is good but at same time shows ignorance of how some south red neck hicks still are to this day

Jerome P (kr) wrote: I'm not really in love with this one. The scenes with Kingsley are great. The scenes without? Not so much. I usually quite enjoy this amount of time spent on character development. However, I didn't feel the payoff.

Jason E (gb) wrote: I still have this somewhere on video (!!!) yes it's so long ago. Good film.

Bill M (de) wrote: Don't Look Now did look back.

Burton (nl) wrote: Fairly good looking gothic horror flick, featuring an unexpected performance (albeit, not a good one) from Joseph "Citizen Kane" Cotten.

Noah D (de) wrote: Review 3 from TCFF Film Festival:From a great soundtrack, memorable action scenes, and great performances led by star Jean Dujardin, The Connection is a great action thriller! Borrowing heavily from 70's action films, The Connection takes many genre cliches and does right by almost all of them to tell a gripping story that is both exciting and unpredictable! This is a crime epic to it's very core! Whether you're an action fan, film lover, or someone who loves great stories, you'll find plenty to love in The Connection!

Nicholas R (br) wrote: Base on the fact that is supposed to be low budget film, it is pretty quality scifi if you ask me. The acting is surprisingly good for what one would expect, Some flaws in the CGI at times but not overly bad.

Zane U (kr) wrote: I've seen it but don't really remember much about it.