The Prowler

The Prowler

A masked killer, wearing World War II U.S. Army fatigues, stalks a small New Jersey town bent on reliving a 35-year-old double murder by focusing on a group of college kids holding an annual Spring Dance.

A WWII vet returns home and finds his girl in the arms of another at the town's annual dance. Outraged, he kills both with a pitchfork. 35 years later, a group of college kids hold the annual Spring Dance again, and the murder decides to be an unexpected guest again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Francis D (es) wrote: Sit back, relax and see a different Filipino movie for a change!!!

Lora R (ca) wrote: It's just a fun comedy, nothing special.

Trent K (au) wrote: Horns had me hooked from beginning to end and I loved it for the most part. Radcliffe does some great acting and shows the dark side of himself in the film.

Edgar C (us) wrote: A big compilation of uneventful sequences and a very boring pacing issue pervades Alfredson's take on the Millennium final delivery. Starting from the point in which the second film concluded, the events lead to nothing. It is pretty clear that there was a need to wrap things up. Unfortunately, this attempt culminated in uninteresting resolutions that would have worked better if left to the viewer's imagination. The personality of the characters is either changed for the worse or majoritarily lost, except for Lisbeth, whose enygmatic character is further explored returning to her iconic DVD cover look, which is maybe the most interesting feature besides the climax, which had interesting stuff going on.Needless to say, the aforementioned personal claimings are, of course, done from a filmwise perspective, excluding the logic of the novels entirely. Talking about coherence, the lack of soul and touches of darkness, crime and violence in the final chapter can be even considered as a stab in the back not so much for the second part, but definitely for the first.Trilogy: completed. Let's move on to Fincher. The immediate comparison standard will be, naturally, the first film. The sequels will have no business in it. Besides, Daniel Alfredson wasn't involved with "MIllennium 1" whatsoever, probably for the better.53/100

Garland H (fr) wrote: Okay film. A fun drunken mystery science theater film.

Kimtisia H (ca) wrote: Love this Movie like crazy

Scott H (gb) wrote: Cute but not real funny...still do not get curling!

Paul D (jp) wrote: Not perfect, which is disappointing given that skills of the author to write an excellent adventure story, and it contains a cast past their youthful best, however this helps give it cult value.

Ben S (ca) wrote: Ricardo Montalban is good as the cocky, ambitious detective, and it's interesting to see forensics procedures so pre-"CSI," but the mystery itself is fairly cut and dried. Dumb title too.

Gary C (it) wrote: This one flew underneath my radar but found it in man this movie was actually pretty good some acting was not so good but the storyline was well put together in the pacing was good check this movie out

Christopher B (ag) wrote: Great mob story and exceptional casting.