The Purchase Price

The Purchase Price

Barbara Stanwyck plays Joan Gordon, a torch singer who runs away from her gangster boyfriend (Lyle Talbot) to become a mail-order bride to a struggling North Dakota farmer (George Brent). Their relationship has a rocky start, but just as Joan realizes that she is developing feelings for her husband, her old boyfriend arrives to win her back.

Torch singer Joan Gordon, tiring of her relationship with small-time hood and racketeer Eddie Fields, flees to Montreal and becomes the mail-order bride of down-to-earth farmer Jim Gilson. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Well A (fr) wrote: O cinema de Karim Anouz no para todos os gostos. mais sensorial, mais visual... a cmera quem narra... h esses silncios to lindos quanto incmodos. Ele sabe exatamente o que quer. Os atores se aceitam enquanto instrumentos dessa histria que ajudam a criar - palmas para eles. A trilha sonora mais protagonista que os dilogos. Esse ritmo de narrativa que passa ao largo da taquicardia consumida pelas massas atualmente. Em contraponto s motos que correm no filme, s elipses temporais que avanam anos no tempo, a proposta aqui tirar o p do acelerador... E, por incrvel que parea, PRAIA DO FUTURO seu filme mais mainstream.

Thepwisut S (ag) wrote: waste of time. another typical teen movie loaded with corny musics. doesnt add anything new to the genre

John D (mx) wrote: Hate me on this, but this is maybe one of the most awesome over the top action flick in years. Very memorable and been watching this film for like 5 times now. The more over acting sequences are, the more awesome it will get. With all the ridiculous gun fight scenes combine with the best modern rock music you'll hear, it will make your movie appetite filled. The story was a mess, but when you got Clive Owen and Giamatti on this funny and smart screenplay, it's a different story. If you're tired of watching slow paced boring stuffs. This will feed you even better. A must have Blu-ray material.

Rima A (nl) wrote: A story of impossible love that ultimately celebrates the unbreakable bond between father and son.

Cisco T (kr) wrote: It's a great celebration and watching the Fugees coming back together for one more time had me all emotional..

luke v (ag) wrote: I use to really like this movie but, now sense I'am older I see that its garbage and once again they get great actors and waste them and its boring I don't like the characters there mostly jerks but, I do think the climax is pretty good but, I say you can skip this one.

Brad G (es) wrote: If Steven Seagal's kung fu earnest was running thin in 1992 than it was completely used up by 1995. Die Hard on a Boat morphs into Die Hard on a Train and the result is a depressing mid 90s example of bland, unthreatening action. And the hooting Tommy Lee Jones is sorely missed after being replaced by the horrendously whiney Eric Bogosian. But I gotta give credit to the monster mashup train collision that climaxes the film; it's downright magical how Seagal escapes two exploding trains and onto the dangling helicopter ladder. VF.

David T (kr) wrote: I have seen many cartoon movies, but this one is unique, in the first 15 minutes are just about heart feeling moments, it's hilarious, touching and thrilling, as they have to be, never seen such a great animated movie since 2004's "The Incredibles" "Shrek 2" . Another Disney's classic.

Tim R (es) wrote: A great start for Roger Moore in the Bond franchise.

Robbie V (us) wrote: Derivative but still entertaining.

Ethan M (au) wrote: Classic. One of the best action movies of all time. It is a tad cheeses but this is the 70s so we are lucky that we didn't get more cheese. Considering the insanely low budget of the film, you have to give it more credit. Keep in mind, this was made in the 70s, This movie was original and refreshing. It still stands tall today. Mel Gibson's best role. If you aren't a fan of impracticality in movies I would suggest that you only view this film and none of its spawns.

Tyler S (kr) wrote: Pretty good drama with a good cast of characters. Lots of clichs but good story nonetheless. Ending is the only thing that didn't click. It did feel pretty rushed.

Joe T (br) wrote: Had a lot of funny moments, but storyline/plot was kinda dumb. I don't regret watching it though.

Arthur P (us) wrote: Slightly terrible martial arts film that drowns in too much philosophical mumbo jumbo and not enough action and poor performances by it's lead actor, although David Carradine (in four roles none the less) tries valiantly to save the film but it's script is so horrible, that isn't possible.