The Promotion

The Promotion

Two assistant managers of a corporate grocery store vie for a coveted promotion.

Two assistant managers of a corporate grocery store vie for a coveted promotion. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lani J (de) wrote: excellent just as good as 1 and 2!

shishir a (de) wrote: no baground music...made me focus better..

Ian P (au) wrote: Hopefully this will be a vanguard for similiar movies. I was entertained throughout and applauded the various life forms and their niches on the Alien Planet.

Andy C (fr) wrote: So Brazil has issues I guess. No solutions are made readily apparent, so what's the puprose of watching? "Reality", as the anonymous street criminal kept putting it? That's OK for a documentary, I guess, but I still wonder what they think the best way out would be.

John A (nl) wrote: Made Back In 1990, When Seagal Was At The Top Of His Game, Marked For Death Is An Action Thriller Which Doesn't Fail To Entertain. Not Seagal's Best Work But It Still Is One Of His Better Films. Seagal's Ex-DEA Agent Must Come Face To Face With A Jamaican Drug Lord (Who Studies Black Magic), Who Has Taken Over His Hometown. The Plot Is Both Basic And Overused But With An Original Twist, By Bringing Black Magic Into The Plot. This Basic Plot Is What Most Action Fans Enjoy As It Gives Plenty Excuses For Ass-Kicking Action. Marked For Death Has A Decent Script, Features Decent Performances And Well Executed Action Sequences.

Suan Sui G (ru) wrote: I agree with Anthony Valletta.

Cade H (ca) wrote: Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix were fun to watch in this 80's family movie, but overall the film could of used a little more. The story told is of a group of friends who somehow find a floating alien object, then magically figure out a way to control it with a computer and build a ship to fly into outer space. Parts of the film are just outlandish but it is fun to watch the kids figure everything out and plan their trip. It is very corny at times and when they do encounter the aliens, things kind of took a nosedive for me. There was one scene in particular, a dancing-singing segment that was just pointless and I could barely watch it. The conclusion was decent and left some imagination in the minds of the viewer. Explorers could be fun for kids to watch but there are so many other 80's fantasy/adventure films out there that are much more entertaining then this one.

Eric B (jp) wrote: "Shanks" is not marvelous, but if you wanted to make a film to exploit the talents of Marcel Marceau, there would be few ways to do it better.Marceau portrays Malcolm Shanks, an innocent puppeteer who is beloved by the town's children but saddled with an abusive sister and her nasty, drunk husband. Keen to seize his wages, they find him a job with an old, rich scientist (also played by Marceau, in ridiculously heavy makeup) who is conducting reanimation experiments on the dead. Sure, it happens! When the scientist dies himself, Marceau takes over the operation, finding that his marionette skills are well-adapted to mastering the handheld invention which directs a dead creature's movements.At least three mimes portray animated corpses, and most of the fun is watching these artisans at work in such an unusual, macabre setting. No one utters much dialogue except the sister and husband -- Marceau's character stays silent but *does* croak a few lines in the guise of the old scientist -- and the wordless action is accented by occasional title cards in the style of a silent film. Eventually, a hoodlum motorcycle gang complicates the plot, which unfortunately is a rather clich (C)d touch."Shanks" is just a novelty, but it's entertaining. It is also William Castle's final work as a director.

Phani T (us) wrote: Nothing more nor nothing less than just another run-of-the-mill western. It has them all - the "hero" (heroes) here has the fastest draw known and of course so does the villain. The slight twist on that at the end is good, though.The rampant racism just can't be missed - be it ack of any other skin color except white (and some mexicans?) or the references to "Indians" for comic and horror purposes with the worst of all being a Mississippi imitating a Chinese (thin eyes, big teeth and an accent).Ok, watch.

Karen H (jp) wrote: 2017-01-24 better than expected, just long. Dino was an evil asshole. Tobey should have stifled his ego and taken the 25% though.

Michael K (ca) wrote: It's John Wayne in Africa with a bunch of wild animals. Couldnt ask for more.