The Psychopath

The Psychopath

Inspector Holloway is investigating a series of brutal murders in which a doll of each victim is found at the scene. The dolls, as it turns out,were purchased by the crippled Mrs. Von Sturm, whose home is overcrowded with a doll collection. Her pale, wide-eyed, neurotic son is the prime suspect and the daughter of one of the victims discovers the shocking truth.

Four men who were involved in the investigation of a German millionaire at the end of WW II are found murdered with tiny dolls left next to their corpses. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dallin H (us) wrote: Such a funny movie, do watch this movie

Sean D (es) wrote: Oh. No. Never. Again. Probably. Not. Ugh. This is the armpit of MGM. But it's an extremely low budget film! I don't get it! It was so bad. The acting. The plot. The serial killers. The music. The production quality. The character development. This is absolute and complete garbage. One girl is hot and has a bunch of random scenes and she doesn't like to wear pants. And that's it. But as for the film, it's completely trash. The entire time, I'm watching the film, I'm like, what is wrong with this killer. Why does he have no life? Why here? Why in this weather? Even after knowing why, I'm still like, why!?! Everything is a waste of time. Everything is just completely dumb. The world is basically better off with this film never coming into fruition. It's just a complete waste of space. Why did MGM even touch this? What the hell were they even thinking? What. Were. They. On?!? Where does the killer get some of his tools from and why does he freaking bother!?! And why the hell us there an abandoned ski resort?!? And the characters really couldn't go ANYWHERE else?!? And even if one of the characters is telling the truth as to their being there, it's still a poor excuse and not worth it! Ugh, such idiotic characters, that are so dumb! The more I talk about this film, the more angry I get!!!

Justin B (jp) wrote: I know I've seen this movie, but I can't for the life of me even remember what it was about. Let that be a message about how good it is.

Ken S (es) wrote: I remember seeing this one on TV once when I was a kid, and the image of peple running in and out of doors in their underwear stuck with me. And then recently I stumbled onto the trailer and I just had to check out this memory with fresh eyes...and it was pretty funny! Essentially the movie is a farce about the antics of a touring theater group as they attempt to perform their play (which itself is meant to be a farce), but their backstage issues get in the way of the performances. The cast is great, and is pure lunacy. This is the kind of weird little comedy that just goes unnoticed, but kind of deserves a better following.

Matt M (ag) wrote: One of Fassbinder's most famous works. Here he tells the unlikely and uncomfortable love story between an elderly German lady and a black immigrant. This is a mature movie for a mature audience. Never sugar coating its uncomfortable subjects and subject matter and reflecting upon the prejudice of everyday German life. The film looks wonderful in the traditionally colourful compelling style of the renowned German filmmaker.

Kevin S (gb) wrote: Hollywood's version of the birth of Israel and the men who fought to make it possible. As films of the '60s sometimes do, this one stresses the importance of Americans and their contributions to the cause, relegating all others to supporting roles. Such an awe-inspiring story deserved better scripting.

Dylan G (es) wrote: One of the best religious satires i have ever seen! It's one hilarious comedy by Kevin Smith! A+

PY C (gb) wrote: Am very surprised that this movie has some really funny bits!

Daniel AndFawn R (br) wrote: Not sure why this movie has such a low rating. It's a very interesting story about two great and unique artists. This is easily one of my favourite films of all time.

Marilee A (fr) wrote: I love History, I love a peek behind the curtain too.I don't know how much of this is embellished, but I love seeing the humanity behind the two world powers talking to each other like old friends, without formality, and not concise of the fact they had just met.I had the occasion to spend time with Bill Murray and his brothers in June 1987 at an after bar party in Mpls, and came away underwhelmed by his humor in person. I never thought of him as this convincing an Actor, he was superb in this

Fabio V (ag) wrote: a decent film, Morgan Freeman was the best choice for Nelson Mandela.

Justin B (au) wrote: Rodriguez has a habit of running things into the ground, Spy Kids, his Mexico Trilogy and now machete. The script is painfully unfunny and the lampoon of grindhouse camp is far too silly and far less satisfying the second time around.

Marlene G (kr) wrote: Loved the clothes and hair in this one...

Lanky Man P (es) wrote: A very fun concept that just didn't get the job done.