The Puzzle

The Puzzle

An older housewife discovers she has a knack for solving puzzles.

An older housewife discovers she has a knack for solving puzzles. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (it) wrote: weird but very watchable

Justin B (it) wrote: A lot of potential tossed out the window. Bad acting, awful pacing and detestable characters all around.

Cline D (jp) wrote: Ci ti li Magreb qu'il est dans ci p'tit film mon z'ami, tout il est pas exag (C)r (C), comme ti est le plus beau de la Terre du Monde mon fils, ji ti loue le Stade de France et l' (C)quipe de clowns qui y fait mumuse toute l'ann (C)e pour ta fiesta mon fils, et y'a loukoums et baklavas gogo ! Yala !!! ;o)

Amy H (us) wrote: What a beautiful, sweet, sad and wonderful movie!! Love the dialogue and the romance! Fantastic acting and definitely a must watch movie!

Shanice R (ru) wrote: My favourite movie ever!

James (fr) wrote: based on a true story about some dumb 18yr old goths who think their vampires - run away from home & steal a car & kill 2 people. there you go, no need to waste 90 mins vampires in it & the goth chicks arnt even that hot :-(

Bill B (gb) wrote: Gave this a re-watch as part of my little Halloween marathon, it holds up pretty well, though the idea of a slasher set in a Big Brother/Blair Witch type environment is a little hard to swallow, as everyone is under constant surveillance.Not bad, though it's never as 'chilling' or 'nerve-jangling' as the box art might suggest.Well worth a rental.

Leigh R (mx) wrote: I thought this was fantastic.

Missy M (ru) wrote: I own this movie. It is a very good moive. powerful and touching

Jordan D (jp) wrote: The stars reflects my personal feelings about this film. I'll start by saying I can see why people enjoy this movie. It's funny and action packed. Bruce Campbell is still a joy and the effects are still amazing. The camera work is also good. On a technical level, it is closer to a 6 or 7.However, this is my review. I thought the story and over the top tone dragged this way down. I disliked the douche direction they went with Ash and thought the script would have felt better with Jim Carrey (I know what I said...err...typed) I rarely laughed and thought that the tone change was uncalled for. Yes, ED2 was over the top and tongue in cheek feeling. However, they still kept it balanced with the scares and the isolated location. This just felt cheesy and like Rami was high on everything.

Riley H (fr) wrote: Though at first I wasn't particularly impressed, this really grew on me. It's very silly, which is nice.

Sgt C (us) wrote: (31%)A somewhat solid Hammer flick that suffers from more than a little dull problem. The story is quite good, although it would probably suit a novel better, as here it's a little muddled, and the ideas don't always come through very well. Not a terrible film, but I doubt I'll ever want to see it again.

Aaron G (nl) wrote: If this doesn't make you a fan of silent comedies, I don't know what will.

Hunter De Nuts D (au) wrote: thanks forgood movie