The Purple Rose of Cairo

The Purple Rose of Cairo

Cecilia is a waitress in New Jersey, living a dreary life during the Great Depression. Her only escape from her mudane reality is the movie theatre. After losing her job, Cecilia goes to see 'The Purple Rose of Cairo' in hopes of raising her spirits, where she watches dashing archaeologist Tom Baxter time and again.

Set in 1930s New Jersey, movie character Tom Baxter walks off the screen and into the real world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jax R (es) wrote: Another one with a huge review and high ratings with much ado about nothing. The majority of the movie is filmed in an office with a conversation between 2. The latter part of the movie finally moves out of the office but sincerely - nothing to write home about.

Tim M (nl) wrote: What a hunger games concept! 'Two days, One Night' puts the viewer in prime position to make what could potentially be a life changing decision. Empathy or greed. You can't watch without being engrossed in the decision yourself. Marion Cotillard was nominated for an Academy Award and garnered much acclaim for this roll and deservedly so.Now for the down side. The concept of what happens is redundant. Also, i didn't buy how many kids answered doors with or without parents home. It seemed like the same conversations happened. I also was not fond of the ending. It didn't work for me. All things being equal it's fine and it's original. Final Score: 7.0/10

Jaime R (nl) wrote: Thoughtful and original, only making Ramin Bahrani a director to look out for in the future.

Amanda M (gb) wrote: Tekkon Kinkreet is not on par with anything Hayao Miyazaki or Satoski Kon would envision. It is as dark, twisted and surreal as Satoski Kon's "Paprika" ...but only on its surface. The art style isnt as breathtaking as anything Hayao Miyazaki has created and doesnt celebrate Japanese culture. Rather, like its director, it is an American take on the style that is anime. Backgrounds in the film show realistic urban decay. Character design reminds me of Nickelodeon's "The Wild Thornberries." While nothing is new, it is enjoyable. It is essentially a mosh of several different greater films and art styles into something that just settles on being mediocre. The story is heavily focused on elemental and spiritual opposites... a positive/negative element which is obvious when you are first introduced to the main characters: orphans named Black and White. It focuses on human decomposition and, in the manga, the detail paid attention to the enviornment was a mirror image to the characters represented. The manga combined these well. The story was very human and emotional. Here, in Arias's flick, the animation is his primary focus.The film is filled with ridiculous dialogue that is full of cliches and goes on and on and on. I rolled my eyes at a few scenes and checked how far into the flick I was every once in awhile because I felt like I was watching the best Dreamworks has to offer and not the best Pixar does.

Jordan M (us) wrote: If you love Star Wars and cameos this is a perfect film

Jammie S (it) wrote: I liked it, but not enough singing...The ending was not very realistic though and the fighting scenes were not done very well because it appeared fake.

Justin B (us) wrote: It's an early attempt at some sort of meta horror deconstruction but it's not well realized or intelligent enough to pull it off and the editing between the 3 separate timelines is poorly handled making it a chore to keep your eyes open long enough for some blood to splash on screen.

Daniel B (au) wrote: Brilliantly written & made at a time when the BBC was still worth a license fee. Once seen NEVER forgotten & as someone else has said here on RT the best serious (Dr Strangelove is a satire) nuclear war film ever made

Beth H (fr) wrote: One of Cronenberg's best hands down. A film with many layers and a brilliant social commentary on technology and desensitization. Decades ahead of it's time and one movie I never get sick of watching.

Ross L (ru) wrote: Chuck Norris is the answer.2009 Movies: 78

Benjamin W (nl) wrote: Slightly better than the first movie, it still has a level of ridiculousness but it is far toned down from Our Man Flint. The plot was also a little better in this movie.

Kyriakos M (es) wrote: Magic people, Voodoo people!

Tori D (br) wrote: A upbeat adventure story. Impressive effects that have evolved well from "King Kong". Simple fun in a well-executed film.

Lauren S (fr) wrote: A perfect blend of comedy and horror, as well as a fun new take on the zombie genre.